JUICING for Life!

Life begins at the cellular level, but how many people are conscious
of this fact? How many Americans understand the profound principle
that quality of life is determined by the health of body cells? Science
proves that healthy cells support life, while unhealthy cells precipitate
sickness, pain, disease, and death. If want to live without physical,
emotional, and mental distress of any kind, we must address the
wellbeing of our bodies from the ground up, that is from the cellular

Because cells are living organisms, they require proper nutrition to
function. They need to be fed well in order to support life, in this case
the human body. The human body has over 100 trillion cells that
are looking for sustenance each day in the form of food, water,
and oxygen. Inherent in this life-giving sustenance are the necessary
building blocks of life: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, anti-oxidants,
oxygen, naturally-distilled water, and phytonutrients. As it turns out,
the ultimate source of these nutrients is living food. LIVING FOOD
best nourishes the living body!

To properly feed the body's myriad of cells each day, it is therefore
imperative to pursue a diet of LIVING FOOD: fresh fruit, vegetables,
seeds, nuts, and whole grains in their whole, pure, RAW state. This
diet of natural goodness nourishes, heals, and revitalizes the body
on a cellular level. To optimize the amount of nutrients available to
body cells in order to experience ultimate health, it is important to

What is juicing?
All living plants are comprised of two basic life forms: liquid and solid.
The solid portion of a plant is called 'roughage' or 'fiber', while the
liquid portion is called 'juice.' Whereas fiber is good for helping to
move waste matter through the intestinal tract, there is little to no
nutrition in fiber. The nutritional value of a plant is in its juice. Thus
it is imperative to separate the juice of the plant from its fiber.

The man who discovered how to engineer this separation process
was Dr. Norman Walker. Dr. Walker's desire to unlock the vital
nutrients from plants in order to make them more easily assessible
and assimilable by the body took him on what is now regarded as
an historical quest. He began experimenting how to liberate the
life-giving nutritional value of the plant's juice from the fiber. His first
experiments were made by grating carrots, and then squeezing the
pulp through a cloth in order to obtain the juice. Eventually he discovered
how to pulverize the carrot pulp into a liquid 'paste' that resembled apple
butter. He then squeezed the pulp through an hydraulic press that gave
him what he called an 'unsurpassed' quality of juice. Thus juicing was
born! Dr. Norman Walker, who is considered the 'father' or 'inventor'
of juicing, lived a long, prosperous life with many credits in the field
of natural healing as he helped many people resolve their physical
problems primarily through living juices.

As Dr. Walker discovered, separating the life-giving juice of a plant
from its fiber unlocks the vital nutritients inherent in living foods so
that the life-force can pass directly into the bloodstream and feed
body cells. This stream-lined approach to delivering high-powered
nutrition throughout the body thus becomes the ultimate 'fast food'
experience that brings life-giving energy to every cell, tissue, and
organ of the body!

The science behind juicing
A large percentage of the nutrients in raw food is lost in the digestive
process with only 1 to 35 percent of the nutrients reaching cell level,
depending upon the health of the digestive system. When vegetable
juices are consumed, up to 92% of the nutrients reach cell level.
This is because the pulp has been removed and no digestion is
necessary. Raw vegetable juices are the fastest way to nourish
the cells and rebuild the immune system and essential body organs.
Juicing allows the nutrients of the food to pass directly into the
bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system.

Enzymes are the key to nourishing the body.
Enzymes are all-important catalysts that are inherent in living foods
and act like a natural 'spark plug' to activate or energize body cells.
Freshly extracted juices are enzyme-rich, affording body cells the
vital nutrients they need in order to function at peak performance.
Enzymes are one of YHVH's wonders and vast 'secrets of life.'
Here is some insight into the world of enzymes:

1. Enzymes are intangible, magnetic Cosmic energy of Life (Principle)
which is intimately involved in the action and activity of every atom
in the human body, in vegetation, and in every from of life- a vibration
which promotes action or change in atoms and molecules, causing a
reaction, without changing, destroying, or using up the enzymes
themselves in the process.

2. Enzymes are catalysts that promote action or change without
altering or changing their own status.

3. Our entire body is composed of innumerable enzymes. They are
found throughout the mouth, stomach, and intestines.

4. Enzymes enable us to digest food and absorb it into our blood.
(It is claimed that enzymes digest cancer)

5. Enzymes in food interact with enzymes in the body.

Since juicing bypasses the digestive system, enzymes that normally
would be used up in the digestion process are reserved for immediate
deliver via the bloodstream to body cells. The result is healthier,
revitalized cells which translates into a stronger immune system,
more stamina, better clarity of mind, and, last but not least- energy!

Juicing facts:

1. Juicing delivers the essential, life-giving vitamins, minerals,
antioxidants, and enzymes to the cellular level…right to the cell door.

2. Pesticides and other toxins, i.e. food coloring, etc. are trapped
in the pulp (plant fiber). Many farmers grow carrots in order to pull
chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides from the soil. Many carrots
are also subjected to toxic food coloring for the sake of marketability.
It is recommended, therefore, to purchase organic carrots.

