LIVING Letter #5:Pursuing Health the natural way
  1. Scheduled meetings and events
2. Ministry update from Mary Louise..Town Jaqua,
Hallelujah Acres Health Minister
3  Resources, buying tips and more

4. Ordering info
5. LIVING recipe: Citrus Smoothie   _________________________________________  
1. Schedule of upcoming events and/or meetings:
  HANDS-ON HEALTH- Thursday, March 14, 5:30- 7:30PM at the Winslow Public Library; 136 Halifax St., Winslow, Maine.  SUBJECT: Food Additives: Friend or Foe? For more information visit NOTE: New day for our monthly meeting! ________________________________________  
2. Ministry update  
It's snow, snow, snnnnowing in Maine! Though winter is still with us we remain optimistic that warmer weather is on its way. We will see the ground again! Spring cannot come too soon for those of us who love the outdoors! While we experience our cold weather confinement,  however, it's a good time to consider making improve- ments in your pursue a healthier lifestyle that will bring lasting benefits to you and your family!   Here are some helpful tips to consider in your pursuit of  superior health: 
1) Decide to make better choices for yourself. If you are not
    ready to make significant lifestyle changes, begin a     conscious effort to  make gradual improvements. Steady,     slow progress is better than no progress.
2) Be consistent in your approach. Don't be up one day and down
    the next with your lifestyle choices (diet or otherwise). A 'yo-yo'     approach to life keeps the body in confusion, ultimately     hindering the body's ability to heal itself.
3) Healing is a natural course of life. Do all you know to encourage
    the body's self-healing mechanism. Research, investigate, educate     yourself on issues of health and healing. Knowledge is power     and what you personally learn and apply, will bring the most     satifying and lasting benefits.
4) Surround yourself with supportive people. If friends or family     disagree with your new lifestyle choices, find those who do     understand and are willing to support you. Strength in numbers     is often the best encouragement.

5) Don't give up. Remember that healing is a process. It requires time,             discipline, and most of all, determination. The progress you make in             pursuing superior health may be challenging and bring surprising     experiences. If the going becomes rough, remember that your     present health challenges didn't happen overnight. It might take 
    time to resolve them. He who perseveres, wins the race.     It is better to engage in the battle than lose the war.
6) Exercise your faith and your body. Don't just sit and expect     excellent health to fall into your lap. Become spiritually tuned so     that you can be physically well. Begin an exercise routine and
    establish a time of spiritual refreshment for yourself. True     healing is spiritual as well as physical, a gift from YHVH Himself.     Learn to listen to His still small voice, so that He can lead you into     the green pastures (knowledge) of His kingdom where there     is no sickness, pain, heartache or sorrow. Trust Him to     take care of you, according to His word. Learn His promises,     believe them, and live them!
7) Consider your pursuit of superior health as the best journey of
    your life. Focus on your destination rather than what you have     to leave behind. Old health habits sometimes die hard, but it pays     to let go of old baggage that is harmful for you. A better quality of     life is far better than a compromised one.
8) Plant a garden. There is healing for the body as well as the spirit     by experiencing the life process. Working the land and growing
    your own healthy food is an energizing experience, a unique     form of therapy, if you will, that is rewarding beyond harvest.     Think of gardening as an investment in your future...a future that     money or the world's best health care cannot offer.
9) Keep a journal to record your progress in pursuing superior 
    health. Include pictures to visually encourage yourself toward     the 'new you.' Charting your progress is healthy encouragement.
10) Strive to be a good example. As you take responsibility for your
    own better health, let your testimony inspire others to improve     their lifestyles, also. Your success may be the saving hope of     others.  

