Dr. Brian Clement, PhD, NMD, LN
Director of Hippocrates Health Center, West Palm Beach, Florida

Maine Medical Center, Augusta, Maine
April 14, 2015


Dr. Clement,
giving his presentation

Extolling the health benefits
of wheatgrass

Dr. Brian Clement's delivery of the living foods health message
was both informative and invigorating. Armed with an array of facts
and statistics, Dr. B exposed the Standard American Diet
as the number one cause of ill health, and proclaimed the health benefits of
the living foods diet, supporting the evidence with substantial testimonies.

A good-sized audience attentively received the Dr.'s presentation,
after which a volley of questions and answers was enjoyed.
Some from the audience gave personal testimonies
of their time at Hippocrates Health Institute, encouraging others
to take advantage of the HHI life-changing programs.

A book table was open at the end of the presentation
and which time Dr. Clement freely autographed copies of his books.
A good time was shared by all with much appreciation to
Dr. Clement and HHI for making this event possible
and available without charge.