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Summer is one of our favorite times of the year, and having a garden is a special celebration. Each year we plant a large garden and enjoy a bountiful harvest of fresh vegetables, the ultimate in live food! Truly there is nothing like 'home-grown': you plant it, nurture it, harvest it, and eat it! Gardening is a healthy, healing experience that is well worth the effort.

Though our growing season in Maine is short, we make the most of it by planting as early as possible. Usually by the end of May we begin to plant. We till our ground and use mulch around our crops to keep moisture in and the weeds down. We compost our kitchen scraps and add the rich, new soil to our garden bed each year. Rich soil, proper crop rotation, and high quality, organic seeds determine the level of your garden's productivity.

We maintain a vegan, organic garden in that we use no chemical fertilizers or fertilizers and no animal waste. The only fertilizer we use is MIRACLE II AGRICULTURAL BLEND which can be purchased by contacting us. We have found that in using Miracle II Agricultural Blend, our plants are stronger, more disease resistant, and have a higher, more extended yield.

Other handy resources we use are Fedco Seeds , and Johnny's Select Seeds Both are local companies. Fedco is located in Clinton, Maine, while Johnny's Select Seeds is just down the road from us in Winslow. Both of these seed companies have excellent quality seeds as well as natural pesticides and other garden-related items.

From time to time, we post garden information and tips in an effort to help you in your garden experience.
If we can be of any help to you, let us know. We are glad to share knowledge that we have gained along the way.

Happy gardening!

In observance of YHVH's command to rest the land in the seventh year, we rest our garden every seven years.