An e-newsletter of THE LIVING WAY
Issue #14:"EMF Fallout"

1. Scheduled meetings and events
2. Ministry update from Mary Louise;Town Jaqua, Hallelujah Acres Health Minister
3  Feature article: 'EMF Fallout'
4. LIVING resources
5. Buying Tips and more
6. LIVING recipe: Lily's Savory Nut Loaf


1. Schedule of meetings and upcoming events:  

HANDS-ON HEALTH monthly meeting:
EMFs: The Hidden Health Dangers
Thursday, January 8, 2009
5:30- 7:30PM
For more information, visit

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Remember: Our monthly meetings are aired twice daily on
Channel 7, Public Access TV. DVDs are available for a modest
fee by contacting Laura at 207-453-9895 or emailing

For your reference: Living Letter archives-


2. Ministry update  

Dear Friends,  

It's winter in Maine and true to the season, snow is piling
up, ice hugs the ground, and temperatures plummet. We
are in the deep freeze which, for the most part, renders us
house-bound. Our outdoor activities are limited to daily brisk
walks, errands over town, and taking out the compost!
Drinking in the sun is a rare treat at this time of year, however
since sunlight is the best source of vitamin D, we venture outside
to tank up as much as possible. Important information about
vitamin D follows along in this newsletter.

Life at THE LIVING WAY continues to be lively! We are happy
to report that our two house guests, who sojourned with us for
nearly two months to learn the Hallelujah lifestyle, are doing well.
They continue to stick close to the diet, take their healthy Hallelujah
Acres' supplements, and see improvements in their wellbeing.Their
progress encourages our spirits, considering that eighty five year
old Clarence suffered a stroke five years ago. He is now off all
pharmaceuticals, walks better, and talks better. Praise YHVH!
Stay tuned for more updates and testimonies!

While outside the winter wind blows and cold abounds, inside our
LIVING lifestyle is in full swing. We continue to have fun finding
good organics, creating new recipes, and discovering different ways
to augment our exceptionally healthy lifestyle. Our supply of frozen
raw soup stock and stores of root vegetables are holding out well.
As time allows, we make dehydrated crackers and occasionally
whip up a few sweet treats. Here are a few of our new recipes that
are hot off the press:



Due to winter weather, last month's health meeting was cancelled,
but thanks to Channel 7 TV the meeting went on. Our slated video,
'God's Way to Ultimate Health,' has been airing locally. Hopefully
many of you have been able to view this dynamic seminar by
Rev.George Malkmus, Founder of Hallelujah Acres, that exposes
the Standard American Diet as a killer. This is the video that inspired
us to change our diet twelve years ago. George's presentation was
our 'wake-up' call to ultimate health, and hopefully it will speak to you
as well. DVDs of 'God's Way to Ultimate Health' are available from
Hallelujah Acres (Item #266/PIN# 407 when ordering).

Speaking of TV, we are actively looking for sponsors for our Channel 7
broadcasts. While public access is a 'free' service to the public, our
local station does have operating expenses. If you or your business
would like to help us spread the health message on Channel 7,
please contact Laura at Modest
sponsorhip packages are available.Thank you for your consideration.

Looking ahead on the calendar, we are once again planning our
annual LIVE FOOD DINNER for next month. We have changed our
venue for the event to the Winslow Public Library, so as to minimize
time, effort, and expenditure on our part. The focus will be on
interaction and fellowship. Mark Thursday, February 12, on your
calendar and start planning your recipe strategy. Details about
the dinner will posted on our website soon.

This month's HANDS-ON HEALTH meeting is this Thursday, January 8. I will be discussing EMFs, Electro Magnetic Fields, and how they
affect our health. This presentation is aimed to educate you into the
health risks associated with technology of all kinds, especially cell
phones. Please make the effort to join us, so that you can learn
about this pervasive, invasive, invisible pollution. For your benefit,
our featured article this month, 'EMF Fallout,' will whet your appetite
concerning this important issue. It is written to encourage a little
healthy homework on your part, knowing that personal research is
sometimes the best teacher. Once you have done your homework,
you will be ready for our HANDS-ON HEALTH meeting!

On a more somber note, please check out the Buyer Beware
posting that follows along in this newsletter. This alert is inspired
by a recent, personal encounter with a GMO. You will want to take
my experience to heart.

