Are You Eating Fish Raised in Raw Sewage?

Dr. Mercola

June 06, 2007

If you frequently eat fish and seafood, you need to be aware of where that food is coming from.

China—the leading exporter of seafood to the United States—has been found to raise most of its fish in sewage-infested waters. To compensate for the lack of clean water they pump in antibiotics, fungicides and pesticides—many of which are banned carcinogens here in the United States

In the last year, the United States increased its imports of seafood from China by 34 percent. Meanwhile, one in four Americans gets hit with a food-borne illness each year. About 20 percent of these cases are due to contaminated seafood.

If it wasn’t for the increasing dangers of fish loaded with mercury from industrial pollution, fish feed contaminated with melamine, and now the health risk from fish raised in untreated fecal water, it really would be the optimal food source for omega-3. Fortunately, toxin-free fish oil and krill oil, which will give you the nutritional value your body needs, are still available and highly recommended.