Learning to Be Healthy
by Mary Louise;Town Jaqua, Health Minister

Health is one of those commodities that is
sometimes unpredictable, elusive, and often
defies description. Though we all have health,
each has it in different degrees and experiences
it in various ways. Much like 'one man's junk is
another man's treasure', one man's idea of being
wonderfully healthy may be considered unacceptable,
if not repugnant, by another. Thus, 'being healthy' has
different meanings and applications to different
people. Nevertheless, when faced with sickness,
pain, and disease everyone agrees that these
conditions are not part of 'being healthy.'

Health- what is it?
The human body, as the final masterpiece of YHVH's
creation, was formed in the image and likeness of the
Most High. It was formed perfect, whole or healthy.
This degree of workmanship on the part of the Almighty
to design, engineer, and bring into being a living body
that has all the attributes of I AM is not only remarkable
but astounding. The workings of the human body have
been studied by man for thousands of years, yet for
the most part, man has abused his spirit, soul, and
body to near ruination. This process of self-destruction
has eventuated due to man's rebellion against YHVH,
the first violation being in the Garden of Eden many
years ago. This violation literally cost the Adam man
and woman their lives. Their disobedience to the will
and purposes of YHVH brought the curse of sickness,
pain, disease, and death upon creation to the point
where most people today do not enjoy good health.

Being healthy- where does it begin?
Deliverance from the curse of sin and death is
promised to all who will believe in YHVH and obey
His word. This fact is woven throughout scripture,
culminating in the redemption of His people
(I Thessalonians 5:23). Hence, if we are to
experience redemption, we must learn to live
according to YHVH's word so that we can receive
our promised new bodies.

While a new and healthy body starts with a spiritual
birth/understanding, application of YHVH's word in
our daily lives is necessary. In short, we must do
our part in order to 'be healthy.' We can take many
directions and go down many paths to find our
promised health, nevertheless, when all is said and
done, true health begins in the heart. Those with
a sincere desire to live a healthy life will be led in the
right direction so that they can find the answer to
their ills be they physical, emotional, mental or
spiritual. This assurance is found in scripture where
YHVH says,

And it shall come to pass that, before
they call, I will answer; and while they
are yet speaking, I will hear. Isaiah 65:24

...If thou wilt diligently hearken to the
voice of YHVH thy Almighty, and wilt
do that which is right in his eyes, and
wilt give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes, I will put
none of the diseases upon thee, which
I have put upon the Egyptians: for I am
YHVH that healeth thee. Exodus 15:26

Likewise, when Yahshua walked in the earth, He

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek,
and ye shall find; knock, and it shall
be opened unto you: Matthew 7:7

These words are both a comfort and inspiration to
the health-seeker. When we open up our hearts
to receive the Spirit of YHVH Almighty through His
Son Yahshua, true healing begins: the answer
to our ills arrives!

Being Healthy- an education
Realizing a healthy life involves differentiating
between what is good for us and what is not. In
His word, YHVH says that He will teach His people
to discern good and evil; 'clean and unclean'
(Ezekiel 44:23). Thus, in our quest to be healthy,
we must educate ourselves concerning elements
in our lives which are good and those which are
harmful. This process involves examining and
then unraveling our present lifestyle choices:
unlearning and 'letting go' of harmful habits in
favor of adopting new and better habits. As we
weed out the destructive influences and replace
them with constructive ones, we begin to see
clearly that the key to prosperous health is proper
diet and exercise.

A not-so-healthy beginning: our story
Those who are familiar with this ministry know
that over sixteen years ago, we were not a healthy
family. Some of us were not even close. In fact,
Lily faced a personal health crisis that was a matter
of life and death. Years of battling high-blood pressure,
constipation, severe allergies, repeated falls, and two
near-fatal bouts of shingles brought Lily's body down.
Topping off her misery, Lily suffered a case of
excruciatingly painful post-Herpes Neuralgia that
forced her to be bedridden for several months.

In an effort to cope and resolve her health issues,
we prayed earnestly, anointed her with oil often,
ave her herbal remedies, massaged her with essential
oils, etc., but none of these natural modalities pulled
Lily out of her deep valley.

