LIVING Letter #3
1. Scheduled meetings and events

2. Ministry update: DAVID WOLFE to speak on
Living Way radio, Living Way TV debut, RAW ART on line, testimonies, new website postings and more
3. News story of the day: The Strange Disappearance of the Honey Bee

4. Buying tips and healthy helps
5. LIVING recipe: Gingeraide
1. Schedule of upcoming events:
HANDS-ON HEALTH- Tuesday, April 10, 6-8PM
at the Winslow Public Library; 136 Halifax St., Winslow, Maine.  GROWING HEALTHY with guest speaker, Clayton Carter of Failbetter Farms, Unity. For more information visit  

LIVING WAY RADIO- Sunday, April 8, 10PM- 12midnight
LIVE INTERVIEW: David Wolfe, raw Foodist, lecturer, author,
and founder of Sunfood Nutrition
2. Ministry update from Mary Louise..Town Jaqua, Hallelujah Acres Health Minister  
As I write this letter, we are in the middle of another snow storm. Ten inches of snow has already fallen and more is on its way. I'm glad that it's spring! Has anyone seen the ground yet?   HANDS-ON HEALTH Our monthly support meeting will take place Tuesday, April 10 , 6-8PM at the Winslow Public Library. We hope many of you in the area will join us. Clayton Carter, Farmer-in-Residence at the Maine Organic Farmers and Growers Association (MOFGA), will share basic how-to's for starting your own backyard garden. If you are thinking about growing a garden this year, this would be a good opportunity to learn helpful tips from an expert grower. If you have never thought about gardening before, perhaps this year you will. With rising gas prices, food prices, and food safety issues as they are, growing your own food may the best investment you could make for you and your family. Perhpas it's time to discover that the good old fashioned ways of life aren't so bad after all! Consider attending our health meeting next week. It promises to be an adventure into healthy living.   THE LIVING WAY MAKES ITS TV DEBUT Beginning next week, HANDS-ON HEALTH will be filmed by Channel 7, Public Access TV for later broadcast. As many of you know, we have been approached by both Channel 7 and Channel 9 to do our own health show. Whereas we like the idea and the opportunity to share the health message on a larger scale, the ministry needs more help to make it happen. For now, however, Channel 7 will be filming our monthly meetings and airing them on local cable TV. We are hoping our increased exposure will make healthy inroads in our community. Consider attending HANDS-ON HEALTH next Tuesday so that you can participate in our TV debut!   DVDs TO BE AIRED ON CHANNEL 7 TV Last month I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. David Kennedy, DDS, of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. The subject discussed was mercury amalgam fillings. Dr. Kennedy has conducted extensive research and study concerning the poisonous affects of 'silver' fillings. In the course of his mission to expose the health hazards of mercury in your mouth, Dr. Kennedy and his colleagues have produced an outstanding documentary called 'Smoking Teeth= Poisonous Gas.' This visual essay on mercury amalgam fillings is a must see. Dr. Kennedy has graciously sent us a copy of 'Smoking Teeth' so that it can be aired on Public Access TV.  He has also sent a copy of his documentary on fluoride,  'Drinking Water: Let the Truth Be Told.' Both of his productions will be aired on Channel 7 soon. Stay tuned for details. Dr. Kennedy has agreed to return to Living Way Radio in the fall to discuss the slow poisoning of humanity by fluoride. For more information about Dr. Kennedy and his work visit   DAVID WOLFE ON LIVING WAY RADIO Internationally recognized raw foodist, David Wolfe, will join us on our radio program April 8, 10PM-12midnight. David is an author, lecturer, and an expert authority on nutrition. Known in some circles as the 'father of the raw food movement, he is founder of Sunfood Nutrition, a California-based raw food and eco-friendly resource store. A few years ago I read David's book SunFood Diet and consider it to be a valuable resource. I have wanted to interview David, so I was happy when one of his media people contacted me a few weeks ago. I look forward to talking with him on the air and asking some 'raw food' questions that I've had stored up since reading his books. I hope many of you will tune in to hear this interview. Tapes of our programs are available for those who miss our program for whatever reason. Contact us for details.   We continue to take the health message to the air each week on WHMB, Waterville, 89.7FM in the Waterville area and as a live webcast.  We know the hour is late for many of you to tune in, but be encouraged: the more live food you eat, the less sleep you need! We share vital health reports that are well worth hearing! For more information about our radio broadcast, visit or tune in our live webcast at  

TESTIMONIES We are happy to report that our ministry is realizing a few excellent, encouraging testimonies. A 73yr. old man in New Hampshire has successfully eliminated prostate cancer, and another man in our area has defeated Type II diabetes, chronic fatigue, back/neck pain, insomnia, and depression. These are real life stories of triumph over adversity, proving that diet does have a profound impact on one's health. Without a doubt, the Halllelujah Diet of 85% raw fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and whole grains and only 15% cooked, vegan fare does work! 'You don't have to be sick!' If you want to conquer your physical, emotional, and mental woes, start eating right! Start living again...the Hallelujah way!  

