"The Healing Process"
by Mary Louise;Town Jaqua, Health Minister 12-8-09

It is no secret that when it comes to health and healing,
organized medicine falls far short. In fact, it has not only failed
to solve the ills of mankind but has done more to destroy than save
lives. Consequently, it is no surprise that 'alternative therapies'
are gaining more popularity. With increasing frequency alternative
rather than conventional medicine is being sought for health and
healing: the alternative approach being largely based upon natural
solutions as opposed to unnatural solutions offered by the medical

Suffice it to say, wellness is a major factor in life. It is an issue that
cannot be ignored. Human frailty is a reality that appears to grow
more serious each day as the incidence of human suffering mounts.
When all is said and done, the human body deserves, if not
demands, proper care in order to sustain itself, and it enlists our
help to accomplish this awesome task.

The body: a finely designed machine
The psalmist David declared,"I will give thanks unto thee; for I am
fearfully and wonderfully made: Wonderful are thy works; And
that my soul knoweth right well"- ( Psalm 134:14).
These words
penned long ago remain true, for the body is a remarkable creation.
When one considers the structure, constitution, functions, and
abilities of the human frame, it is evident that this handiwork is
beyond the mind, skill, and technical ability of man. It is Divine in
origin. Here are a few little-known facts confirming this truth:

  • Human hair is as strong as aluminum
  • The lung cilia that sweep the mucus up the trachea vibrate
    one thousand times per minute.
  • Each blood cell returns to the heart every minute.
  • The mouth has nine thousand taste buds.
  • The human brain has the capacity to hold the equivalent of
    twenty five million books, enough to fill a bookshelf 500 miles
    long. This capacity exceeds that of the Library of Congress
    that contains seventeen million volumes.

The body: a living organism
Amidst the varied, assundry demands associated with a modern
lifestyle, it is often easy to be consumed in the motion rather than the
motive behind this experience that we call 'life.' The wonder of who
we are and what we are called to do becomes lost in a day-to-day
monotony that by definition often negates the bigger picture: our
destiny. We are a living entity. Unlike inanimate objects, we
breathe, move, eat, drink, laugh, cry, etc. We live because we are
formed as offspring of the Ever-Living, the Creator Himself. This
truth is verified in the scriptures.

"And the Almighty said, Let us make man in our image,
after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the
fish of the sea, and over the birds of the heavens, and
over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every
creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. And the
Almighty created man in his own image, in the image of
YHVH created he him; male and female created he them.
(Genesis 1:27.28)

The Ever-Living YHVH afterwards formed Man from the
dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the
life of animals; [ Reflective or Intellectual life] but Man
became a life-containing soul. (Genesis 2:7- Ferrar
Fenton translation)

Allowing for our noble conception, therefore, it is good to
remember that we are a living being and thus should conduct
our lives in accordance to life principles. Health and healing are
based upon respect for YHVH Almighty and the living body that
He has given us. Our bodies are unique physically, emotionally,
and spiritually, and are blessed with individual personality.
Scriptures attest to the fact that YHVH's utmost desire is that
His people to live and prosper (3 John 1:2). Nowhere in scripture
is there evidence that YHVH created sickness and death nor does
He desire such for His people.

The body: designed to run on living food
Given the marvels of the human body and the wisdom of YHVH to
form it, it stands to reason that He Who made the body knows best
how to care for it. Scripture is replete with evidence that the Almighty
not only gave us the instruction manual (His word) for the care and
keeping of our earthly temples (bodies), but also made provision for
the body's physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. His first
instructions to man for the sake of his well being included a menu
plan. He instructed His issue to eat plant-based foods. This original
diet is recorded in Genesis 1:29.

