by Mary Louise;Town Jaqua.....5/7/17

Let's face it. Most Americans are ruled by their bellies.
They belly up to the table in eager anticipation of
sinking their teeth into something warm, hot, soft,
roasted, toasted, baked, steamed, sauteed or fried.
With great enthusiasm they bite into their favorite nosh
and leave the table triumphantly having filled their bellies.
So it is that the illusion of nourishing the body is repeated
24/7, day-in-day-out, week-in-week-out, month-in-month-
out, and year-in-year-out in the lives of most Americans.

Obviously America's love affair with cooked food is
more than a romance. It is an addiction. For many,
the mere smell of steak cooking on the grill is enough
to start them salivating, while the smell of fresh baked
goods emanating from the local donut dive tantalizes
the tastebuds of others. No matter the offering, cooked
food has a definite hold on the average American. The
roots are deep, steeped in family traditions and shaped
by friends, school, churches, and especially the media.

Cooked food: the science
Whereas cooked food is not new to the social scene
since many societies both ancient and modern have
and continue to consume a diet of mostly cooked foods,
studies prove that heating food in excess of 112 degrees
alters its nutrient content. Newer research shows that
temperatures as low as 72 degrees begin to de-stabilize
food enzymes and accelerate nutritional deterioration.

Numerous experiments and studies into the nature and
substance of cooked food prove that exposing food to
heat is more than a lifestyle habit. It is a lesson in
chemistry, biology, physiology, psychology, and more.

This being said, scientific findings show that cooked food

  • has little to no nutrition
  • is difficult to digest
  • destroys nutrients, especially water soluble
    vitamins (C and all B vitamins)
  • changes if not destroys the natural, molecular
    structure of food
  • forms carcinogenic and mutigenic by products
  • destroys food enzymes
  • destroys anti-oxidants
  • destroys phytonutrients
  • reduces or destroys oxygen in the food
  • reduces or destroys naturally-distilled water
    in the food
  • carcinogenizes fats
  • carmelizes carbohydrates
  • coagulates proteins, rendering them virtually
    unusable by the body.
  • turns fiber (roughage) into a limp, lifeless mass
  • loses its life force (bioelectric energy), making it
  • creates toxicity throughout the body, especially in
    the liver and digestive tract
  • is not recognized by the body and therefore treats
    it like an invader
  • causes stress
  • compromises the immune system
  • is the underlying cause of most health problems

From a nutritional standpoint the above facts about
heated food do not speak well. In short they reveal that
eating cooked food does the body more harm than good.
This is because the body is a living organism that requires
living foods, i.e. fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts in their raw,
natural state, to survive. By definition, cooked food fails to
meet this criterion because it is not living, its nutritional
content having been compromised which renders it dead.
Thus it falls short of meeting the necessary threshold of
nutrients required by the body to sustain itself and ultimately
causes cells to mutate and die. Dead cells stress the body
and begin its decaying process by weakening the immune
system. A weak immune system invites sickness, pain,
disease, and even death.

It is sad but true that on a predominantly cooked food diet
it is possible to be a walking time bomb waiting for sickness
to strike, for without proper nutrients the body cannot function
properly. It is equally sad that despite modern technology
and increased food availablity, malnourishment in America
is rampant. Thus for those people who are oxygen-starved,
dehydrated, and deficient in essential vitamins and minerals,
achieving vibrant health will forever remain elusive .

Cooked food: understanding the addiction
The body is a well designed machine, and it is very smart,
because it is designed by the world's best engineer, YHVH
Almighty Who placed within it His sovereign fingerprint
called intelligence. A study of the inner workings of the body
proves this intelligence in action as cells speak to and
work with one another to keep the body up and running.
Cells can be defined as mini-computers that have the
ability to multi-task, being equipped with what we call

How we treat our cells can thus either make or break our
health, since lifestyle choices, particularly that of diet,
become an issue on the cellular level. If we feed cells
bad/dead food, they will develop an imprint/memory for
dead food. Feed these same cells living food, however,
and they will respond in kind by buidling good imprints
or memories. Thus the choice is ours. Either way, what
we choose to put into our bodies has a profound impact
on our overall well. Quality of life is therefore more than
what meets the eye or tastebuds. It is a whole, new
dimension that most people have yet to explore much
less experience.

Cells that only know, recognize, and therefore crave
cooked food are prime candidates for sickness and
disease. Therefore, if we aspire to vibrant health, these
cells need to be re-educated. Much like child-rearing
we must train our cells to accept living not dead foods.
Depending on the level of cellular abuse, the memories
of certain cells may take longer to erase than others
since bad memories are often difficult to forget.
Nevertheless, if we want superior health, erasing bad
memories from our cells' hard drives can and must
be done.