It was not until we heard about the Hallelujah Diet
that Lily's ill health began to make sense. Who would
have thought that something so 'up-close-and-personal,'
so 'in-the-face' as DIET could be the source of her
woes? A review of George Malkmus' video lecture,
'How to Eliminate Sickness' (now known as, God's
Way to Ultimate Health)
convinced us that we needed
to change our diets. Thus, on September 11, 1996, we
turned our backs on the Standard American Diet and
went 'cold turkey' on the Hallelujah Diet. So determined
were we to eliminate sickness in our lives once and
for all, that we cleaned out our entire kitchen, pantry,
and freezer of all NON FOODS and began eating only
raw, living foods. Suffice to say, change was a joyous
experience, filled with much hope and thanksgiving.

Though Lily had to be hospitalized for pain management
after we made the diet change, we continued on the
Hallelujah program. Daily I brought fresh carrot juice
and salads to Lily which she eagerly enjoyed, despite
being high on Morphine. When I walked into her
hospital room with a quart of carrot juice, her eyes
would light up. Though we endured severe disdain,
disgust, and reprimand from doctors and staff for
Lily's dietary preferences, we persevered in our
mission so that she could 'be healthy.'

After a two-week stint in the hospital followed by
another two week stay in a local rehab center, Lily
was ready to return home. Her attending doctor
was amazed. To this day, we credit Lily's remarkable
'resurrection' to the wonders of her 'self-healing' body
that was now fueled with living food. What a difference
DIET can make!

Lily's recovery from her many years of physical
woe has taken time, proving to us that healing is
a process, if not an art, that is experienced in
small but steady steps. Some healings are quick,
but others are gradual. Thus learning to be healthy
requires dedication, discipline, patience, and WORK.
Coming to know how the body works, what it needs
and when, is vital if we are to experience a healthy
life. As the body heals itself, it does so in its own time
and order. It cannot be hurried or altered. Allowing
the healing process to happen as it will is an
important lesson in 'learning to be healthy.'

It is now sixteen years since we adopted the Hallelujah
Diet. We would not go back to eating the Standard
American Diet, if you paid us. It is not worth it. We
like our quality of life too much to throw it away. So
impressed were we with the Hallelujah Diet and Lily's
subsequent recovery that we decided to start a
health ministry.

In May 1997 we traveled to Hallelujah Acres to attend
Health Minister training. There were 84 people in
attendance, all of whom had remarkable testimonies
of how the Hallelujah Diet had helped them and their
families. Of all the testimonies, however, Lily's story
was considered the most inspiring. George Malkmus
had her share it twice.

As a young health ministry, we began sharing the
health message by holding monthly meetings in our
home. In more recent years we moved our HANDS-ON
HEALTH meeting to the Winslow Public Library in order
to better accomodate attendees. Eventually, we took
advantage of an opportunity to do radio. For two and
one half years, we enjoyed a two hour weekly broadcast
on Colby College's WMHB. Their webcast system
allowed our LIVING WAY show to be heard worldwide
which picked up many more listeners, including many
of our brethren around the country and world. On our
show we had the priviledge of interviewing many
prominent figures in the natural health field. For this
reason and more, our radio days are fondly

As our radio experience waned, we transferred our
efforts to TV. Though we are not TV fans nor enjoy
being behind a camera, we have been happy and
willing to lay down our personal preferences for
the sake of sharing the health message. We are
thankful that our monthly HANDS-ON HEALTH
meetings are taped for later broadcast on
Channel 7 public access TV. On this station our
program reaches into over 20,000 homes in central
Maine daily. Invariably we meet viewers in local
stores and on the street who are quick to express
appreciation for our programs. Suffice to say,
it is encouraging that the health message is having
a positive impact in the community.

Where our healthy ventures will take us next, we
do not know. Many encourage us to have culinary
classes and more pot lucks. However, time will tell.
Without additonal staff and volunteers to help,
expanding the work is not feasible. Furthermore,
the forth-coming restoration to our ministry properties
may, in fact, necessitate suspending our monthly
health meetings, newsletter, and TV broadcasts.

For now, however, we continue to persevere with
the health message in order to share information
that is both relevant and vital. We consider our
ministry work to be a life-line to the lost, ailing,
and suffering. Our prayer is to see lives healed
and set free. May our humble efforts thus be
multiplied unto those who will receive the message
and aspire unto a better life by 'learning to be
the living way.

The thief (sickness, pain, disease,
death- ED.) comes not, but that he
may steal, and kill, and destroy:
I came that they may have life, and
may have [it] abundantly. John 10:10

Beloved, I pray that in all things thou
mayest prosper and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth.
3 John 1:2

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