Healthy Changes
by Mary Louise;Town Jaqua, Health Minister 11-10-13

It is said that there is nothing so constant
as change. This is true, for life is a continuous
unfolding and 'becoming,' a veritable
experience of personal growth or 'evolution.'
Likewise, change is purported to be healthy.
If change is constant as well as healthy, then
why do most people resist making healthier
lifestyle changes?

The human body: changing daily
Believe it or not, the body is always changing!
Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, it
is constantly busy. It is a veritable manufacturing
center, a miniature power plant, garbage disposal
system, repair shop, communications center,
and more. As a living organism, the body is
constantly caring for the needs of its over
100 trillion cells, each of which plays an integral
part in sustaining its life. While the many inner
workings of the body go largely unnoticed
because they are involuntary, the body is not
a closed system. Its existence depends upon
the occupant, i.e. the 'individual-in-residence'
to oversee its wellbeing and commandeer its

Change: for better or for worse
The many changes that the body experiences
daily either engender or destroy its wellbeing,
a determination that is made solely by the
individual. It is personal input that ultimately
defines quality of life. Working with the body
brings lasting health benefits, while working
against the body encourages ill health. Thus
issues of health are essentially simple and
easily addressed, providing that we work in
harmony with the body.

Change: a catalyst
Making healthy changes, however, often
triggers unexpected consequences. Improving
poor eating habits, poor exercise habits, poor
thought patterns, poor relationships usually
initiates a detoxification process, a time of
cleansing out toxins(poisons) that have
accumulated in the body. These poisons

  1. Heavy metals- found in vaccines,
    air/water, food, supplements, medical/
    dental procedures, household and
    personal care products, air, water, soil
  2. Parasites- found in food, water, air,
  3. Pesticides- chemical residues found
    in foods
  4. Herbicides- chemical residues found
    in mostly conventionally-grown foods
  5. GMO's
  6. Chemicals- found in foods, clothing,
    furniture, tech devices, etc.

As the body throws off its toxic build-up,
various forms of discomfort can ensure
such as

  1. Headaches
  2. Nausea
  3. Constipation
  4. Cough
  5. Diarrhea
  6. Fatigue
  7. Fever
  8. Cold or flu system
  9. Gas
  10. Irritability
  11. Moodiness
  12. Skin rash
  13. Stomachache

While any or all of these symptoms can
be potentially uncomfortable as the body
transitions into a healthier state of being,
the detoxification process lasts a relatively
short time. Usually within a few days or
weeks, cleansing is complete. Thus
enduring some discomfort in order to
experience a healthier life is worth pushing
through seemingly adverse symptoms.
Recognizing the process for what it is and
not being fooled by it is therefore important.
Mis-reading detox symptoms as being signs
of ill health can negate the cleansing process
and ultimately abort one's journey toward a
healthier, happier life.

A changing world
While the average populace debates whether
'to change or not to change' lifestyle habits,
the world at large is quickly changing. Policitally
speaking, a time of unprecedented change is
descending upon earth that promises to be
turbulent at best. This turbulence is known in
scripture as tribulation .

..for then shall be great tribulation,
such as hath not been from the
beginning of the world until now,
no, nor ever shall be. Matthew 24:21

When Yahshua walked in the earth, He
spoke about the times, seasons, and signs
of the coming kingdom age, when He would
return to earth and set up His kingdom. He
stated that the 'end of the world,' i.e. the
end of this present age, would be marked
by various signs.

And Yahshua answered and said
unto them, Take heed that no man
lead you astray.

For many shall come in my name,
saying, I am the Messiah; and
shall lead many astray.

And ye shall hear of wars and rumors
of wars; see that ye be not troubled:
for [these things] must needs come
to pass; but the end is not yet.

For nation shall rise against nation,
and kingdom against kingdom;
and there shall be famines and
earthquakes in divers places.

But all these things are the beginning
of travail.

Then shall they deliver you up unto
tribulation, and shall kill you: and ye
shall be hated of all the nations for
my name's sake.

And then shall many stumble, and
shall deliver up one another, and
shall hate one another.

And many false prophets shall arise,
and shall lead many astray.
- Matthew 24: 4-11

Judging from the political, social, economic,
and religious tensions in the world today, it
is clear that the end of this age is upon us.
Oppression, suppression, and systematic
extermination of peoples and nations by
global governance, i.e. the New World Order,
serves as an alert that we are living in the day
described by Yahshua. With political corruption,
sexual perversity, economic extortion, religious
apostacy, and moral decay rampant, the climate
is ripe for cataclysmic change. From all
appearances, America, the 'land of the free
and the home of the brave' has fallen into
socialistic, communistic hands.

