For most people, the thought of eating raw is outrageous as well as ridiculous. Nevertheless, RAW food is in and cooked food is out! Why? Because raw fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and whole grains are the only foods designed by our Heavenly Father to properly nourish our bodies. Cooked, processed and animal-based foods are unnatural additions and/or corruptions of YHVH's original diet given to man as recorded in Genesis 1:29. YHVH's menu plan is perfectly balanced and plant-based for achieiving and maintaining optimum health. Compromise of His original diet results in deterioration of the body, cell by cell, creating sickness, pain, disease, fatigue, weight problems and more. Thus it is not surprising to discover that most health problems are diet related, that is, they are caused by poor nutrition. Believe it or not, most Americans are malnourished, mineral deficient, oxygen-starved as well as dehydrated, because they are eating an inferior diet. It is equally surprising to discover that given the right diet, the body will heal itself.

It is not uncommon for health problems such as cancer, heart disease, colitis, arthritis, fatgue, fibromyalgia, depression, diabetes, etc. to disappear after adopting a raw food diet, for LIVING, RAW FOOD is the ONLY FOOD that properly feeds body cells. Our bodies are living organisms that require LIVING FOOD for survival. It is a scientific, medical, and biblical fact that given the right diet, the body will automatically correct its problems...physically, emotionally, and mentally. Diet alone will many times eliminate the need for chemical-based treatments, surgery or harmful drugs (pharmaceuticals). Let us help you learn how to LIVE!