Issue #9: 'Do-It-Yourself' Health
1. Scheduled meetings and events
2. Ministry update from Mary Louise;Town Jaqua-Hallelujah Acres Health Minister
3  Feature article: Do-It-Yourself Health
4. LIVING resources and more
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6) LIVING recipe: Farmers' Market Salad _________________________________________  
1. Schedule of meetings and upcoming events:  

HANDS-ON HEALTH-   FOURTH ANNUAL LIVE FOOD PICNIC- Saturday, August 9, 5:30-7:30PM Ft. Halifax Park, Winslow For more information, visit  

THE LIVING WAY on the newsstand: Our July LIVE FOOD DEMONSTRATION has been written up in The Town Line local newspaper! Read Lyn Rowden's, 'EAT HEALTHY, EAT LIVE', front page article in the July 31 issue. Pick up a copy while they are available!  
2. Ministry update  

Dear Friends,  
Summer is quickly marching on and the season for eatin' is at its best. Gardens are bursting with fresh goodness. If you haven't taken advantage of 'eating live', this is the season to give it a try! GO LIVE for a few days or a couple of weeks. We guarantee it will be an experience of a lifetime.  Choose to make every day a 'living day!'   Life at THE LIVING WAY is alive and well as we continue to present the Live Food Health Message where ever we go. Our Live Food Demonstration at Uncle Dean's Good Groceries in Waterville last month was a stunning success with thirty three in attendance. This week's issue of The Town Line ran a feature, front page article on our event that is grabbing the attention of many in the area. We are meeting increasing numbers of people who express an interest in the health message. Enthusiasm for healthy living is mounting. There is talk of future events, including monthly potlucks, so stay tuned for details.   In the meantime our fourth annual LIVE FOOD PICNIC is only a  few days away. The picnic is a perfect way to introduce yourself to healthy eating. Historically there is a variety of delicious, if not awesome, food...everything from raw soups to fabulous desserts. This year we are blessed to have Sonja Reynolds from Half Moon Garden in Thorndike join us to talk about living organic and what a wholesome lifestyle is all about. It promises to be a must-attend event. To learn more about our LIVE FOOD PICNIC, visit For a preview of Half Moon Gardens, visit  

As you are surfing our website, check out the new postings I recently made with your better health in mind. Take a closer look at what's happening at THE LIVING WAY by reading Our 2008 garden report THE LIVING WAY Summer news Archives of our LIVING Letter Watch for additional photos and articles to be uploaded soon!  

All this being said, we encourage you to persevere in your journey toward optimum wellness. Breaking out of the SAD lifestyle is a noble endeavor that brings lasting rewards. Your life is worth the effort. Keep up the good work and let us know of your progress. Your experience ultimately inspires others. Let's grow healthy together!  

P.S. If you are having difficulty emailing us or visiting our website,  the problem is with our web host's server. Due to recent relocation, the server has been down. We pray that this problem will be rectified soon. In the meantime, our Living Way site has temporarily moved to another server. If you are still having difficulties accessing our site, please check back later. Links as given in this newsletter may or may not work, but can be accessed directly from our website. Thank you for your patience as we work out these techinical challenges.   __________________________________________
3) Featured article: Do-It-Yourself Health  

We live in a day when convenience is a way of life. It is a cultural mentality that has evolved over the course of recent history to  the point that the average American lifestyle is dependent upon conveniences of all kinds whether they be quick stops, fast food, drive-through windows, high speed internet, instant coffee, instant rice, instant rebates, or instant cash at the ATM. Our  insatiable desire for 'instant living' has altered  the American lifestyle into what some might call a cheap imitation of life itself. Sadly, if all the conveniences that make our busy, 'instant' lifestyles possible were suddenly removed, most  Americans would not know what to do. Life on the fast track  can indeed be dangerous, especially in relation to your health.   When it comes to health problems, the average American runs to the doctor for what they hope will be a quick fix. This traditional approach to health care is engrained in the American psyche. From a child we are taught to seek solace from our sicknesses from those who are schooled to know how to solve health problems. Thus the average American  dutifully seeks his/her respective MD, OBGYN, DDS, OD, cardiologist, etc., for the sake of their better health. In doing so, they gladly submit to all manner of tests, treatments, surgeries, and physical therapies as well as a protocol of pharmaceutical drugs. Despite the myriad of medical procedures that are supposedly designed to eliminate health problems, one wonders why so many Americans are yet sick and dying.  