By way of encouragement, my own journey toward superior health has been a continual revelation, an awakening if you will,  into the marvelous mechanics of the human body. Once we understand how the body works, we can better care for it. Living  becomes easier as we work in concert with our bodies. We become tuned to the body's need and not our personal wants, however misguided they may be. Most of us were raised on an inferior diet that was touted as being good for us, only to discover later in life that what we were taught and practiced was all wrong. Surmounting the wrongs and overcoming the fallout are difficult for some people. Never- theless, if you are looking for a better quality of life, leaving the old habit patterns behind is not an issue. The solution becomes an inspiration in itself. Once you know the truth, it does set you free. I cherish the day that I learned the truth about proper nutrition. I was glad to turn my back on the Standard American Diet and began eating live food. What a difference the right diet makes! Live food is the key to superior health. See for yourself what live food will do for you. You might be surprised!   Speaking of live food, those who attended our recent second annual LIVE FOOD DINNER gave the evening rave reviews. Thirty five people braved the cold weather to come and enjoy real food, fellowship, and music. The spread of soup, salads, entrees, and desserts, was exceptional. All was topped off by Steve Tanguay's lively presentation about the Troy Howard Middle School Garden Project. Thank you, Steve, for sharing this remarkable program with us! We are now greared up to garden and will be in touch with you! Visit the garden project on the web at Those who brought live food dishes to our dinner, please send me your recipes! We want to post them on our website and make hand-outs for our health meetings. Share the taste of your 'awesome raws' for the benefit of all. Thank you!   Many times the road to a healthier life includes planting a garden. If you are considering becoming a tiller of the soil, now is the time to plan your strategy. In light of increasing food prices, food safety issues, and predicted food shortages, growing a garden may a wise move. Numerous approaches to backyard gardening exist. 'Growing healthy' can be fun and easy! Some good garden resources are listed in the latter part of this letter.   Please note that we have moved our monthly health meetings to Thursday evening. We will thus meet on the second Thursday of each month at the regular time- 5:30PM. The decision to change the day of our meeting was made in order to better accommodate those whom we serve. We hope Thursday will work for you.   In closing, we miss seeing some of you at our monthly health meetings. Hopefully you'll join us again soon! Our meetings are designed to help    you gain a better handle on your health by offering practical, natural solutions to issues of personal wellbeing. Whereas our meetings are taped for later broadcast on Channel 7 TV, our monthly presentation offers a one-on-one experience that is often special. Give yourself a 'health break' each month by attending our meetings! We are there for you!   Please remember that THE LIVING WAY is only one facet of Gertrude Ministries. As ministers of the word, we are happy to share the glad tidings of the kingdom with you which includes the health message. Yahshua came to give us life and life abundantly. It is our privilege to help you realize life to the fullest both naturally and spiritually. Feel free to ask for prayer or counsel concerning your needs no matter what they may be.   ______________________________________  
3. Resources, buying tips and more
New recipe book Bill Irwin, who spoke at our first annual LIVE FOOD DINNER, has a new recipe book coming out by the end of April. The book has 350 healthy recipes and will retail for $25 plus shipping. To order, contact Debra Irwin at or call 564-6922. Bill, as you recall, is the only blind man who has hiked the entire 2,000 mile Appalachian Trail from GA to ME with his dog guide Orient. The account of his awe- inspiring hike as well as his
personal testimony is available in book, audio, and video format. We are sure that his new recipe book will be equally inspiring. Order your copy early, since it promises to sell out quickly. Bill is a Hallelujah Acres Health Minister which makes his book a best seller already!  You can also order it from his website at

Garden Resources

Seed companies are now sending out their catalogs, so make sure you are on the receiving end. Here in central Maine, we are blessed to be in close proximity to two of the best organic seed companies in the world: Feedco Seed Company- a no-muss, no-fuss cooperative whose catalog is a great read...informative, entertaining, super drawings drawings, no photos. They carry OG, non-GMOs, heirloom seeds, fertilizers, tools, etc. Their no frills approach makes their prices pocketbook-friendly. Johnny's Select Seeds - offers a photo-rich catalog that would inspire any gardener. An excellent resource for reliable garden seeds, tools, etc. A bit pricey, but their products are worth it.  

