Live Food for Live Bodies!
Did you know that the best source of nutrition is LIVE FOOD?

Become a real person! Become someBODY by feeding your body cells LIVE FOOD! Your body is composed of over 100 trillion cells, and if you are not feeding them LIVE FOOD everyday, YOU ARE STARVING YOUR BODY! What's more, you are malnourished! Your body cannot function properly on DEAD FOOD. You don't expect your car to run on bad fuel, so why should you expect your body to run well on bad food? Cooked, processed, and animal-based foods are NON FOODS that cannot feed your body. Man in his finite wisdom has designed and engineered so-called 'foods' that are, in fact, destroying the human race and our planet. The Standard American Diet has done more to annihilate the populace than all the world wars and automobile fatalities combined. This figure of mass destruction is compounded by the number of deaths that are associated with the fallout of modern medicine: pharamceutical drugs, botched surgeries, doctor misdiagnosis, and hospital ineptitude.

We ask you, wouldn't you rather eat well and exercise properly than suffer the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle? Is the Standard American Diet worth dying for?

We think not!

It's time to live and not die! It's time to prove that there is a better way to live than being sick, in constant pain, or overweight. It's time to prove that what we put into our mouths truly does affect the way we feel. Try it and see! Make your life a living experiment for a few weeks. Wean yourself off of DEAD FOOD by choosing LIVE FOOD. Make salads, raw soups, tasty entrees, snacks, and even delicious desserts that actually feed your body! Give your body a real meal for a change! Discover how much better you can feel by simply adopting wholesome eating habits. You will be amazed at the results!

Remember, you only have one life to live. Why not make it a healthy one?

Eat well to become naturally healthy!