The truth is that conventional medicine treats the symptoms and not the cause of the dis-ease. Treating the symptoms does not address the underlying cause of physical problems. It is a proven fact that most physical problems are diet related, that is, they are caused by poor diet and lifestyle choices. Since most medical professionals are not schooled in the principles of proper nutrition, it is easy to see why conventional medicine is ineffective in solving America's ills. Organized medicine has indeed let many people down in their time of need. Dependency upon doctors to cure health problems has thus proven to be less than successful. In fact, many times it has failed. The unabashed faith that many Americans have in the medical profession has cost them their lives.  Though there are many fine, well meaning doctors,it is no secret that  the medical profession is sorely lacking and is fraught with its own  brand of ill health. Statistics prove that over 300, 000 die annually at the hands of doctors and hospitals. Deaths from pharmaceutical drugs are equally as high. Given these shocking, if not appalling,  figures, one wonders 1) how/why the medical profession is still allowed to operate, and 2) why anyone would entrust his/her life to medical professionals.   Nevertheless, Americans have been taught to have implicit trust in doctors, hospitals, tests, treatments, surgeries, and drugs. This trust is tantamount to worship, an idolization of doctors, hospitals, treatments, surgeries, and drugs. They believe that that conventional medicine can do no wrong. So it is that most Americans put their lives into the hands of someone else as a type of safety net in order to solve their health problems. This is a brand of faith that many exercise daily, unwittingly or no. When all is said and done, however, who knows you better than yourself? Who ultimately owns your life..the doctor or you?  

Allowing for the increased dissatisfaction, if not suspicion, that many Americans presently have for conventional medicine, some are now starting to take health problems into their own hands.  They are taking personal responsibility to find alternative approaches to address their physical ills. A revolution is taking place as more and more people are taking charge of their own healh needs. Disillusioned by the inadequacies and failures of conventional medicine, they are seeking alternative ways to resolve health issues. In their quest to find answers, they are discovering the all-important connection between diet and health: that given the right food, the body heals itself. At long last the mystery of life is unfolding to those who dare to turn their backs on the Standard American Diet of animal-based, processed, cooked foods in favor of a diet of natural, living foods. Remarkably, scores of Americans now understand that 'you don't have to be sick!' 'Do-It-Yourself' health care is happening!   What is this 'Do-It-Yourself' health care all about, you ask? It's about living well: eating right, exercising properly, making healthier choices for yourself in your home and workplace as well as surrounding yourself with supportive people. It's about taking charge of your life, changing your lifestyle, and creating a new life for yourself. Here's how:  

1) NOURISH YOUR BODY. You only have one body, and if you care for it properly, it will last a lifetime. Your body is a living organism, composed of over 100 trillion cells and these cells can only be nourished with live food. Fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and whole grains in their natural, raw state are the only foods that feed live cells. Manufactured, processed, cooked, and animal-based foods have little to no nutrition. They are dead foods, and therefore cannot feed live cells. In order to function properly, the body cells must have proper nutrients. These nutrients are found only in live food. Thus a live food diet is the best way to nourish  the body. Given live food, the body will build a strong immune system, find its proper weight, enjoy a high level of energy, be mentally fit, and experience longevity. This natural, wholesome way of eating is the original diet given to mankind in the Garden of Eden. It is recorded in Genesis 1:29, and is therefore unique in its origin and purpose. No man-made diet has yet to equal or excel that which has been given to us by YHVH Almighty for our ultimate prosperity. To learn more about live food, visit our website  

2) EXERCISE YOUR BODY.  Next to proper diet, exercise is the second most important ingredient for achieving ultimate health. The body needs exercise in order to move fluids, detoxify, tone internal organs, and supply life-giving oxygen to body cells. Surprisingly, the body's overall nutritional need is ninety six per cent oxygen. Without exercise, the body becomes oxygen-starved and body cells suffocate and die. Toxic, dead cells create disease. It is a proven fact that many health problems, including mental confusion and brain fog, are due to lack of oxygen to the brain. The best exercise for the body is aerobic exercise (walking and rebounding), because it floods body cells with oxygen. Aerobic exercise is also advantageous in that it is low impact and will not traumatize the body, especially the knees. It is best to exercise in the morning when the body is in the detoxification cycle. Be sure to take in fresh air and sunshine daily. A brisk 20 minute walk is a good way to start the day. Both walking and rebounding activate the lymph system which is designed to clean out body toxins. If the lymph fluid is not moving properly to rid the body of waste, the body will accummulate toxins and begin to deteriorate. A simple, daily exercise routine, along with proper diet, is the best assurance for optimum health. For more information about exercise, visit  

