Chewing Gum Releases Mercury
Into Your Blood And Urine

By Jeff Rense

STOCKHOLM - Heavy gum chewers risk breaking
down the amalgam in their dental fillings and having
dangerously high levels of mercury in their blood and
urine as a result, a study published in the Stockholm
newspaper Aftonbladet on Friday said.

The study was undertaken by the Sahlgrenska university
hospital in Gothenburg, west Sweden.

"In our study we found out that people who chewed gum
for at least five hours per day had significantly higher
mercury levels in their urine and blood," Gerd Saellsten,
a medical researcher was quoted as saying.

The test group included 17 people with at least five
amalgan fillings who chewed gum an average of five
hours per day, and consumed seven pieces of gum.

Mercury damages the brain, central nervous system and
kidneys The test group was compared with a control
group of equal size comprising people with the same
number of fillings, but who chewed gum only 30 minutes
per week on average.

A comparison of quicksilver levels between the two
groups yielded clear differences.

The heavy gum chewers had twice the amount of
mercury in their blood and three times the level in their
urin and breath exhalation than did the infrequent

The mercury levels rose in proportion to the number of
amalgam fillings the subjects had, the study showed.

Mercury damages the brain, central nervous system and
kidneys in humans. - Sapa-DPA