from Hallelujah Acres

Physical conditions that have dramatically improved or disappeared completely on the Hallelujah Diet:
Acid reflux
ADD (Attention deficit disorder
ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
Age spots
Back pain
Bad breath
Bad circulation
Bleeding gums
Blood pressure
Blood sugar
Body odor
Bone spurs
Cancer (dozens of different kinds)
Cerebral palsy
Cystic fibrosis
Down Syndrome
Dry skin
Duodenal ulcer
Ear infections
Energy increased
Esophageal reflux
Eyesight improved
Fatty tumors
Fingernail fungus
Foggy brain
Fungus, toe and nail Glaucoma
Graves Disease
Gulf War Syndrome
Hay fever
Headaches Hearing loss
Heart palpitations
Heel spur
Hepatitis A,B,C
Herniated disc
Hiatal hernia
Hormonal imbalance
Hot flashes
Hypoglycemia Hypothyroidism
Internal bleeding
Interstitial cystitis
Irregular heartbeat
Irritable bowel syndrome
Kidney stones
Knees: arthritic, pain, weak
Leg cramps
Liver problems
Losing hair
Lyme Disease
Lymph node inflammation
Manic depression
Memory loss
Menstrual problems
Mental capacity
Mental clarity
Metal toxicity Migraines
Mineral balance
Miraculous recovery from usually fatal accident
Mitral stenosis
Mitral valve prolapse
Mood swings
Motion sickness
Multiple sclerosis
Muscle cramps
Muscle spasms
Neck pain
Night sweats
Numbness Obesity Osteo-arthritis
Ovarian cysts
Pain: back, female organs, hips, joints, knees, etc.
Panic attacks
Peripheral arterial disease
Polio Polyps
Positive attitude Psoriasis
Red splotches on face Rheumatoid arthritis
Ringing in ears
Shortness of breath
Sinus problems
Sleep apnea
Sore legs
Spastic colon
Stomach aches and pain
Stress reduction
Suicidal thoughts
Testicular lump
Thyroid problems
TMJ\line Toxemia
Trigeminal Neuralgia
Tremors Triglyceride Ulcerative colitis
Underarm odor
Underweight corrected
Uterus infection
Vaginal irritation
Varicose veins
Vocal cords, problems resolved
Weight, excess gone
Wheelchair gone
Yeast infection

Excerpts from Hallelujah Health Tips

Aundrea, who lives in Burnet, Texas: "Blessings
Rhonda & Rev. Malkmus, I wrote a couple months ago, giving
my own testimony of how The Hallelujah Diet had helped me,
but now I write to you on behalf of my Mother, Gloria. She
wanted me to express her appreciation to you for what you
are doing for others! God is using you in such a mighty
way. My mother underwent heart surgery - had 3 stints put
in - and as a result suffered a small STROKE and was very
close to having a heart attack. Her BLOOD PRESSURE WAS
230/150, and SOMETIMES HIGHER. She suffered with ACID
REFLUX and a HERNIA, and could HARDLY SWALLOW. She was
HER FEET AND LEGS, TERRIBLE MIGRAINES and MOOD SWINGS. When first starting The Hallelujah Diet, she was on 22
MEDICATIONS. In just under one year, on The Hallelujah
Diet, she has been able to REDUCE HER MEDICATIONS FROM 22
REFLUX GONE! HERNIA GONE! THE CYSTS ARE GONE! SHE DOESN'T HAVE LEG AND FEET SWELLING ANYMORE AND HER BLOOD PRESSURE IS NOW 120 OVER 70. SHE HAS LOST OVER 30 POUNDS AND NOW HAS ABUNDANT ENERGY! Her doctors are amazed and told her to keep doing what she is doing. One of her doctors is a Christian and said he had heard of The Hallelujah Diet, encouraged her to stay on it, and said she is doing the
right thing! She went today for her first day of training
for Hospice - this has been her dream to show the Love and
compassion of Christ to the elderly and sick and she is
spreading your message Dr. Malkmus, about God's Way to
Ultimate Health everywhere she goes. God's diet has TAKEN
20 YEARS OFF MY MOM - SHE IS 53 AND LOOKS LIKE SHE DID WHEN SHE WAS IN HER THIRTIES! Now she is giving back because of what God has done for her through The Hallelujah Diet, and thru your faithfulness Dr. Malkmus. My Family is forever
thankful to you for doing what God has called you to do.
You are in our prayers. Please continue to Go Forth Into
All The World, renewing minds to the TRUTH that sets the
captives free. Much Love In Christ, Gloria"

