Food for Thought
Proverbs for the modern health seeker
by Mary Louise;Town Jaqua, Health Minister 1-8-16


Life is what you make it, so if you are not satisfied with yours,
Stop complaining. Change it.
What you do daily determines the quality of your tomorrow;
Therefore, be discriminating. Make every action count.

Yesterday is gone and will never return,
So forget past mistakes. Forgive yourself and go on.
Toss out old baggage and start over;
What you leave behind will not be needed or missed.

Learn to take care of yourself, because no one else can;
You know yourself better than anyone, including a doctor;
When others fail to meet your expectations, examine yourself;
What you discover may surprise you.

Eat to nourish your body, for doing so pays great dividends;
Your body is looking for real food- Not alcohol. Not cigarettes.
Not drugs, so don't disappoint it;
Clean up your life while you can, for bad habits can kill.

Realize that the Standard American Diet is conceived in hell;
It will take you down the road to destruction, so don't go;
Turn around while there is time and amend your ways;
The life that you save will be your own.

If others want to travel wrong roads, let them go;
No amount of persuasion will save the reckless;
When others mock, jeer, and criticise nobler ways of living
Remain silent and decide to live better yourself.

A few small steps in the right direction are better than one
giant step in the wrong direction;
Therefore be patient with yourself and others; doing so
brings great reward, for not all will walk the same road.

Learn to give and take, for therein is great prosperity of spirit;
No one can live your life for you, so don't let them;
What you don't say may be more important than what
you do say, so choose your words well.

When faced with adversity, take courage;
You are not the only one having a difficult time in life.
The world is full of tragedy and disappointment,
So decide to make the best of hard places. It helps.

Your body is not your own; it belongs to YHVH.
He made it and expects you to take good care of it;
What say you? All will answer to Him in the end,
Some reports will be better than others.

You are not in charge of the world, so don't try;
Mind your own business and grant others the same;
Let others think of you what they will;
They don't live in your skin, so how do they know?

Better it is to eat your fruit and vegetables raw
Rather than to kill them with heat;
Too much exercise in the kitchen
Can rob a man of life's true meat.

Better it is to dress modestly
Than to adorn the body frivolously;
Body-piercing and tatoos should be avoided,
For such are an abomination to YHVH.

A little sweetness does the body good,
But overindulgence invites ill health;
Meat eaters are difficult to convert,
So don't try.

A greener diet fares the body well,
But processed foods should be eschewed;
A gentle touch and a kind word
Are more valuable than silver or gold.

Humility is a virtue worth pursuing,
For pride corrupts a man;
Better for a man to err on the side of caution
Than to fall into an unwelcomed snare.

Man was not made as an after thought of the Almighty;
Therefore find your purpose in life and pursue it;
A little rest is good for the body,
But idleness is a waste of time and substance.

Better it is to exercise the body
Than to be glued to an easy chair;
Happy is the man who plants a garden
And has food for both body and spirit.

Yahshua came to bring life,
But few wanted it;
Most people would rather die than live.
How about you?

Bad habits can ruin a man,
But few desire to better themselves;
Happy is the man who values his life
And is willing to learn what is best for him and does it.

No one is perfect,
Therefore learn from others what you can;
Likewise courtesy is a good practice
And hospitality a welcomed gift.

YHVH says that He is our healer,
Why then run to doctors?
Sickness is not a mystery
Yet men make it to be.

Life is not a lark unless you are a bird,
So settle down and live as though you mean it;
Seek to achieve a better station in life,
Even if it is difficult to achieve.

Better it is to forgive others as well as yourself
Than to harbor resentments all your life;
Blessed is the man who curses not
And refrains his lips from gossip.

Many who have died yet live on,
While many who are alive act like they are dead;
It is not easy to awaken a sleeping giant,
And maybe it's just as well.

The Almighty is not slack concerning His promises,
But sometimes fulfillment is slow coming;
Waiting is not a popular sport, especially for the young
Who are eager to win the prize.

It is said that there are none so blind as those who cannot see
Yet many there are who are blind and see more than those who can see;
Likewise, seeing is believing for those who doubt.

Yahshua said that man shall not live by bread alone,
But few like to give up their bread;
Therefore happy is the man who eats the bread of life
For he will never go hungry.

Be blessed, My child....

The fear of YHVH is the beginning of wisdom;
A good understanding have all they that do his commandments:His praise endureth for ever.
Psalms 111:10





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