WEBSITE UPDATES: In my forced hibernation awaiting spring, I am happily catching up on long-overdue computer work. I have updated our health ministry website with new recipes and articles and redesigned some of the existing pages, including our home page. Though I am still using an antiquated web building program, I am thankful to have basic tools at my disposal that will someday be replaced by better programming. For now, however, please take advantage of the new posting by downloading the information and sharing it around, especially with those who do not have computer access.   I have also updated my art website with original paintings of fruit and vegetables. Many of these oil and pastel paintings have never been shown before. Given the surge of interest in the health message, I felt it was time to open my portfolio of 'raw art' to celebrate the live food lifestyle and let others know that this health minister carries her love of live food into her art! Real food is an obvious subject for a raw foodist, especially an artist-turned-raw-foodist! For a look into my 'raw art' portfolio, visit or   In closing, we missed seeing some of you at our last health meeting. Hopefully we'll see you this month!

Please remember that THE LIVING WAY is only one facet of Gertrude Ministries. As ministers of the word, we are happy to share the glad tidings of the kingdom with you which includes the health message. Yahshua came to give us life and life abundantly. It is our privilege to help you realize life to the fullest both naturally and spiritually. Feel free to ask for prayer or counsel concerning your needs no matter what they may be.   __________________________________________  
3. NEWS STORY OF THE DAY: On our radio program last Sunday, I interviewed Steve Shenk of Steve discussed
a serious subject: the collapse of bee hives across America. Without
bees, there is no pollination. Without pollination, there is no food. Connect the dots to see a crisis in the making. You might want to consider the possibility of a national food shortage. For an indepth report on the strange disappearance of the honey bee, visit   __________________________  
4. Buying tips and healthy helps
CO-OP option

Finding safe, nutritious food can be challenging. We encourage you to shop the sales of organic foods at local food stores as well as to consider a membership in THE SUPERNATURAL CO-OP. Information about the Co-Op is posted on our website. Case lots of produce can be purchased and split, if there are enough people willing to work together. Until local gardens are producing, a membership in the co-op may be a good investment for you,
If you are looking for a good value on TP and would like your purchase to go to a worthy cause, call Ken Stevens (692-2128) at Set Free in Maine Ministries, 18 Lithgow St., Winslow: Tell him we sent you.

HEALTHY NEWS SOURCES There are many excellent health news sources that offer a wide variety of information. We recommend that you consider subscribing to some of these free e-newsletters. A couple trusted sources are:  

HALLELUJAH ACRES Don't forget that Hallelujah Acres sends out a free bi-monthly magazine, Back to the Garden. You might also want to subscribe to George Malkmus's free, weekly e-newsletter, Hallelujah Acres Health Tip. Both publications are inspiring and informative. Subscribe by visiting  

ORDER INFO If you are interested in purchasing Hallelujah Acres products, we encourage people to contact HA directly. We do not stock their full product line. It is easier and faster to purchase directly through HA. However, we would appreciate your using our PIN#407 when you order. In this way, you will be supporting our ministry. Your consideration of this fact is appreciated, since this ministry is supported through product sales and donations.   If you want to purchase equipment such as a juicer, dehydrator, VitaMix, etc., please order through us. Your order can be dropped shipped in a matter of days. Other materials and products exclusive of HA can be purchased from us by appointment. Call us and we will be glad to coordinate schedules with you.   Important note: If you have placed an order with Hallelujah Acres within the last three months, please contact us with your invoice #. Some of our account data has been lost from their data base and needs to be replaced. We appreciate your help in retrieving this information. Thank you for your consideration.  
4. LIVING Recipe:

3 oranges, peeled
1 apple
couple plums or handful of strawberries
few cranberries
2 Tbsp. grated ginger
2 cups water

Cut up ingredients, place in a blender and blend until creamy smooth.
For optimum nutrition and food safety, buy organic!


This LIVING Letter comes to you in Messiah's love to encourage you toward achieving superior health. Healing of the whole man is the promise of our Heavenly Father. Begin now to receive your new body...the natural, YHVH-given way. He is able to do great and wondrous works, if we will but trust and obey Him. YHVH bless you!   For your health and His glory, Mary