The Gift of HEALTH
by Mary Louise;Town Jaqua, Health Minister- 12/8/2020

The giving and receiving of gifts is woven into the fabric of life.
Whether children or adults, a present represents a joyful
surprise and an opportunity to expect something wonderful.
While gift exchanging is a common practice, there is one gift
that cannot be given, namely the gift of health. As much as
we would like to give loved ones excellent health, especially
those who are suffering sickness, it is not possible. The gift
of health is one that we can only give ourselves.

HEALTH: What is it?
The word health is the state of being whole or complete in
the sense that all parts of a living organism, be it plant,
animal or human, are well organized and perform freely
in their intended, natural functions. Furthermore, health
refers to soundness of mind, body, and vigor which can
and often does imply a moral sense of purity and goodness.

HEALTH: Where does it originate?
Health or wholeness originates from YHVH Almighty and
was imparted to man in his inception. True to His nature,
the Most High formed man in His likeness and endowed
him with a superior quality of life that afforded man the
ability to prosper and enjoy life in the fullest. YHVH perfectly
designed man's body to function problem-free in a harmonious
relationship with Him. Nevertheless, when man turned away
from YHVH, his quality of life was compromised and thus cut
short. His health deteriorated and was eventually ravaged by
sickness and death. Thus man's original wholeness was
sadly fractured and fragmented, a condition that remains
widespread in the world today.

HEALTH: What to do about it
Health has become a popular topic but for all the talk and
clamor, there yet remains little understanding of what
constitutes true health/wholeness much less how to achieve
it. To be sure, health means many things to many people,
but finding, proving, and possessing a superior quality of life
is often a rare find; for being truly healthy, is a personal
responsibility. Inlearning harmful lifestyle elements and
replacing them with wholesome ones requires education
and discipline. Nevertheless, renewing life vigor is possible,
for the body is self-healing!

HEALTH: How to make it happen
Countless numbers of diets and lifestyles exist, but not all
produce healthy results. Despite widespread opinions,
many health advocates and even some medical professionals
agree that adopting a natural approach to life is the best road
to superior health. It stands to reason that since the body is
a living organism, it responds best to natural care. This being
so, consider the following guidelines.

  1. Decide your priorities- Determine your life values:
    what you want out of life, what is most important to you,
    what are your goals, future plans, what you hope to
    achieve in life, etc. Focus on what is important to you
    and pursue them. Leave the rest behind.
  2. Improve your diet- What you eat determines the quality
    of your life. Natural, living foods support health; man-
    made, processed, and animal-based foods promote
    sickness, pain, and disease. Eat predominately living
    foods: fresh vegetables, fruit, seeds, nuts, and sprouted
    grains in their natural, raw state. An organic, vegan diet
    of 85% living foods and 15% cooked food provides the
    body with the necessary nutrients it needs for being
    vibrantly healthy.
  3. Drink healthy water- Avoid tap water in favor of drinking
    trusted sources of purified, distilled, well or spring water.
    Very few bottled waters are considered safe to consume.
  4. Eliminate unhealthy habits- Stop smoking, consumption
    of alcoholic beverages, and recreational drugs, all of
    which harm the body.
  5. Avoid pharmaceutical drugs- As much as possible,
    choose natural remedies to solve existing health
    problems, since all conventional drugs are toxic and
    actually cause additional health problems.
  6. Products- Choose naturally- sourced products for
    home and personal care. Chemically-based products
    are unnatural and are thus toxic to the body. Eliminating
    products that have harmful ingredients enhances
    personal well-being.
  7. Clothing- Choose apparel that is made of natural
    fibers (linen, cotton, silk, wool). Man-made, synthetic
    fabrics do not allow the body to breathe plus they
    contain toxic residues that enter the body through
    the pores of the skin. These residues can cause
    serious health problems such as cancer, infertility,
    allergies, hormonal imbalances, etc.
  8. Exercise- The body naturally likes to move. Therefore
    incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Physical
    activity should be moderate and of a reasonable duration
    Simple exercises such as stretching, rebounding, and
    walking are excellent solutions for a daily routine.
  9. Relationships- Seek and foster relationships that
    are life-enhancing. Resolve or eliminate relationships
    that have a negative impact on your life, since toxic
    relationships are stressful and therefore unhealthy.
  10. Technology- Electronic devices are tools of convenience
    that can and often destroy relationships as well as
    personal health. Therefore make wise tech choices
    and limit their use, especially by children. Simplify and
    streamline communications by avoiding modern tech
    devices in favor of making 'old fashioned' phone calls,
    writing letters, and personally visiting family and friends.

The gift of health is not complete without spiritual awareness.
Exercising the inner man and making the all-important
connection to YHVH through Yahshua Messiah is the life
line that we need to make on a consistent basis daily. The
Giver of Life delights to give and supply our needs. He
looks forward to hearing from us. Do not disappoint Him.
Immerse yourself in His word, meditate upon Him, talk to
him. He is available 24/7. 'He is able
to accomplish infinitely
more than we might ask or think.'
(Ephesians 3:20).

In the beginning YHVH Almighty formed man perfectly
healthy/whole. Sickness, pain, and dis-ease were never part
of His plan. Nevertheless, when man turned away from
YHVH and went his own way, his quality of life diminished.
His health was compromised. Much of this compromise was
and continues to be the result of poor lifestyle choices,
especially diet.

No where in scripture did YHVH make unnatural provision
for man. The foods that He made and instructed man to
eat were natural in origin, custom made by His hand to
ensure that man had all the necessary nutrients for his
well-being. Over the course of time, however, man has
sought to 'improve' on what YHVH made by taking
natually-sourced, living foods and turning them into
substances that are sub-standard food substitutes. These
low quality 'foods,' aka junk foods, fake foods, and
convenience foods
are known to be the cause of most
health problems.

Quality of life is a personal choice, and judging from the
amount of sickness in the world, it is obvious that most
people have made poor lifestyle choices. This should not
be. There is a better way to live, and it is up to each of us
to prove it.

We only have one life to live and how we choose to live
it ultimately determines our well being. We cannot be
healthy for someone else, but we can make healthy
choices for ourselves that will inspire others.

In the end, we must learn that life is a precious commodity,
a gift from YHVH that deserves to be lived well in the purest
sense as He intends. Therefore take hold of the life that He
has given you by pursuing superior health. Give yourself
the gift of health that keeps on giving.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from
above, and cometh down from the Father of
lights, with whom is no variableness, neither
shadow of turning.- James 1:17

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou
mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy
soul prospereth.- 3 John 1:2



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