FOOD: What is It?
by Mary Louise;Town Jaqua, Health Minister 11/10/15

It used to be that food was food. It was not found in a box, can,
bag, plastic wrapper or in the frozen food section of a supermarket
or convenience store. It was found in fields, trees, bushes, rivers,
lakes, and oceans. Food was foraged, picked, and gathered
for meals. Satisfying hunger was thus an exercise in finding
naturally-occurring substance in the environment. History proves
that this literal 'hand-to-mouth' lifestyle sustained cultures for
centuries and continues to be a way of life for many people in
the world today. Given the remarkable fact that people have lived
long and healthy lives with this approach to eating, one might
ask how they survived so well, so long without supermarkets
and processed foods?

Food: What is it?
It can be accurately stated that the definition of food varies
with the eater. However, aside from personal preference and
taste, general consensus holds that food is a substance
that, when consumed, provides nutritional support for
the body.
It is usually of plant or animal origin and contains
essential nutrients such as fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.
The substance is first ingested, then assimiliated by body cells
to provide life-sustaining energy and growth. This being said,
food is arguably man's best friend in that his body cannot
survive without it
. The main function of food therefore is to
properly nourish the body so that it can be strong, healthy,
happy, and enjoy longevity.

Food: The great debate
The definition of food is perhaps outweighed only by the
controversy over what constitutes proper nourishment.
The flap concerning what one should and should not
eat has been batted around ad infinitum for years if not
centuries. The debate, of course, centers on diet. Depending
upon one's intellectual prowess or perspective, proper
nutrition can have a number of meanings. If we are to
step into the food debate arena, then, we can expect to hear
a host of opinionated people voice their views about food
ad nauseum. In the end, however, we will most likely come
out of the debate more confused than when we went in.

While the opinions of men are countless, the food dilemma
can actually be solved easily by turning to YHVH Almighty.
It stands to reason that He Who made us knows best how
to care for us. Therefore, what does He say about food?
What does He say about diet? In short, what should we
eat in order to be strong and healthy?

Food: Designed to feed a living body
We know from scripture that YHVH formed man in the
beginning as a living organism. He was fashioned out
of the dust of the ground (minerals) and was made
alive by the breath (Spirit) of I AM:

And YHVH Almighty formed man of
the dust of the ground, and breathed
into his nostrils the breath of life; and
man became a living soul.- Genesis 2:7

As a living soul, formed in the image of the Ever-Living,
man was immortal. He possessed a spiritual body that
did not need food to sustain it. Nevertheless, YHVH
provided man food that he could freely eat should
he so choose.

And YHVH said, Behold, I have given
you every herb yielding seed, which
is upon the face of all the earth, and
every tree, in which is the fruit of a
tree yielding seed; to you it shall be
for food:- Genesis 1:29

The food that YHVH custom made for man was
found in fields, trees, and bushes: grasses, leafy
greens, herbs, roots, fruit, and nuts. All contained
seeds, an important stipulation of YHVH, since the
seed contains the life-force of the plant which allows
it to reproduce itself. Consuming these seed-bearing,
'living' foods in their natural, pure, raw state was thus
the perfect food that YHVH gave man to nourish his
living body.

The superior quality of living food is found in its
make-up. These 'designer foods,' created by the
hand of YHVH, have unique properties that no
other 'food' possesses: living food

  • is the only food that body cells recognize
    as food
  • contains live vitamins, minerals, enzymes
  • contains naturally distilled water that
    hydrates cells.
  • is rich in life-giving oxygen
  • contains essential fatty acids
  • contains anti-oxidants for fighting sickness
    and disease.
  • builds the strongest immune system
  • initiates the body’s self-healing ability
  • contains life-giving chlorophyll for building
    healthy blood.
  • leaves an alkaline ash in the body which
    helps prevent sickness
  • is easily digested

Given the remarkable characteristics of living foods, it is
not surprising to understand how man originally enjoyed
a quality of life that spanned many years if not centuries.
Nevertheless, when man transgressed YHVH's law in the
beginning, his life changed abuptly. He lost his spiritual
body and became subject to a body of flesh, 'coated with
skins' (Genesis 3:21), that required physical substance
called food to sustain it. True to YHVH's word, as man
continued to turn away from Him, the lifespan of each
successive generation decreased to the point where
today man's life expectancy averages seventy years.

While man's fall (original or otherwise) can not be
attributed entirely to poor food choices, the ineffable
ability of living foods to support superior health is
proven accurate Biblically, historically, scientifically,
medically, and experientially. The introduction of
animal-sourced foods and the subsequent dietary
laws given to Moses do not disannul the fact that
YHVH's original diet for man is plant-based.

Food: to cook or not to cook?
A review of man's early life in the Garden of Eden shows
a distinct absence of stoves, cookware, and associated
accoutrements. Likewise, no refrigerators are mentioned.
Given this fact, it appears that man was 'reduced' to the
simple act of gathering, harvesting, and picking the foods
available around him. If YHVH wanted man to cook his
food, it would seem that He would have given such a
mandate, but none was given. It is possible that the
practice of cooking was borrowed from other cultures
and out of intrigue was brought into Adam's kitchen.
Cooking, however, is a destructive process which is
perhaps why cooking classes were never offered in
the Garden. Do you know that food which is heated
in excess of 105 degrees

  • is regarded by the body as being foreign substance
  • kills live vitamins, minerals, enzymes
  • destroys naturally distilled water that hydrates cells
  • destroys life-giving oxygen in the food
  • destroys and/or alters essential fats
  • destroys anti-oxidants for fighting sickness/disease.
  • weakens and/or destroys the immune system
  • compromises or destroys the body’s self-healing
  • destroys life-giving chlorophyll that builds
    healthy blood.
  • leaves an acid ash in the body which precipitates
    pain, sickness, disease, and even death
  • is difficult to digest

The destructive nature of cooked food is proven by
its inability to sustain the body and thus precipates
sickness, pain, and disease. It is no surprise then
that most health problems are the result of poor
food choices: the Standard American Diet being
the greatest culprit. This all-too popular diet that is
based upon cooked, processed, and animal-based
foods contains little to no nutrition. Without proper
nutritional support, the body succumbs to a host of
health problems. Consuming dead food leaves
Americans malnourished, mineral-deficient, oxygen-
starved, and dehydrated.

Food: A weapon
If we are to be accurate in assessment and honest
in approach, the body physical needs food to survive.
It is looking and hungering for the substance that
will support its many functions and help it achieve
and maintain its well being. Living foods is that
substance. For strength and clarity of mind, body,
soul, and spirit, living foods have a superior advantage
over dead foods.This advantage advances the body's
well being which encourages the establishment of
YHVH's kingdom in us and in the world.

As men wield weapons and advance their war
machine in the earth, it is time to engage in the battle
against that common, persistent enemy called poor
Individually and corporately it is important to
better care for ourselves and the body that YHVH has
given. Food choices make or break us. Poor lifestyle
habits can continue to haunt us or we can overcome
our ills by making healthier choices. Food is indeed
a weapon, and, if used properly, it can defend us
against potential harm as well as heal us from past
abuses. In the end those who are valiant warriors in
the battle to live without sickness, pain, and disease
learn the remarkable truth that YHVH's living way is
best. You don't have to be sick!

It is better to trust in YHVH than to put
confidence in man.- (Psalms 118:8)


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