3. There is no nourishment in plant fiber.

4. Consumption of carrot juice does not cause discoloration of the skin.
Discoloration- a golden yellow color- is a sign that the liver is being

Is There a Difference in Juicers?
The quality of juice is related directly to the quality of the juice extractor.
The more heat that is used in extracting, the less nutrients will be present
in the juice. Juicers are available in several types of technology and are
ranked according to performance and quality of juice. For the sake
of reference, there are four basic types of juice extractors:

1) Basket-type- extracts juice utilizing centrifugal force. This design
generates considerable heat while extracting. Since vital nutrients are
destroyed with heat, this style juicer is not prefered, because it
compromises the nutrient value of the food. Basket-type juicers
range in price from $30. and up. Example: JuiceMan Juicer
2) Masticating- extracts juice utilizing rotating blades that rip food
apart. Masticating juicers generate less heat as they extract, but
the nutrient quality does not allow the juice to survive storage.
Example: Champion Juicer
3) Twin gear- extracts juice with a crushing action that produces little
heat. This technology expels a drier pulp which indicates that more
juice and therefore more nutrients are extracted. Juice from a twin-gear
is a high quality juice and therefore can be stored fresh for up to three
days or frozen for future use. Example: Green Star or Green Power

4) Single auger- extracts juice by crushing and then squeezing. It
extracts at low heat and therefore delivers a high quality of juice that
can be stored fresh for up to three days or frozen for future use.
Example: Hurom Juicer

Other juicers of differing designs/technologies exist, but for the
average consumer, the above stated options rank as being the most
popular and cost effective.

The Juicing Process

1. Wash vegetables whether organic or not. Peel carrots if they are
non-organic. Remove and blemishes on carrots and other vegetables.
Cut vegetables into smaller pieces, if necessary in order to fit into
the juice extractor.

2. If juicing a variety of vegetables, alternate placing vegetables in
the extractor. Softer vegetables, including some apples, can slow
the extraction process, and therefore should be juiced last.

3. Strain the juice. Removing as much of the pulp as possible will
facilitate the immediate absorption of the nutrients, thus bypassing
the digestive process.

4. Juice extracted from a twin-gear or single auger style juicer
can be stored in glass jars. Fill and cap half-pint canning jars to
the brim and place in the coldest part of the refrigerator. The
juice will be good for three days. After that time, the juice can be
frozen without seriously compromising its enzyme content. To
freeze, fill half pint canning jars to within 1/2 inch of the brim and
then cap with a Mason jar lid minus the screw ring. Leaving this
1/2 inch breathing space allows the juice to expand without
breaking the jar as it is freezes.

5. Juice extracted from a centrifugal, basket-type juicer or a
masticating style juicer should be consumed immediately. It
does not store well.

6. Do not expose freshly-extracted juice to the air any longer than possible. All fresh juices are volatile and are subject to spoilage
in relation to oxygen, heat, and time. What cannot be consumed
immediately, cap and store as soon as possible.

7. The average person should drink at least 16 to 24 ounces of
carrot juice a day. Allowing for serious physical ailment, up to 64
ounces of carrot juice daily is recommended. Only eight ounces
of juice should be consumed at a time and in no less than
hourly intervals.
This is because consuming more than eight
ounces at one time will force the excess into digestion where it
will later be dumped into the liver to be filtered out of the body.

8. Have fun juicing! Make juicing an enjoyable experience for the
whole family! Children especially love to juice.

Tips for Drinking Juices:
1.Take juice out of the refrigerator about 15-20 minutes before
drinking. It is best to drink liquids at room temperature.

2. Drink juice slowly. Hold it in your mouth for a few minutes before
swallowing, so the nutrients can enter the bloodstream as quickly
as possible.

For an special touch, dress up your freshly extracted juices by
drinking them from decorative or stemmed glasses.

In conclusion
Many years before the Hallelujah Diet entered my life, a friend
gave me a booklet that was eye-opening. It was the story of a
woman who was dying of cancer. She was wasting away, without
appetite, and confined to bed. A friend encouraged her to drink
carrot juice and so began bringing her fresh juice each day. Because
the woman was so weak, she could only sip a scant teaspoonful of
the juice at first. However, as the days progressed she was able to
increase her intake to a tablespoon, then two tablespoons, a half cup,
cup, etc. to the point that she was consuming almost a gallon a day.
Soon, after consuming only carrot juice, the woman's cancer
disappeared. Her health was restored, and she resumed her life.

This remarkable testimony made a profound impression on my life
as it proved the power of YHVH through His living juices to naturally
restore the body. Now as a health minister I personally know this
fact. Without a doubt, the simple act of juice extraction can change
lives, save lives, and preserve lives!

Juicing therefore is more than an a casual activity or mechanical
exercise. It is an opportunity to prosper in the truest sense, to
care for the body in a way that is both exceptional and rare. Juicing
can be defined as one of life's highlights, being a welcomed
departure from the dictates of the Standard American Diet of
processed, cooked, animal-based dead foods that lead to multifold
dead ends. If we truly want to live instead of succumb to the pitfalls
of the world's diet and its diseases, then it is time to JUICE for Life!

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