And YHVH said, Behold, I have given you every herb
yielding seed, which is upon the face of all the earth,
and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding
seed; to you it shall be for food:"

That YHVH specifically addressed diet, telling us to eat natural, whole
foods, should speak to us of the importance that diet plays in relation
to health. The herb of the ground (greens) and fruit of the tree were
created for us: to sustain the body with superior health during our
earthly journey. These living foods were custom designed to feed our
living bodies. So it is that natural, whole, living (raw) fruit, vegetables,
seeds, nuts, and whole grains prove to be the best food for superior
wellness and longevity. No where in scripture are we told to heat or
bake living food. Evidence of frying pans, hot plates, stoves, waffle
irons, etc. is not found in the paradiscal environment (Eden).

The body: a self-healing machine

It is possible that the Almighty in His wisdom knew that man would
need a 'stop-gap measure' to preserve the body in the event that it
was required. Therefore YHVH designed the body to be
self-healing. He gave it an internal instinct and know-how to correct
itself should the need arise and arise it did. When man turned
against YHVH, his whole world changed. His once-paradisical
experience became a life of lesser quality, a life subjected to the
limitations of the physical world. Hence, it is no surprise that the loss
of his spiritual eyesight eventually caused him to stray from YHVH's
original diet plan. Whole, living foods were replaced with cooked and
'forbidden' foods, as outlined in the books of Exodus, Leviticus, and
Deuteronomy. Whereas YHVH was forced to institue a dietary code
for the preservation of His people, it must be understood that this
code was for a specific time and purpose and did not disanul His
original diet plan. Thus, in the larger picture, the plant-based diet
never died but lives on as a testament that living food is the ultimate
food of YHVH's kingdom. This truth is evidenced by the fact that
living foods contain a sustaining, life-force that preserves the physical
frame and initiates the self-healing mechanism of the body. Whether
it be sickness, pain, disease, dietary abuse, malnourishment, etc.,
the body has the ability to heal itself if given living food. So it is that
YHVH is loving, kind, and merciful to provide a natural, wholesome
way that we can be healed of our physical, emotional, and spiritual

The alternative route
It is no surprise, then, that the road to health and wellness is a
natural way, albeit an 'alternative' route. Sadly, however, most
people are traveling a broad road that leads to sickness and
destruction, having no clue as to the true cause of their ills. The
majority of Americans suffer poor health that is precipitated by
poor diet and exascerbated by conventional medical treatments.
Nevertheless, there are those who have found alternative ways to
address their physical problems. They have departed from the
broad road, leaving the thundering herd behind in order to discover
the 'narrow' way of life. They have found the key to health, healing,
and happiness by adopting a wholesome lifestyle. They have
discovered how to reclaim their bodies from the ravages of sickness
and disease through the wonder of a live food diet and invigorating
exercise. In short, they have learned how to live! As overcomers
and survivors of multifold health problems, including would-be
terminal illnesses, their testimonies prove that YHVH's way is
the best way: live food does restore the body!

The alternative route: what and where is it?
Pursuing health and healing the alternative way means forsaking
the modern mind-set toward conventional medicine and accepting
the natural, YHVH-given way for restoring the body temple. Since
most health problems are the result of poor diet, improving one's
diet becomes imperative, especially if life-threatening conditions
exist. Natural, whole foods initiate the body's ability to heal itself.
Therefore they should be introduced into one's diet immediately.
Implementing a juicing program and incorporating living foods into
daily meals is imperative as is eliminating all harmful 'foods' such as
processed/junk foods and animal-based foods (meat, dairy, seafood).
It is equally important to support the body's needs with supplements
such as Vitamin B-12, Vitamin D, Magnesium, omega- rich oils,
digestive enzymes, etc. so that the body will have maximum power
to rebuild itself. Without the proper and sufficient nutrients, restoration
of the body temple cannot be accomplished. As the live food lifestyle
is worked out on a personal, daily basis, the body will begin to respond
favorably with added energy, new strength, and clarity of mind. It will
also tell you what it needs and when it needs it. Learning to 'listen' to
the body is an art and a lesson in quiet living. The still, small voice of
YHVH Almighty is our guide on the pathway to health and healing.

