I Have a Dream
by Mary Louise;Town Jaqua, Health Minister 12/24/17

I have a dream and I know
That someday it will come true,
But in the meantime, I must admit,
There is a lot of work to do!

I dream of a world without sickness,
Where there is no sorrow or pain-
Where there are no broken bodies,
Not a wheelchair, crutch, or cane.

I dream of a world without doctors,
No hospitals, clinics, or nurses-
No need for undertakers or funerals
As well as long, black hearses.

I dream of a world without medications-
Without drugs, alcohol, and beer
Where everyone acts like a human being-
Not a stranger, pervert, or queer.

I dream of a world where no one grows old,
Where no one has wrinkles or grey hair,
Where no one has eyes dark or dim
Or a body too frail to repair.

I dream of a world without vaccinations-
Without shots that contain a deadly brew,
Where governments and politicians
Think they know best what is good for you.

I dream of a world where water is clean
And where the air is safe to breathe,
Where there are no harmful chemicals
That can kill you or rot your teeth.

I dream of a world where food is food
And GMOs are a thing of the past,
Where everyone can garden in his own yard
Without being ticketed, jailed or harassed.

I dream of a world without bargain burgers,
Without plastic, processed food-
Where soda pop, twinkies, and even jello
Are by everyone gladly eschewed.

I dream of a world with no meat eaters,
No chewing of beef, chicken, or pork
No buffalo wings or jerky to munch on
No T-bone steak, hanging on a fork.

I dream of a world without cow juice,
Where dairy is no longer allowed-
Where cows can be udderly left alone
To graze far from the madding crowd.

I dream of a world without healthcare,
Without insurance and medical bills-
Where everyone is eternally healthy
With no need for harmful treatments or pills.

I dream of a world where no one
Is addicted to cell phones, computers or TV-
Where the health risks of radiation exposure,
Compel people to say NO! to 5G.

I dream of a world where no one
Is hooked up to monitors and IVs-
Where modern, medical technology
Takes precedence over praying on one's knees.

Yes, I dream of a better world
That is a happier, healthier place-
Where everyone is eternally young
And big smiles light up every face.

So eat your veggies raw each day
In accordance to YHVH's plan-
Add in some fruit, some seeds, and nuts
And you'll become a
super man!

O glory, Halleluyah! This is
Heaven coming down to earth
Where everyone will be forever healthy,
Overflowing with gladness and mirth!

Yes, the kingdom of YHVH is not a fairy tale,
You can enjoy it every day-
Just let YHVH transform your body temple
The new and


Beloved, I wish above all things that you
may prosper and be in health, even as
your soul prospers.- 3 John 1:2



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