As the world careens down the road to
destruction, bringing dark days upon all
humanity and creation, there is good reason
to consider the implicating consequences.
Contrary to popular political jargon, endless
wars, death, and destruction do not bring
the 'change' and 'hope' for which the world
has been looking.

As world conditions continue to deteriorate,
and men masquerade as saviors and
messiahs, we can expect Almighty YHVH
to step in. True to His word, He will come
again to cleanse the earth one last time
before setting up His kingdom. In the days
of Noah, He removed the wicked by a
great flood. In this day He will cleanse the
earth by fire. So it is that YHVH is coming
to conduct a massive detox to remove
the wicked (tares) from the earth.
mass culling will include all

  1. liars
  2. thieves
  3. fornicators
  4. sexual deviants
  5. extortioners
  6. idolators
  7. adulterers
  8. blasphemers
  9. false prophets
  10. false teachers
  11. false messiahs

As therefore the tares are gathered
up and burned with fire; so shall it
be in the end of the world.
Matthew 13:40

So shall it be in the end of the world:
the angels shall come forth, and
sever the wicked from among the
righteous, Matthew 13:49

True to the detoxification process, many
distresses will accompany this gigantic
cleanse as the tares are uprooted:

  1. Major earth changes- lands sinking
    and rising; whole nations disappearing
  2. Numerous volcanic eruptions
  3. Numerous earthquakes, many of which
    will be extremely large
  4. Killer storms accompanied by tsunamis
  5. Cosmic events- asteroids, meteors,
    comets, falling space debris entering
    earth's atmosphere
  6. Killer technology- drones, robots,
    electronic warfare
  7. Plagues
  8. Political upheavals
  9. Economic collapse
  10. Social unrest
  11. Mass murders
  12. Mass imprisonments
  13. Massive explosions
  14. Strange, disturbing noises eminating
    from the earth and sky
  15. Famine
  16. Killer food- GMO, nanotech substances
  17. Nuclear events- power plants, bombs
  18. Martial law
  19. Pyschotronic warfare
  20. Bioterriorism
  21. Alien/foreign invasions
  22. Return of the Nethilim (giants)

Scripture calls this time the beginning of
sorrows and rightfully so, for the judgments
of YHVH upon the wicked will be terrible.
(Joel 2:31). Nevertheless, YHVH promises
that those who trust in Him and obey His word
will live to see His kingdom come on earth.
This is true HOPE and CHANGE for which
all creation has awaited (Romans 8:19-22).

In conclusion
Change can come in many forms. It can
come suddenly without notice or it can
come gradually over a period of time. No
matter how it comes, however, change
is inevitable. It is an expression of the
Almighty Himself as He draws His creation
to know Him better.

Change is a matter of heart. The choices
that we make on a daily basis either make
or break us. Our minds and wills ultimately
drive our bodies. Quality of life, therefore,
is determined by personal preference.
We can live well or we can accept sickness,
pain, and disease. We can enjoy the world's
diet, lifestyle, diseases and healthcare
programs or we can live life YHVH's way.

Living food is the food of the kingdom.
When YHVH is finished cleansing the
earth, we do not expect to see any
remnant of the Standard American Diet
again. A diet that was conceived in hell
by the devil himself has no place in the
kingdom of YHVH. Thus our mission as
a health ministry has been to offer others
a better option, a natural way to avoid, if
not escape, the plagues of this world.
Eating one's way to optimum health as
intended by YHVH is, in our opinion, the
only way to live.

Therefore, let us not mis-read the events
and distressing signs of the day nor faint
at the hardness of the way. The kingdom
of YHVH is coming. A new world is about
to dawn, a world without sickness, pain,
heartache, sorrow or death. Prepare to
receive this new world by making healthy
changes now. Change your diet. Clean up
your life. Become strong in spirit and body
that you may live to see the kingdom of
YHVH come in your lifetime!

And the seventh angel sounded;
and there followed great voices
in heaven, and they said, The
kingdom of the world is become
[the kingdom] of our YHVH, and
of his Messiah: and he shall reign
for ever and ever.
Revelation 11:15

...confirming the souls of the
disciples, exhorting them to
continue in the faith, and that
through many tribulations we
must enter into the kingdom
of YHVH. Acts 14:22

These things have I spoken
unto you, that in me ye may
have peace. In the world ye have
tribulation: but be of good cheer;
I have overcome the world.
John 16:33


References, resources, and further study:

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