The alternative route: what to expect
As the body begins to heal itself, it will engage a cleansing process.
In other words, it will 'clean house.' Poisons, parasites, and assorted
foreign matter that have accummulated and lodged in the body over a
period of years will be loosened and flushed out through the
elimination system, the largest organ of which is the skin. This
cleansing process is called 'detoxification.' During this house
cleaning exercise, it is common to experience adverse symptoms:
headache, nausea, joint pain, irritability, diarrhea, etc. It is also
common to pass unsightly gobs of mucus, dead fecal matter, and
parasites. This period of detoxification is often discouraging for those
who begin the live food lifestyle in that they suddenly begin to feel
worse than before making the diet change. Nevertheless,
detoxification symptoms, no matter what they may be, are classic
signs of internal healing, and therefore should not be considered
negative. These symptoms are proof positive that the body is on
its way to recovery. The typical detoxification process lasts three to
seven days. However, depending on need, the body can engage a
cleansing cycle at any time in its journey to wellness.

Healing: a personal process and priority
With a natural approach to healing, there are no chemical 'quick fixes'
or surgeries that take away physical ills. Nevertheless, those who
adopt a natural, wholesome lifestyle with living foods and proper
exercise, find lasting if not immediate improvement in the quality of
their health. Thus ill health has a way of teaching us important life
lessons, one of which is the results of poor diet. True to YHVH's
word, we reap what we sow. Therefore, once we understand the
cause of our physical problems, it is not difficult to engage the
healing process. What abuse the body has suffered over a period
of years takes time heal. The body must unravel, sort, and correct
itself. This process takes time. Surprisingly, the body knows how to
approach this monumental task of reconstruction and initiates
healing on a priority basis. Hence, it is often true that an obvious
physical problem may be caused by an underlying, hidden condition.
Whereas MRIs, CAT scans, Xrays, etc. can and do peer into the
unseen world of the body, these conventional modalities can pose
potential harm. If at all possible, therefore, it is better to 'err' on eating
right and allow the body to sort out its internal affairs on its own
rather than to expose or submit to harmful diagnostics. Trusting in
YHVH rather than man and his devices is wisdom. It is a scientific,
medical, and biblical fact that a proper diet heals the body from the
inside out. Dr. Joel Robbins, a foremost authority on nutrition and
natural healing, informs us that the body heals itself on a priority
basis. For example, injuries suffered as a child may need to be
addressed for other, more recent conditions to heal. Likewise,
digestive problems may need to be solved before a leg can heal,
and heart attack victims may suffer 'phantom' heart incidences as
the heart heals itself. Thus the road to recovery is often surprising
and unpredictable. However, by consistently applying principles of
good health, life is reclaimed. Hope and healing the natural
way is fact and not fiction.

Healing: how long?
Healing is a natural-occurring experience that reveals itself at the
right time over a period of time. Depending upon one's physical,
emotional or spiritual condition, restoration can be either quick,
long-term or a combination of both. Nevertheless, unlike conventional
medical treatments, natural solutions bring results that are complete
and lasting. Given time, the self-healing body can correct its own
problems. It is a matter of personal diligence and perseverance to
keep on the alternative route to wellness. As one is faithful to do
his part, YHVH will do His, and the results will be remarkable.
Slow but steady is the pathway to ultimate health. Small steps
in the right direction bring surprising benefits of new-found strength,
energy, clarity of mind, and quietness of spirit. Becoming whole
again is a daily revelation that sometimes comes silently and
sometimes not. However the time frame, what was once suffered can
and often disappears to be replaced by an experience in new realms
of living. Remember, also, that some healings require more than
proper diet and exercise. They need YHVH's special touch. Therefore
hold on to YHVH's promises for your complete healing. Relax in the
process. Be patient. Let YHVH restore your body His way.

