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A body without exercise is a body in bondage!

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Aerobic exercise is the only exercise that will exercise the cells of the body. To obtain a healthy body one must have healthy cells. Vital food nutrients and oxygen are more easily asborbed into a cell and waste products removed, when a cell is healthy. Walking and rebounding are the only two aerobic exercises that will exercise body cells. ReboundAIR is dedicated to the "healthy cell concept" and offers a quality rebounder at an affordable price. Benefits of rebounding include strengthening the cardiovascular system; improves balance, coordination and improves muscle tone; significantly less shock to joints than jogging; can be used by the injured, disabled, elderly; excellent for rehabilitation; improved circulation and immune function
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Option: Stabilizing bar

The New Miracles of Rebound Exercise
by Albert E. Carter- True bible of rebound exercise. Confirmed by NASA, the US Air Force, Dr. Kenneth Cooper's Institute of Aerobic Research, and the Hong Kong University. Scientifically and medically documented.

The Cancer Answer by Albert E. Carter- We learn how the immune system combats cancer. We are not being told the truth about cancer. Cancer is not a disease. It is a naturally-occurring condition. A healthy immune system is our only defense against cancer.

The Miracles of Minerals by Albert E. Carter- Did you know there are 90 essential minerals? We usually hear of about fifteen of them. Learn how the cell utilizes these minerals. If you don't keep the cell healthy, the rest of the body will not be healthy either

The Immune System Video by Albert E. Carter- The immune system video is a companion to
the Cancer Answer and The New Miracles of Rebounding books. It convincingly covers the healthy cell concept.

Keep on Rebounding Video- Join Darren Carter and Holly Anderson as they lead the team of BYU cheerleaders and aerobic instructors in a tape designed to be a follow-along. Workout for people of all levels.

Vision Therapy Kit- All the tools you need to rehabilitate and strengthen your eyesight,whether your eyesight suffers as a result of trauma or regular strain.