3) DRINK PURE WATER. Not all drinking water is created equal!  Tap water is not a good source for drinking, since it contains toxic chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine. It can also contain other harmful contaminates. Bottled waters are popular, but are questionable in terms of purity. The majority of bottled waters are highly acidic as is distilled water. Distilled water should not be used on a long term basis, since it can leach minerals from the body. According to some health experts, the best water to drink is local spring water, since it naturally surfaces without the aid of man. We recommend investigating safe water sources for you and your family. Investing in a good water purification system is worth consideration. See our web link for more information:  

4) BREATHE CLEAN AIR.  We live in a polluted world and no matter where we live or work, air quality is questionable. It is wise to avoid toxic fumes, mold, and smoke (cigarette or otherwise), because these pollutants can be harmful to your health. If you work with chemicals, consider wearing a respirator. In critical conditions, consider changing your job. Ventilate your workplace and home as much as possible. Open windows and doors to circulate air. Stagnate air can breed sickness, especially respiratory problems. Investing in a reputable, whole house air purifier can significantly increase the quality of your health.  

5) USE NON-TOXIC HOUSEHOLD, GARDEN, AND PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS. Most conventional household cleaners, laundry soaps, car care products, and personal care products (soap, toothpaste, cosmetics, shampoos) are highly toxic. They contain known carcinogens and neurotoxins which are harmful for your health. It is best to properly dispose these products (other than down the drain or in the toilet) and replace them with natural, non-toxic products. Read labels and investigate sources before purchasing healthy substitutes. For more information, check out some healthy alternatives on our website:  

6) ADD HEALTHY SUPPLEMENTS TO YOUR LIFE. Given the fact that soils are depleted and growing conditions compromised due to pollution, quality of food (even organic) may not be as nutrient-dense as the body requires. Therefore, it is wise to supplement one's diet with quality green foods, digestive enzymes, etc. As the body ages, the body may require extra help. Hallelujah Acres offers many fine supplements for your better health. To see some of these products, visit our web link It is a proven fact that most health problems are the result of nutritional deficiencies, especially minerals. For optimum health, consider supplementing your daily routine. We encourage you to investigate your options.  

7) BEGIN RESEARCHING ISSUES OF HEALTH. 'Do-It-Yourself ' health starts with personal research. What you learn on your own will ultimately stay with you. Therefore, take time to study issues of health in the library, on the internet, via TV, radio, DVD presentations, etc. Compare your findings and find trusted sources. The world is filled with information, but you must take responsibility to sift through it in order to find the truth. Begin educating yourself through Hallelujah Acres, our LIVING WAY website and other links on our links page.  

8) ESTABLISH A SPIRITUAL LIFE. There is more to life than what meets the eye. It is called 'Spirit.' Many people go through life without realizing what life is all about. Life is a sacred trust, given to us by YHVH Almighty Who is Spirit. It is His desire that we be in good health and prosper (III John 2) both physically and spiritually. True life begins when His Spirit is imparted to us through His Son. If you have never met Yahshua, we encourage you to do so. We guarantee your life will never be the same. Begin each day in prayer and study of YHVH's word. He will unfold the mystery of life to you in marvelous ways. Read my personal testimony on-line at  

All this being said, encourage yourself in the fact that a superior quality of life can be yours. It's all up to you! Properly caring for yourself is a wonderful journey that pays lasting dividends. It can mean the difference between living or just existing.
'Do-It-Yourself' health works! Try it and see!   ______________________________________________  
4) LIVING Resources  

RawMaine Meet Up
A few years ago we were pleasantly surprised to find a small but dedicated group of raw foodists in southern Maine. We attended a couple of their raw potlucks and enjoyed some of the best tasting raw food we've ever eaten. Though we lost touch with the RawMainers who appearantly fell apart, they recently regrouped and resurfaced as a Meet Up. We are delighted to see RawMaine up and running again and encourage other health seekers to join the Meet Up and  become part of the action. They have fun, friendly, and fantastic monthly  potlucks as well as other events of raw interest. For extra f un and savings, consider car pooling! For more information, visit  

Hemp products
For many years we have encouraged others to incorporate hemp products into their diets, because it is a nutritionally dense food and high in omega 3 and 6. It is the only oil that contains Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA). We use hemp oil and hemp protein powder daily. Whereas we have been purchasing our hemp products through our local co-op, we recently discovered a better source on the internet. For significant savings on hemp, visit If you'd like to go in on a group order, let us know!  