Healing: paying the price
When it comes to making decisions, especially health-related ones,
it is important to remember that choices exist. The choices we make
determine our quality of life. While most elect to participate in
conventional medical treatments, many choose differently. Without
a doubt, those who choose the natural, alternative route to wellness
find a quality of life that they never knew existed. Experiencing
vibrant health on a daily basis is possible. It is a daily choice that
is not difficult. However, achieving optimum health through proper
diet takes personal responsibility and dedication, since many times
old habits die hard. Eating patterns and food addictions can take
time to undo. In addition, family and friends can turn into foes in
one's quest to become naturally healthy, proving that those closest
to us can be sources of stress, hostility, aggravation, and frustration.
Family food wars can erupt and tempers flair. Social dining can
present challenges. As unhealthy as the fallout may be, it is
common and serves to prove that the ultimate battle for health
and healing is on the spiritual plane. Change for the better thus
comes with a price. It is a fight within and without the body.Thus,
healing YHVH's way requires prayer, diligence, and humbleness
of spirit. Amidst the battle, it is imperative to remain consistent and
true to course with one's diet strategy both natural and spiritual, for
victory will depend on one's faithfulness and expertise as a warrior.
Therefore fight for what is right by practicing superior health habits.
Love and forgive those who do not understand your alternative
pathway to healing. Above all, persevere. Your triumph over sickness
and pain could be the hope and inspiration others need if and when
they encounter a personal health crisis.

Hope for the unhealthy
In this day when health troubles abound (be they personal, national
or international) we know there is hope for healing with YHVH. In His
wisdom and providence, the Almighty has provided a way for wellness
that is welcomed and refreshing. While the evolution of human misery
has only compounded as the result of what is known 'the medical
practice,' hope does spring eternal. In spite of hundreds of years of
practice man has proven that his solutions are sadly, if not
dangerously imperfect. In man's quest to address human ills, we
have become victims of archaic, barbaric, and pagan practices. The
propensity modern medicine exhibits to 'cut, slash, and burn' as
healing mechanisms for the body is not only frightening but often
insane. That the present medical establishment relies on an
unsuspecting, unlearned, and often ignorant populace to participate
in ruthless practices to support its existence is alarming.
Nevertheless, the toll of human suffering at the hands of medical
professionals continues. The sacrifices are many and the slaughter
is great. Sadly, the state of human misery perpetuates. Thus, as we
observe the unnecessary, often avoidable demise of family, friends,
and loved ones, we will hopefully learn our lessons. Where
conventional medicine fails, may its shortcomings compel us to seek
YHVH's ways and accept His alternative route to wellness.
May we
realize that YHVH never instructed us to see a doctor, undergo
surgery or take drugs. No where in scripture does He direct us to
submit our bodies to practices that are unnatural. To do so is to
participate in acts of witchcraft which are forbidden byYHVH as an
abomination in His sight. Being jealous for the welfare of His people,
He declares Himself as our Great Physician Who has a better plan
for us, one that is worthy of consideration. So it is that in the final
analysis, health and healing become a learning process wherein
we discover the true meaning of life. Amending one's lifestyle is
worth the effort so as to prove that sickness and pain need not be
a way of life. Therefore, in this day of assorted ills, dare to pursue
ultimate health. With all diligence, prove that there is a more
excellent way to live. Be an example of vibrant health that you might
help those who are yet hurting. Become a ray of hope that lightens
the lives of others and brings healing to a dark world. The life you
save will reach far beyond your own.

I do not delight in the death of the dying, says YHVH Almighty,
therefore turn and live. (Ezekiel 18:32- Ferrar Fenton translation)

And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently unto
the voice of YHVH Almighty to observe to do all his
commandments which I command thee this day, that YHVH
Almighty will set thee on high above all the nations of the earth:
and all these blessings shall come upon thee, and overtake thee,
if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of YHVH your Almighty.
(Deuteronomy 28:1,2)


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