Someone once said that money is power and who ever controls the purse strings, controls a nation. The same can be said of food. Money and food thus become control agents that directly affect the welfare of peoples and nations.

History proves that forces of good and evil exist in the earth. Throughout the ages, there has been a battle between the powers of good and evil evidence of which can be seen as self-seeking men with a fixation toward greed and power have wreaked havoc on the innocent. Like vultures and vampires, they have sucked the very lifeblood out of victim after victim in order to satisfy their own heinous, perverted desires.

It is no surprise, then, that evil men have used one of life's most sacred and basic commodities, food, to achieve their goal of world domination. For thousands of years, basic food stuffs have been purposely adulterated and scales purposely tipped in order to satisfy the selfish gain of merchants . It is a known fact, for example, that the practice of mixing talc in pure salt dates back to ancient times when trade routes first opened to the Orient. The adulterated mixture was passed off as pure salt to unsuspecting buyers. The pockets of greedy merchants were thus lined. This and other deceitful practices of adulterating and compromising the quality of basic commodities continue to this day. Inferior grains are mixed with better quality grains only to be passed onto the open market where they are purchased by other food merchants and manufacturers. Many lesser quality foods end up as ingredients in processed foods. Thus the average consumer whose diet consists mainly of processed foods knows little to nothing about the quality of the food he eats.

It is no secret that the quality of America's food supply is grossly compromised. From toxic chemical fertilizers to acid rain to processed food plants that "refine' and pump harmful additives into our food supply, it is no wonder we are a sick nation. Add genetic engineering and irradiation to this list of crimes, and we find that the standard American diet is a toxic cocktail that is literally taking people to the grave. Chemicals in the soil, chemicals in the air, and chemicals in the stomach spell sickness on a grand scale for Americans. So it is the medical profession, insurance companies, and undertakers prosper at the expense of ailing Americans. Food poisoning is a fact of life in America, though the average American is unaware that he is an innocent participant if not a victim of this diabolical syndrome of slaughter. Call it genocide or murder of the masses, if you will, but the fact remains that American lives are being snuffed out daily because of the food they eat.

It is sad to think that we, as a nation, have stooped so low as to allow our tastebuds to kill us. Nevertheless, it is true. Americans are addicted to a packaged, processed lifestyle. The love for 'fast food' has put the average American on the fast track to destruction. Whether people realize it or not, we have been a nation seduced by the offerings of food processors who have cleverly, if not sinisterly, laced America's food supply with 'appetizing' poisons. It is time this killing is stopped.

Politics like religion is a personal choice. That Americans have bowed down to politicians and food merchants in some strange form of religious worship is true. In idolizing those in control, they have accepted a 'politically correct' diet that is both dangerous and destructive. It is time for Americans to take responsibility for their lives rather than allowing politicians to dictate their choices.

This website is dedicated to helping people make better choices concerning the food they eat as well as lifestyle. Experience and personal research prove that proper nutrition is the key to ultimate health and that natural food is the best medicine. If we eat right, we will live well, for our bodies are designed to be self-healing. Only when we abuse ourselves through poor diet and lack of exercise do we experience physical ailments. This website is dedicated to prove 'you don't have to be sick!'