Farmers' Markets
With fresh harvests coming out of the field, we encourage everyone to take advantage of local farmers markets. These markets are a healthy place to meet growers and acquaint yourself with local agriculture. As the fall season comes on, many farmers offer root vegetables, onions, carrots, etc. in bulk. It's a good time to place orders for winter storage. Our purchases last fall lasted us into late spring this year. Buying quality organics is a win-win situation for everyone. The more we support local agriculture, the healthier we all will be! For information on Maine Farmers Markets visit  

Raw Art
Though many people know me as a raw foodist and Hallelujah Acres Health Minister, I am an artist at heart and by profession. I have painted professionally for over thirty five years in many disciplines, but specialize in oil painting. Since adopting the Hallelujah Diet in 1996, I have been incorporating live food themes into my portfolio. To see some of my lively LIVING ART, visit Original paintings and prints are available.  

Healthy news sources
There are many excellent health news sources that offer a wide variety of information. We recommend that you consider subscribing to some of these free e-newsletters. A couple trusted sources are:  

Hallelujah Acres Publications
Hallelujah Acres sends out a free bi- monthly magazine, The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle (formerly 'Back to the Garden'). George Malkmus, founder of Hallelujah Acres, also sends out a free, weekly e-newsletter, Hallelujah Acres Health Tip. Both publications are excellent sources of inspiring information. Subscribe by visiting  

News worth noting:  

Food-for-thought about the 2008 Olympics: __________________________________________  
5) Order info

If you are interested in purchasing Hallelujah Acres products, we encourage people to contact HA directly. We do not stock their full product line. It is easier and faster to purchase directly through HA. However, we would appreciate your using our PIN#407 when you order. In this way, you will be supporting our ministry through your HA puchases. We thus appreciate your consideration, since this ministry is supported through product sales and donations. HA occasionally waves or runs specials rates on shipping. Quanitity pricing is available through our ministry. Contact us for details.  

If you want to purchase equipment such as a juicer, dehydrator,  VitaMix, etc., please order directly through us. Your order can be dropped shipped in a matter of days. Other materials and products exclusive of HA can be purchased from us by appointment. Call us to make arrangements. ________________________________________  

6. LIVING Recipe: Farmers' Market Salad  

With Farmers' Markets in full swing, take advantage of the fresh eats by making a salad that celebrates the season as well as local agriculture. Have fun shopping  your area market, meeting local growers, and most of all, making your salad!  

Few handfuls greens of choice and/or mesculin mix
1 zucchini
1 yellow squash
1 zephyr squash
1 patty pan squash
1 medium carrot
3-4 scallions
couple stems basil, dill, and other herbs of choice  

Break greens into bite-sized pieces and place in a bowl. Cut zucchini and yellow squash into bite-sized chunks, finely grate the zephyr and patty pan squash plus the carrot. Chop scallions and herbs. Add all ingredients together and toss well. Eat plain or dress with your favorite healthy salad dressing. Enjoy the tast of summer straight from the farm!  

Shop organic for the sake of your health! __________________________________________  

This LIVING Letter comes to you in Messiah's love to encourage you toward achieving superior health.  Healing of the whole man is the promise of our Heavenly Father. Begin now to receive your new life...naturally and spiritually. YHVH is able to do great and wondrous works, if we will but trust and obey Him. YHVH bless you!   For your excellent health and His glory, Mary   ________________________________________  

THE LIVING WAY is only one facet of Gertrude Ministries, a ministry dedicated to teaching kingdom life. Yahshua came to give us life and life abundantly. It is our privilege to help you realize life to the fullest both naturally and spiritually. Feel free to ask for prayer or counsel concerning your needs no matter what they may be.