There is a health revolution taking place in America. Many people have become disenchanted with conventional medical treatments and are disillusioned with the professional medical world. Many have seen loved ones die needlessly or have themselves experienced dead-ends with modern health care. What is a person to do?

There is a growing trend across the country toward taking more personal responsibility as well as more natural solutions for one's health care needs. Many people, including medical professionals, are discovering the importance of diet to overall health. Nutrition as it relates to health is fast becoming an area of scrutiny. Did someone not say, "We are what we eat?"

For better or for worse, we are what we eat. Our daily diets reflect the condition of our health. Little do most people know, their daily consumption of what is popularly known as ‘food’ is actually not nourishing their bodies. Believe it or not, most Americans are suffering from malnutrition. The standard American diet is based upon processed, cooked foods which, in reality, have little to no nutrient value. In other words, most Americans are eating dead food. It is a scientific fact that all life is found in the cell and the life of any cell dies at 107 degrees. Processed and cooked food is heated to at least 212 degrees by the manufacturer so that it can sit, ‘preserved’, on a store shelf. A slow oven heats to 250 degrees, while a pot of steamed vegetables boils upwards of 200 degrees. Thus if we, as a people, are to take our health seriously, we must consider what we are eating, asking ourselves, "Is the food I am eating dead or alive?" It is a proven fact that the only food to feed a cell is live food. One might ask, What is live food? The only live food is raw food and the only live food that is made specifically to nourish our bodies is fruit and vegetables. Some might say, "How boring!" In reality, however, fruits and vegetables contain all the proper nutrients to maintain a healthy body. It has been proven that given the right nutrients, the body will heal itself. This may sound strange, but it’s true. For many, this sounds too simple. However, history shows that most things in life are simple and the simple things in life are usually true.So what does this mean in terms of health care- a trip to the grocery store? Well, it’s worth considering. It’s surprising what a change of diet will do.- Mary Jaqua