Burst into Health the Living Way!

Raw Cacao Nibs as captured by kirlian photography compliments of www.rawfood.com

Life is exciting! Do you know it? Are you experiencing excellent health every day? Is your life full of energy, strength of mind and body? If your answer is, No! Let us help you discover the wonderful world of wellness!

Our mission is to help you understand that life is about living foods...eating wholesome, natural foods as created for us by our Heavenly Father. It stands to reason that He Who made us, knows best how to care for us. YHVH Almighty made live food to sustain our live bodies! The natural goodness of fresh, raw fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and whole grains feeds our bodies in a vibrant, nutritious way. Natural foods in their raw state are full of living vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that nourish and build our bodies. These foods also contain an abundant amount of oxygen and naturally-occurring distilled water. The rich nutrient quality of living foods makes them the only source of good nutrition.

Cooked, processed, and refined 'foods' are man's alternative to the diet plan of our Heavenly Father. Corporate enterprise with a bend toward profit and greed has compromised the quality of our food. Food manufacturers have engineered slick, if not cunning, culinary counterfeits that masquerade as 'food.' It is no secret that the diet of the average American is based on synthetic food stuffs that do not feed the body. In fact, these chemically-laced, processed foods are the leading cause of sickness, pain, obesity, fatigue, etc. in America. Little does the average American know that when he pulls up to the dinner table, he is literally eating himself into the grave. Scientific and medical research prove that the Standard American Diet is responsible for most of our nation's physical as well as mental ills.

If you desire to improve your health, it's time to wake up! It's time to burst out of the SAD syndrome and start eating living foods! Live life as though your life depends upon it! Make healthy choices! Start living the Living Way! Your body will say, Thank you!