It Must Be My Liver!
by Mary Louise;Town Jaqua, Health Minister- 5/8/2021


Don't talk to me about sickness,
I'm doing my best to be well,
But I admit it's a battle royale,
A literal war from the pits of hell.

It all started one Saturday evening
With a terrible pain in my side;
'It must be something I e't', said I,
As I doubled over in pain and cried.

'I'm having a medical emergency!' I yelled.
'Call the doctor! Dial 911 quick!
For I am feeling mighty poorly,
I am sick, sick, sick!'

Soon I heard the blare of sirens
And saw the flashing red lights,
The EMTs arrived and scooped me up
And we sped away into the night.

They took me to the hospital with haste
And wheeled me into the ER,
The lights were glaring and people were staring
As I writhed in pain, feeling Oh, so bizarre.

They took me to an examining room
And stripped off some of my clothes,
Then in walked the doctors and nurses,
My problem surely one of them knows.

"What's seems to be your problem?"
The doctor said to me,
'It must be my liver,' I replied.
Please check it out to see!

So they looked me up and down
And poked me through and through,
They made me pee in a cup
And took a blood sample, too.

"Take this man to X-Ray! ordered the doctor
And see what you can find;
Something clearly isn't right with him-
His pain is real, not a figment of his mind."

So they wheeled me down to X-Ray
And shot pictures of my chest
I hoped that what showed up on film
Would be a successful test.

"Stones! Stones! the doctor exclaimed!
Your gallbladder is filled to the brim,
We need to operate right way
Otherwise your prognosis is very grim!"

"Stones? Stones inside of me? I gasped!
How can it be?" I replied;
"I have never eaten stones in all my life,
Otherwise I would have died!"

The doctor then explained to me
That stones are a common plight;
"The body forms them over time, said he,
So be not anxious or uptight!

We will take good care of you, the doctor said,
And solve this problem quick,
For we remove gallbladders all the time,
Especially those that are stone-sick."

"But my body came with a gallbladder, I cried,
So do not take it out!
There must be a good reason why it's there,
Give me time to think, lest I start to shout!"

I was clearly on the horns of a dilemma
And did not know what to do,
The thought of surgery raced through my head,
I was bewildered, confused, and troubled, too.

I could not bear the doctor's advice
And did not want to hear his rant anymore,
So I took my gallbladder, stones, and pain
And headed out the door.

It was a long, painful night as I struggled
To find the answer to my stones,
Surely a better answer is out there, thought I
As I uttered painful, deep moans and groans.

'Twas then that I remembered
That I had once bought a little book,
Cleansing or Surgery was its name,
So I hunted it down to give it a serious look.

"Glory, Hallelujah! I shouted!
The answer to my stones is here!
I will do the kidney-gallbladder cleanse
That will make my stones disappear!"

So with joy I began the four-day clean-out,
Drinking only apple juice and water,
Then took a swig of olive oil and lemon
To push the stones out of my bladder.

The next day I passed a pile of stones,
They were floating in the commode,
Small, medium, and large were they-
An ugly, green color like that of a toad.

To my surprise, the stones passed freely-
No discomfort or pain did I feel,
They exited my body quietly,
"My stones are gone!" I did squeal!

My gallbladder is now super happy
And I admit that I am, too;
I have learned a mighty, big lesson
In all that I have gone through.

I now have changed my diet-
No more stone-forming foods for me;
I juice, eat fresh salads and smoothies
And exercise regularly.

I thank my Father YHVH
For showing me a better way to live;
He rescued me from a stony gallbladder
All praise and honor to Him I give!


NOTE: The liver performs over 500 functions and works
in concert with the gallbladder to support the body's
digestive process. The liver produces bile and passes it
along to the gallbladder to be stored and released into
the small intestine to help digest fats.

If bile becomes saturated with excessive amounts of
cholesterol, calcium salts, and bilirubin (a chemical
produced when the liver destroys old, red, blood cells)
that are undissolvable, these substances become
concentrated, harden, and turn to 'stones.' Stones that
accumulate and block the bile duct cause inflammation
and pain in the right side of the chest under the liver.
Left unattended, gallstones compromise the digestive
system and pose the risk of infection and, in severe cases,
can rupture the gallbladder.

It is said that the average adult has over 100 gallstones,
the cause of which is largely the result of a poor diet,
one that is sourced primarily from animal-based foods
(i.e. meat, dairy, seafood), bad cardohydrates, and
unhealthy fats (i.e. processed oils).

Gallstones are most commonly resolved by medical
procedures such as ultra-sound that breaks up gallstones
or surgery to remove the gallbladder. Whereas these
methods are both popular and pervasive, it is important
to note that without a gallbladder the body has difficulty
digesting fats.

It is surprising but true that gallstones can be eliminated
without medical intervention by applying natural modalities.
Countless testimonies prove the success of a kidney-
gallbladder cleanse to remove stones. The samples shown
below represent results of one cleanse. True to the cleanse,
the stones exited the body through a series of bowel
movements (BM #1, #2, #3). The cleanse was repeated
several times which successfully expelled more stones.
As the gallbladder was cleared of stones, the countenance
of this individual improved dramatically as did his overall

Choosing to cleanse rather than submit to surgery for
removing gallstones proves beneficial in that it is 1) a natural
approach, 2) affordable, 3) achieves the objective, 4) preserves
the life of the gallbladder, and 5) improves the body's overall



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