The photo of a crumpled can of Diet Coke told the story in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, 30-1-2000, Coke's hometown paper. Fitting, poetic, just, but tragic for the company once rated "The Most Admired Business in the World". Today Coke wouldn't even make the list. Sales are down, profits collapsing, and 6,000 employees soon will be gone.   (To make room for 6,000 defence attorneys?)   
The tragedy is stupendously larger than 6,000 jobs; it affects hundreds of millions of unwarned, innocent, afflicted consumers across the broad face of planet earth.

Will the last one out please turn out the lights!
The next time you reach for a diet drink (or some Sweet & Low), please consider some fruit juice. You will be much healthier.

Have a great diet-soda-free day.

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