In closing, we encourage each of you to make healthier choices for
yourself and your family. While most of the world is happily
traveling the broad road to destruction, you don't need to. Initiate
positive, lasting change in your life. Take personal responsibility for
your wellbeing. The quality of your life is up to you. Investing in your
health is an investment that lasts a lifetime with benefits that are
beyond words.


3) Featured Article: 'EMF Fallout'

For many years before the Hallelujah Diet entered my life,
I had an adversion for electrical devices, particularly TVs and
fluorescent lights. These devices annoyed, if not disturbed me,
and I feel the same toward them today; only I now understand
the nature of my feelings. The answer is EMFs :ElectroMagnetic
Fields, fields that transmit toxic radiation.While these fields are
invisible to the naked eye, they are, nevertheless, real, and can
cause serious health problems and even death.

That TVs, hair dryers, electric blankets, waterbeds, home wiring,
computers, microwave ovens, cell phones, ipods, and other common
electrical devices are harmful to one's health sounds fantastic.
However, numerous studies prove that the affects of EMFs
include headaches, forgetfulness, nausea, chest pain, dizziness,
stress, anger, chronic pain, brain tumors, depression, many types of
cancer, and more. As technology has advanced, so has the
incidence of ill health increased, particularly brain cancers. It is
reported that brain tumors alone have risen by 400% since the
introduction of cell phones. Statistics concerning EMF fallout in
general are alarming. For a more detailed study, click here:

As much as Americans are in love with their computers, cell
phones, microwaves, hair dryers, etc., convenience is no
excuse for repeated exposure to harmful radiation. Radiation
kills. It's that simple. However, the average American is
taught to fear a nuclear bomb more than a cell phone or
microwave. If you think that the threat of nuclear war is
more dangerous than your cell phone, you might want to
think again. The following article about cell phone radiation
is well worth reading:

Here is also some food-for-thought about microwave ovens

Studies prove that EMF radiation mutates cells, and this
result spells cancer. So it is that many Americans are
slowly, unwittingly, and innocently suffering the affects of
radiation poisoning. They are 'nuking' themselves daily
with high tech toys and conveniences. Meanwhile, EMF-related
health problems abound, and most people, including many
doctors, cannot explain the source of the problems nor do
they present a solution.

As a Health Minister, I recently participated in a Hallelujah
Acres Webinar entitled, Eliminating Dangerous Radiation.
The presenter was Alfred Hanser, president of BioPro Technology,
a company that offers a viable answer in protecting one's self from
EMF radiation. I encourage you to listen to this presentation,
because I believe it will help you better understand the enormity
of the problem as well as offer you a healthy solution:

In light of the overwhelming evidence of the harmful health
affects associated with EMF radiation, it is encouraging to
know that there is a way to defend one's self against intrusive
radiation. BioPro Technology is a proven system that harmonizes
electromagnetic fields, rendering them within a safe range for
humans, animals, and environment. Proof of BioPro affectiveness is
experienced by millions around the globe, myself included. When I
placed BioPro chips on my computer, I noticed an immediate improve-
ment. A wave of positive energy surged from the top of my head
down to my toes. The wave washed over me repeatedly as I sat at my
computer. Surprisingly, the surge centered specifically on my groin:
my reproductive organs. This fact confirms reports that EMFs are
known to target the reproductive organs, causing low sperm
counts and prostate cancer in men and miscarriages and cancers
in women. Is it any wonder that many couples are unable to conceive
a child? Infertility rates in America are at an all-time high. Who would
suspect that the cause of the problem might be radiation that is
emanating from a cell phone, computer or a microwave?

It is time to educate yourself with the truth about EMFs and take
action to protect yourself against harmful radiation fallout. You
don't need to wait for a nuclear bomb to drop. Just pick up your
cell phone or turn on your microwave oven. Zap yourself...a little here,
a little there. Fry your brain, roast your ovaries, toast your testicles
into oblivion. Who cares, right? Manufacturers are not required to put
warning labels on their products. They don't reveal that there is
a downside to their wares. Sadly, Americans suffer increasing high
tech fallout, while merchants, doctors, and hospitals smile all the
way to the bank.

