Dare to Be Healthy!
by Mary Louise;Town Jaqua, Health Minister

It is no secret that one's lifestyle is a matter of choice and the
choices which we make tend to be highly personal. To challenge

one's personal preferences can thus be as dangerous as trespassing
on private property! Nevertheless, when it comes to issues of
health, I accept the risk of stepping on toes, so to speak. Though
defenses often go up, walls of resistance surface,
and the air often
becomes stiff as I deliver the health message, I will always speak
the truth. Lives are at stake, and the life that needs to be rescued
might be yours! 

While everyone's take on life is different, one fact remains: we all
have needs that must be met on a daily basis. Eating
is one of them.
If we don't eat, we won't survive. Given this fundamental phenomenon
of the human body and it's need for physical sustenance, why not eat
as though your life depends upon it? Why go through the motions of
eating, when, in fact, you are not nourishing your body? Poor lifestyle
choices, especially in terms of diet, are a waste of time, money, and
energy, not to mention lives. Poor choices are destructive, because
they violate the laws of nature, i.e. the body's natural way of being.
Hence, a wreckless lifestyle can end up costing a person untold
misery in terms of ill health, emotional trauma, and financial stress.

When it comes to 
living, healthy lifestyle choices are the best. We
have only one life to live, so why not  make it a healthy one?
simple approach often challenges people toward a quality of life
that they do not know exists. Thus when it comes to embracing a
healthy lifestyle, hesistation, doubt, and skepticism can arise.

Adopting new habits, especially healthy ones, means breaking
away from familiar  patterns and traditions that are harmful. This
is called  change. Oddly enough, most of us were taught
principles of health that were not healthy. We were schooled and
perhaps even degreed in matters relating to health, but in the final
analysis we failed to learn how to properly care for ourselves! We
were taught to accept sickness, pain, disease, and even death as the
natural course of life, when in reality they are not. Physical, emotional,
and mental distress are the very antithesis of life. Ask anyone who is
suffering the ravages of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, fibromyalgia,
MS, kidney failure, etc. if he or she is enjoying life. I doubt that the
answer would be, Yes! Being sick is not living. Enduring pain is not
living. Experiencing surgery or chemotherapy is not living. Living is the
absence of human suffering, the blissful state of perfect health: spirit,
soul, mind, and body.

Surprisingly, achieving superior health is not impossible. It is a matter
of choice. The only requirement is to change your lifestyle. Start living
by adopting wholesome health habits. Examine your life and see where
improvements can be made. Decisions regarding diet are fundamental.
We are what we eat. We are what we think. Begin making better choices
in what you put into your mouth and what thoughts you entertain. Here
are a few 'don't be's' to consider:

1) Don't be surprised when you discover that you need to
relearn life's lessons.
2) Don't be so enamoured of or entrenched in your present
lifestyle that you aren't willing to make improvements.
3) Don't be too proud to admit that you've accepted a standard
of life for yourself that is substandard. Realize that you've
been intellectually ignorant when it comes to understanding
the true principles of good health, i.e. proper nutrition,
exercise, etc.
4)Don't be surprised when you learn that the Standard
American diet has been letting you down.

These are the facts of life. Though the truth often hurts, it does set
you free. Better it is to accept the truth than suffer
the consequences!  
If you truly want to live, making healthy changes in your lifestyle will not
be painful. In fact, it will be an exhilirating experience.
Here are some
'do's' to consider:

1) Do some personal research into issues of health, especially
in relation to diet. Investigate the Standard American Diet and
the natural, live food diet. Personal discovery inspires and

2) Do some homework: make a list of what what you are eating
and why. Read ingredient labels. Question your lifesyle

3) Do yourself a favor by deciding to improve the quality of
your life. Take the responsibility to be kind to yourself by
making choices that will enhance your well being and
ultimately bless others.

4) Do a little at a time to correct your toxic lifestyle. If you are
not willing or able to make a complete change all at once,
take small steps toward your goal.
When it comes to
achieving superior health, how you run the race is up to you.

Depending upon your choices, you can become a little bit healthy or
ultimately healthy. Though individual approaches will vary, those who
are serious about reaching the goal of optimum health will all agree
that living foods are the breakfast, lunch, and dinner of champions,
and that proper exercise is a friend not a foe. When all is said and
done, those who fuel their bodies with living foods far out distance
the SADeater.

Considering the numerous, potential health risks that the average
American faces by entertaining a lifestyle that is fueled on fast,
fake foods, lacks exercise, ignores food safety issues such as
GMO contamination, meat and dairy processing violations,
pesticide and fertilizer toxicity, soil depletion, air and water
pollution, toxic personal and household products, and environmental
abuse, etc. plus increasing health care costs, modern medical fiascos,
hospital and doctor malpractices, it would seem that there is no better
time than the present to pursue a natural, wholesome lifestyle!
Scripture says, 'Now is the acceptable day of salvation.' Scripture
also tells us, 'What, therefore, hinders you from being saved?'...in
this case, saved from sickness, pain, emotional distress, mental
agony, a broken health care system, financial strain, ruin and/or death.
Why risk the ravages of these woes when there is a better way to live?
Now is the time to 'be healthy.' Change your ways. Improve your
before it is too late. If you are willing to embark upon the high
road to ultimate health, the possibilities are endless and the results are
remarkable. While most Americans are suffering some form of ill
health, dare to be different! Dare to be healthy!

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou
mayest prosper and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.- 3 John 1:2



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