Fairest at the Fair
Last fall I made three entries in our local Common Ground (agricultural) Fair Exhibit Hall.The display of vegetable and fruit varieties grown across Maine was invigorating. As I viewed each entry, I was struck by the awesome beauty and design of the foods that our Heavenly Father has made. It was an exhilirating experience to see His handiwork on display. Much to my surprise, I won three ribbons for my entries: second prize for my red chard, third prize for my golden beets, and a judge's award for my dehydrated salad. For a first-time exhibitor, I was delighted. Photos of our 2007 garden and my prize winning entries are posted on our website:  

Winter eating tips
Winter eating for live foodists can be challenging. We encourage you to shop the sales at local food stores plus consider a membership in THE SUPERNATURAL CO-OP. Information about the Co-Op is posted on our website at Case lots of produce can be purchased and split, if people are willing to work together. Don't forget you can also grow sprouts. Experiment with varieties and consider investing in a Fresh Life Sprouter that makes sprouting fun and easy! The Fresh Life Sprouter is available through our ministry.  

Raw Nut Butters
For a number of years we've been eating nut butters that we thought were raw, only to find out recently that they aren't. Our investigation proved that during processing the raw nuts were exposed to temperatures as high as 200 degrees. Our disappointment led us to discover a new source of nut butters that are ground at low-temperature. We are delighted to finally eat really raw nut butters. Needless to say, they are delicious. We are so impressed with these nut butters that we are now carrying them in our ministry. If you are interested in purchasing, especially in bulk, let us know. Varieties include tahini, almond, pecan, hemp, cashew, etc. Prices are available upon request.  

Toilet paper  80CT/$26.00
For those in our area, if you are looking for a good
value on TP and would like your purchase to go to a worthy cause, call Pastor Ken Stevens (692-2128) at Set Free in Maine Ministries, 18 Lithgow St., Winslow: Tell Ken we sent you.

Healthy news sources
There are many excellent health news sources that offer a wide variety of information. We recommend that you consider subscribing to some of these free e-newsletters. A couple trusted sources are:  

Hallelujah Acres Publications
Don't forget that Hallelujah Acres sends out a free bi-
monthly magazine, The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle (formerly 'Back to the Garden'). George Malkmus, founder of Hallelujah Acres, also sends out a free, weekly e-newsletter, Hallelujah Acres Health Tip. Both publications are excellent sources of inspiring information. Subscribe by visiting  

News worth noting I
n case you need to boost your spirit and your
faith, check out the stories below:   Fellow Health Minister, Chris, says good-bye to cancer  

Prayer raises a man from the dead after a heart attack   ______________________________________________  
4) Order info
If you are interested in purchasing Hallelujah Acres products, we encourage people to contact HA directly. We do not stock their full product line. It is easier and faster to purchase directly through HA. However, we would appreciate your using our PIN#407 when you order. In this way, you will be supporting our ministry through your HA puchases. We thus appreciate your consideration, since this ministry is supported through product sales and donations. HA occasionally waves or runs specials rates on shipping. Quanitity pricing is available through our ministry. Contact us for details.   If you want to purchase equipment such as a juicer, dehydrator,  VitaMix, etc., please order directly through us. Your order can be dropped shipped in a matter of days. Other materials and products exclusive of HA can be purchased from us by appointment. Call us to make arrangements. ________________________________________  
5. LIVING Recipe:

2 large oranges

1 apple

1/4 cup shredded, unsweetened coconut

1-2 collard leaves, destemmed

2 tbsp. hemp oil or hemp seeds (optional)
pure water  
Puree ingredients in a blender with enough water to
make the drink creamy smooth. A sensational taste experience that is exceptionally healthy!   Go organic for the sake of your health!
This LIVING Letter comes to you in Messiah's love to encourage you toward achieving superior health. 
Healing of the whole man is the promise of our Heavenly Father. Begin now to receive your new life...naturally and spiritually. YHVH is able to do great and wondrous works, if we will but trust and obey Him. YHVH bless you!   For your excellent health and His glory, Mary