Our many years of ministry have proven that few understand and/or
take to heart the hidden dangers inherent in our toxic world. What
we cannot see, smell, taste or touch can kill us. Therefore, we
encourage you to research EMF fallout and see what it might
mean for you. If a computer and cell phone are an integral part
of your life, we recommend that you protect yourself. invest in BioPro
Technology as soon as possible. Visit our BioPro website to learn

In closing, I hope this brief, do-it-yourself approach to EMF education
helps you. For a more thorough presentation on this important
subject, we encourage you to attend our HANDS-ON HEALTH
meeting this Thursday. We look forward to seeing you.


4) LIVING Resources    

Natural Eyesight Improvement
A number of years ago I was delighted to hear a radio presentation
by Thomas Quackenbush, author of Relearning to See, that opened
my eyes (no pun intended!) to the fact that eye problems can be
corrected naturally without glasses or surgery. While a raw food
diet often improves or completely eliminates many eye problems,
my vision had not improved to the point that I could say good-bye to
non-prescription reading glasses. After enjoying exceptionally keen
eyesight all my life, compromised vision was not my idea of a good
time. Thus, I was eager to 'relearn to see.' It was several years later,
however, that I was actually able to engage the process. As YHVH
would have it, He brought a student of Quackenbush into my life who
personally taught me how to naturally restore my vision. What a
thrill! Though I have not yet completely eliminated my glasses, I am
free of spectacles for the most part! If you are interested in learning
how you can restore your eyesight naturally, contact Esther
VanDerWerf (another raw foodist!) at

Healthy news sources
There are many excellent health news sources that offer a wide
variety of information. We recommend that you consider subscribing
to some of these free e-newsletters. A couple trusted sources are:

Hallelujah Acres Publications
Hallelujah Acres sends out a free bi- monthly magazine that is now
called, The Hallelujah Diet News. George Malkmus, founder of
Hallelujah Acres, also sends out a free, weekly e-newsletter,
Hallelujah Acres Health Tip. Both publications are excellent sources
of inspiring information. Subscribe by visiting

Articles or images worth noting:  

The height of SAD decadence:

SAD reminders:


5) Buying tips and order info  

New Generation B-Flax-D
According to some researchers, Vitamin D is the best vitamin
because it prolongs life by preventing disease. It is affectionately
known as the 'sunshine vitamin,' since walking in the sun can
amount to taking a daily dose. Ultraviolet light of the sun infuses
vitamin D into cells so that the body can absorb calcium, produce
good cholestrol, enhance bone mineral density, and prevent
hormone-related cancers of the breast and prostate. Studies prove
that deficiencies of vitamin D are linked to heart disease, autoimmune
disease, chronic pain, depression, ADHD, osteoporosis, rickets, gun
disease, Seasonal Affective Disorder, many types of cancer, and

Allowing for the importance of vitamin D and the high incidence
of vitamin D deficiency (especially in children, the elderly, and those
with dark skin), Hallelujah Acres formulated a vitamin D supplement
to address this issue. To ensure proper vitamin D intake, we added
B-Flax-D to our diet a number of years ago. Its fresh, nutty taste
enhances salads, raw soups, and smoothies. New Generation
is HA's latest update of its original vitamin D formula.
Consider adding New Generation B-Flax-D to your daily regime,
especially during the winter months when sunlight is in short supply.
Improve the healing power of your body plus elevate your mood with
vitamin D. Vitamin D helps everything! (HA item # WB460, use PIN#

Hallelujah Acres products
If you are interested in purchasing Hallelujah Acres products, we
encourage people to contact HA directly and order using our health
ministry PIN# 407. Since we do not stock their full product line, it is
easier and faster to purchase directly through HA. Kindly know that
we appreciate your support of our ministry through your purchases.
HA occasionally has specials on products and shipping. Quantity
pricing is available through our ministry. Contact us for details.

Equipment purchases
If you want to purchase a juicer, dehydrator,  VitaMix, etc., please
order directly through us. Your order can be drop-shipped in a matter
of days. Other materials and products exclusive of HA can be
purchased from us by appointment. Call us to make arrangements.

