Hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, ice cream, coffee, chocolate cake, soda pop, milk, kool aid, jello, fried eggs, bacon, fish, pork roast, grilled cheese sandwiches, hot chocolate, wine, sticky buns, steak, peanut butter, shrimp, candy, french fries, beer, bar-b-qued ribs, whipped cream, butter-
What do all these have in common? They are killers. They all contribute to the death of countless Americans. Eating these ill-advised, so-called 'foods' causes the well being of the average American to be at risk. It is a scientific and medical fact that consumption of these and other processed 'non-foods' is responsible for the breakdown of the health of this nation. America is a sick nation. It is a nation of ill health due to its failure to uphold the standard of proper nutrition. We are a people that is eating ourselves into the grave. Happily we pull up to drive-in windows and order our 'quick fix' fast foods, taking relish in epicurean delights that should not be eaten even by the best of fools. Yet, we are a foolish nation, calling evil good and good evil. Our sensual appetites and lusts have turned our tastebuds against us to the point where our perverted eating habits are putting us in the grave. With health care costs in America skyrocketing to over a billion dollars a year, are we any better off? Are we healthier for all our high priced medical care? The truth is, we are a sick nation. We have been content to satisfy our bellies with good tasting poison that has slowly eaten away our very lives. All of a sudden, we wake up to aches, pains, sickness, and disease. Who is to blame? If we blame our health problems on old age, what excuse have the young? Why are children coming down with cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart problems? Has anyone ever bothered to investigate? Is there an answer, an obvious explanation for the many physical woes Americans are experiencing?

Answers do not come easy for some, because they really do not want to know the truth. Many Americans are content to be ever-pursuing good health, however elusive. Call it a crusade or a Don Quixote complex. Call it what you will. In the end most die in their conquest against sickness and disease, because they failed to find the real answer to their physical problems.

Let it be known and understood that America's health crisis is not due to a lack of medical care or modern technology. America's health problems are the result of improper diet. We cannot eat poison and survive. That we have abused our bodies at the high cost of our health is a sad fact. The average American diet is the cause of most physical, emotional, and spiritual ills. Little do people know that most physical problems are diet-related, i.e. nutritionally-based. A poor diet results in poor health. The equation is simple. Eat right and the body heals itself. Did anyone ever tell you that? Truth is too simple for some. Thus most people suffer and die, because they refuse the truth. While Americans think they are civilized, they are in fact savage. Their eating habits prove they have poor taste. This is poverty at its height, a kind of decadence that refuses to go away. The truth is that there are natives in the jungles of South America and elsewhere in the world who lead longer, healthier lives than most Americans. Such natives never experience the common diseases that plague most Americans today. Many don't even have cavities! So, what's wrong with the American equation? Something doesn't add up.

For all that America can boast, it is a proud nation that needs a great humbling. Perhaps the casualty numbers of the ill are not high enough yet to convince the average American that there is a better way to live. If dying is such a great sport in America, why aren't there cheerleaders in funeral parlors? Are we a nation that has lost its senses? Have we deteriorated to the point where sickness is a way of life?

It is true that sickness is intrenched, if not inherent, in the American lifestyle. It is equally true that it need not be so. There is a better way to live and it starts by eating right. Proper nutrition is an axiom that does not change. You are what you eat. So, if you're not feeling well, perhaps you need to examine what you had for dinner. How many dinners, lunches, snacks, breakfasts have you had lately that have acutally fed your body?

The time to examine your diet is now. The time to investigate what constitutes proper nutrition is now. Discover the wonderful world of superior health while there is yet time. Your life depends upon it.

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