Healthy Homework
by Mary Louise;Town Jaqua 2/8/2021

In school we were given assignments to do at home. It was aptly
called homework, and if we failed to do our homework, we risked
the consequences. Remember? While we sometimes got away
with skipping homework and even school when we were young,
as we grow older we cannot afford to skip our lessons, especially
in relation to personal health. So it is that once we graduate from
school, we enter the greater school called life where how well we
learn our lessons determines the quality of our lives.

As we progress in the school of life, it is not unusual to discover
that what we learned in our former school days and even from
loving parents friends, family, and pastors about how to properly
care for ourselves was largely wrong. Basic principles of health
as presented were sadly inaccurate.Thus, if we want a healthy,
happy, and prosperous life, we find that there is much unlearning
and relearning to do.

Correcting past lifestyle errors is a lesson in itself, but it can be
done. For the most part, learning how to best care for ourselves
begins through the education process: learning how the body
works and supporting it accordingly. Thus through personal
research and investigation, it becomes clear that the two most
important health principles that need to be unlearned and
relearned are diet and exercise.

This being said, it is time to leave poor health practices and
woes behind and learn how to live truly healthy. Doing so is
an exhilarating experience, the journey of a lifetime as you
discover the remarkable truth that, given the proper care, the
body heals itself. It is forgiving. It corrects its problems so
that it can be whole again. What could be more glorious?

Prove this fact yourself by taking better care of yourself the
natural way. A heathlier you can happen. Use the following
CHECK LIST each day to make it so!

_1. Make sure that you eat mostly raw, living foods: fresh
fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and sprouted grains.
A good
balance is 85% raw and 15% cooked. Stay away from meat, dairy,
seafood, soy, wheat, processed foods, alcohol, and caffeinated
foods/drinks. No cheating! Instead treat yourself to freshly-
extracted vegetables/green juices. Grow sprouts, Power up
with green smoothies, leafy-green-loaded salads, and more.

_2. Drink healthy water, be it sourced from a spring, distilled,
or through a purifying process. No tap water! Stay away from
bottled water, since most of it is unhealthy!

_3. Exercise! The body likes to move, so go for it! No excuses
allowed! Walk, stretch, jump, rebound. Work out. Break a sweat.
You can do it!

_4. Go out and grab your daily dose of fresh air and
Sunlight is a natural source of valuable Vitamin D3.
Twenty minutes in the sun and fresh air supplies the body with
vital nutrients, especially oxygen, for the body's over all nutritional
need is 96% oxygen and 4% food. So, go out and 'eat up!'

_5. Get plenty of least 8 hours, preferrably at night,
so that your adrenal glands can reload. Wind down at least one
hour before going to bed. Relax and give your body the rest
that it needs.

_6. Take time to 'recreate' by choosing activities that invigorate
the body, mind, and spirit: swimming, hiking, skiing, gardening,
creative hobbies, writing, etc. Discover life. Express yourself!

_7. Be sure to wear naturally-sourced fabrics- cotton, linen,
hemp- instead of man-made fibers (polyester, acrylic, rayon,
nylon). Natural fibers allow the body to breathe. Man-made fibers
do not plus they contain harmful chemicals that suffocate cells
and release toxins into the body through skin pores.

_8. Be environmentally- wise. Phase out chemically-based
household and personal care products. Substitute with naturally-
sourced products. Become more conscious of issues such as
land use and water rights. Learn and practice good stewardship
and, if necessary, become proactive. Cultivate environmentally-
friendly habits.

_9. Build lasting relationships. Surround yourself with people
who have positive, constructive attitudes. Make friends with those
who express a genuine interest in your wellbeing. Avoid people
who have a 'toxic' (negative) outlook. Limit computer, TV, cell
phone usage in favor of building one-on-one relationships.

_10. Read your bible and pray daily. The key to a happy,
healthy, prosperous life is knowing Yahshua, the Lamb of YHVH,
and following Him. Meditate upon YHVH's word throughout the
day and apply it to your life. Watch how your life will improve!

_11. Have a healthy attitude. Count your blessings. Be thankful
for everything. Cultivate values of lasting quality.

Life is what we make it. We cannot blame others who may have
erred in teaching us how to best care for ourselves, errors that
may or may not have had a negative impact on our health. Likewise,
just because the body can tolerate a certain amount of abuse that
results from poor lifestyle habits, it should not be considered as
an excuse to continue self-destructive habits. Building a better,
healthier life is a matter of choice.

The world today sighs and groans with distresses of all kinds,
but the body was designed to be healthy not sick. Thus those
who truly want to live without the scourge of sickness, pain,
and disease will gladly do their healthy homework and triumph.
They will be beacons of light in a troubled world, being living
proof that
'you don't have to be sick!'

Thank you, Yahshua, for showing us how to live
and live abundantly. Help us to learn our lessons well
so that we can be healthy and serve You.



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