Buyer Beware
As many of you know, we are advocates of food safety, and
therefore made the conscious decision many years ago to eat
a totally organic diet. The health benefits of 'eating clean' are
worth the investment of time, money, and effort. In our zeal to
uphold our high standard, however, we were recently fooled by a
produce purchase at a local health food store. A few days ago, we
purchased two tomatos, a rare treat for us in the winter. With all
due zest of appetite, I made myself a raw soup for dinner and sat
down to enjoy the savory fare. When I was nearly finished eating, my
throat was feeling strange. The lymph nodes in my neck were
swelling and swallowing ibecame ncreasingly difficult. Soon my
upper esophagus was tighening into what I surmised were spasms.
I was suddenly uncomfortable as well as puzzled. I knew something
was wrong. I had eaten something that wasn't right. We prayed, and
I pondered the cause of the problem. My attention turned to the
tomatos that we just purchased. I muscle-tested the remaing tomato
and discovered that it was a GMO. Allowing for my reaction, I figured
it had to be, despite the fact that the tomatoes came from a reputable
health food store that sells only certified organic produce. What does
this tell you?

Many times I have shared the sobering truth about the health
dangers associated with genetically modified foods as well as
the fact that 85-95% supermarket food is genetically modified. Due
to willfully lax labeling laws and political subtrifuge, most Americans
do not know what they are eating or the potential dangers thereof.
Altering DNA is no laughing matter. It is scientifically unsound and
unnatural. Splicing DNA of moths, beetles, jellyfish, etc. into corn,
tomatos, potatoes, etc. is tantamount to blasphemy. These freak
combinations are known to disrupt body chemistry, causing
a host of health problems and even death. This blatant DNA
tampering is in direct violation of YHVH's law that states,

'Thou shalt not commit adultery (i.e. adulterate or mix the seed),
Exodus 20:14
'Ye shall keep my statutes. Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender
with a diverse kind: thou shalt not sow thy field with two kinds
of seed: neither shall there come upon thee a garment of two
kinds of stuff mingled togethe
r. Leviticus 19:19

In light of these scriptures, I believe genetically modified foods are a
curse, if not a plague, that YHVH has placed upon our society for its
gross disobedience of His laws.

It is evident that food merchants and governments are
having a hey-day with consumers to the point that it is
increasingly difficult to find/purchase safe (organic) food.
We are aware, from our own experience as well as those
of others, that food that is labeled organic, may, in fact,
not be organic.
Therefore, BEWARE. Before purchasing,
ask questions, and if necessary, test the energy of the food
(by muscle-testing). 'Organic' is a trendy, growing market. Those
along the food chain therefore stand to make a hefty profit
from 'organic' shoppers. Hence, there just may be counter-
feit organics showing up on store shelves. Don't be fooled.
If in doubt, refuse the purchase. It is better to go without than
introduce DNA of jellyfish, moths, caterpillars, etc. into your gut.

As for me, my latest 'close encounter' with a GMO leaves
me with yet a bad taste in my mouth and some swelling in my
throat. Needless to say, I do not appreciate this assault on my
health, but I consider the experience to be a lesson well learned
as well as a testimony to the faithfulness of YHVH to take care
of me.

To read about my first encounter with a GMO visit:

They shall take up serpents, and if they drink any
deadly thing
, it shall in no wise hurt them; they
shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall
recover. Mark 16:18


6) LIVING Recipe: Lily's Savory Nut Loaf

Lily, a twelve-year devotee of the Hallelujah Diet who is now
81 years young, enjoys experimenting in the kitchen. She has
a special touch with nuts and has come up with some
excellent nut loaves and pates. Here is her latest creation.

1 1/2 cup almonds
1/2 cup brazil nuts
1 lb carrots
2 large stalks celery
1 medium onion
1 rounded Tbps. sage
1 1/2 rounded tsp. marjoram
1 Tbsp. honey
1 Tbsp. hemp oil
dash Himalayan salt (optional)

Grind nuts and set aside. Cut up celery, onion and finely grate carrots
and place in food processor. Add herbs, honey, hemp oil and
process mixture. Add nuts and process to smooth consistency.
Place in a glass or ceramic covered dish and set out for a couple
hours before serving.

Choose organic ingredients for optimum health! __________________________________________

This LIVING Letter comes to you in Messiah's love to encourage you
toward achieving superior health.  Healing of the whole man is the
promise of our Heavenly Father. Begin now to receive your new
life...naturally and spiritually. YHVH is able to do great and wondrous
works, if we will but trust and obey Him. YHVH bless you!

For your excellent health and His glory,

The 'Live Food Lady'