Cooked food: breaking the addiction
Breaking the cooked food addiction thus becomes a
lesson in body management, requiring that we bridle
our tongues/tastebuds and take our bull/belly by the
horns for the sake of wellness. Here are successful
strategies for weaning off of cooked foods:

  1. Decide to curb your appetite for cooked food-
    a conscious decision to improve dietary choices
    initiates positive attitude/action
  2. Enlist support from family or friends who will
    stand with and/or possibly join you. Strength in
    numbers encourages progress.
  3. Educate yourself on matters of health. Cultivate
    an interest in health-related subjects via books,
    DVDs, talk radio, etc. Invest in recipe books that
    promote a living foods lifestyle.
  4. Begin making green smoothies- substitute a
    conventional breakfast with a health-full smoothie.
  5. Start juicing- freshly extracted vegetable juices
    are nutritional powerhouses, a true meal in a glass.
  6. Gradually replace cooked foods with living foods
    in your daily diet.

Making the transition to a healthier, living lifestyle is
a matter of personal choice. It can be done immediately
'cold turkey' style or can be approached gradually.
While method or speed is not necessarily a factor,
consistency counts. Slow, steady progress in limiting
cooked foods is better than no progress at all.

Those who have transitioned from cooked to living foods
are often surprised to feel the 'addictive' effect of living
foods in that their bodies quickly respond favorably!
This 'phenomena' is normal, since properly-fed cells
naturally crave foods that are good for them so that
they can be healthy and happy. Thus experiencing
the difference up-close-and-personal between eating
living as opposed to dead foods becomes a profound,
life-changing experience.

As the addition of living foods is increased and their
associated benefits are experienced, a better quality
of life results. Lifestyles change, attitudes improve,
and enthusiasm for natural, wholesome expressions
are discovered. Supporting a living lifestyle often
includes cultivating an interest in gardening, shopping
local health food stores and farmers' markets. Setting
up a natural kitchen becomes a practical, inspiring
venture. Joining a food co-operative is often another
healthy option.

Cooked food: the parameters
With each advancement in gaining victory over a
predominately cooked food diet, it is important to
know healthy guidelines. While cooked food does not
nourish the body as well as living food, incorporating
some cooked food into one's diet is not a sin. Thus
limiting but not entirely eliminating cooked food is
acceptable. Nutritionally speaking, a healthy diet
should comprise 85% living and only 15% cooked
foods. Maintaining this nutritional balance is generally
accepted as the norm for properly nourishing body
cells. Therefore, though some people practice and
advocate a diet of 100% living foods, doing so is not
necessary for achieving excellent health. However,
in the case of chronic, life-threatening illness, a
completely living foods diet may be necessary.

It is important to remember that correcting and
balancing the body's nutritional need is found
exclusively in vegan foods. Plant-based, living foods
are the foods of Paradise that YHVH Almighty custom
made for our bodies in the beginning. Therefore if we
expect to experience superlative health, we will eat
according to His original menu plan which does not
include animal-based foods (meat, dairy, seafood)
or processed foods. Likewise all GMO and factory-
grown 'foods' should be avoided.

As much as the body is a finely-engineered, ultra-
intelligent machine we as a people have proved
ourselves foolish if not stupid for not exercising its
proper care. Our quality of life or lack thereof is
ample evidence that we have been visably in
as caretakers of the body temple that
YHVH Almighty has given us. Furthermore, is it not
ironic that despite our swelling pride of intellect and
multi-fold accomplishments, our bodies prove to be
smarter than we? They know what they want and
have been trying to tell us, but we have not been
listening. Shame on us!

Scripture tells us that in the end 'every knee will bow
and every tongue confess the EVER-LIVING'
(Romans 14:11).
This fact is both comforting and
challenging, for at some point the Most High requires
that we learn our lessons and start living instead of
becoming sick and dying. It is not enough to talk the
walk. We must put our talk into action. 'Table talk'
should thus become a celebration of eating the living
way, proof that we have put aside our childish ways
that have led us astray. YHVH is patient but He is also
just in that we reap what we sow. Therefore let us not
continue to try His patience nor grieve His Spirit by
indulging in cooked food excess.The Most High has
our best interest at heart, desiring our health and
prosperity. Let us take Him at His word and begin
enjoying life the living way!

And YHVH said, Behold, I have given you every
herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all
the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit
of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.
- Genesis 1:29




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