Then on Friday, April 20th, I received the following
letter from Paul. It is a long one, but I believe you will
find it worth taking the time to read: "Dear Brother
Malkmus, I have just come from a very successful visit with
my mother's doctor and can't hold back my excitement. I
must tell you her story: On February 10th of this year
(2007), my mother called me, needing to go to the emergency
room after being sick and vomiting for 4-days. I rushed her
to the emergency room only to learn she had a HUGE GROWTH
IN HER ABDOMEN. A cancer specialist and surgeon were
brought in on her case, and her oncologist told me they had
found the LARGEST TUMOR THEY HAD EVER SEEN. He suggested a biopsy, which was done. THE BIOPSY CAUSED THE TUMOR TO GROW RAPIDLY, adding another 50 pounds of weight in just one week. When the results from the pathology lab came back we learned mom had a large B-cell LYMPHOMA CANCER and it was growing rapidly. At this point mom was struggling to
breathe because the growth, now awakened by the biopsy, was
growing rapidly and pressing against her lungs. She was not
able to eat or drink anything. Our family discussed our
options and decided that chemo was our only choice. Just
one round of chemo was very devastating to our very sick
mother. Because of mother's severe reaction to the
chemotherapy, the doctor said there would be no more
treatments because he didn't think mother could survive
them. A few days later the doctor came to mom's room and
told us that he was not sure she would live through the
night. However, she remained in the hospital several weeks
trying to get enough strength back to return home to die,
for we were told that there was nothing more the doctors
PLACED HER ON THE HALLELUJAH DIET, knowing it could save
her life if the tumor had not progressed too far, robbing
us of the time needed for The Hallelujah Diet to work.
Before leaving the hospital, we learned that the one chemo
treatment had shrunk her tumor by about 75%, and I had hope
that there was enough time, seeing that the tumor had
shrunk, to allow mom to drink small amounts of vegetable
juices. The first 2-weeks on the juices gave us little
hope, as we saw no change in mom's condition, and then her
doctor gave me a lecture regarding treating mom with
nutrition. He was quite firm with me and very discouraging.
He closed the conversation by saying: 'Proper nutrition
can't cure anything - not even a headache! Don't you think
we doctors would have figured that out a long ago if
nutrition worked?' The doctor's words did not discourage
me; because I felt so sure in my heart that your program
Dr. Malkmus would work, that I continued it, but with very
little encouragement. By the third week, I began to see
things that I thought were signs of improvement. By the end
of the 4th week I was pointing out to mom all the positive
improvements in an effort to encourage her that she was
indeed getting better. THIS IS NOW THE 5TH WEEK, AND MOM
(WHO LIVES WITH MY WIFE AND I) IS GOING AROUND THE HOUSE DOING HOUSEHOLD CHORES EACH DAY. Today we took mom to her doctor, and watched him stammer and stumble all over himself trying to explain her very miraculous come-back. He is now a believer, and admitted that he was going to have
to re-think his stand on nutrition and turned to me and
said: 'Don't change a thing you are doing - keep it up!' He
then asked for the Hallelujah Acres web page
and said he was definitely going to check into the program,
for he couldn't deny what he was seeing. He wants us to
bring mom back in 6-weeks so he can put her through a
battery of tests to see if the cancer is either gone or
gotten smaller. Brother Malkmus, I don't need the tests,
although we will do them. I am already seeing the mom I
have always known return to life. I'm thankful for your
educational information and faithful work."

This first letter is from new parents Nathan and Kim Knight, who live in Arkansas: "On March 29th, 1999, a Hallelujah Baby was born - Moriah Leigh weighed in at 7 lbs. 9 oz. She is here because we followed the Hallelujah Acres diet and lifestyle. We are living proof that the Hallelujah Diet is a life changer. My wife had never had a regular menstrual cycle in her life, and doctors told us she would never be able to become pregnant unless she took fertility pills. But instead we went 'cold turkey' on the Hallelujah Diet on January 2, 1998. So Moriah is a miracle baby and a precious bundle from God. After 9 years of marriage, we have been blessed with a daughter the doctors said could never be.

They continue: "In the past year and a half on the Hallelujah Diet, my wife Kim, who had always been underweight, has gained ten pounds, and she no longer has sinus problems. Also, she was off allergy shots within three months of making the diet change. My own health challenges have also disappeared. I had been diagnosed with an Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and had been on Ritalin for five years to help me concentrate - but once I got refined sugar out of my system I was able to concentrate and no longer needed the Ritalin. I have also lost 30 pounds. We have seen other less dramatic changes as well - no more body odor, our hair is more healthy, Kim has fingernails for the first time in her life and our skin is clearer. No more hemorrhoids, no more sore feet, and I could go on and on. By the way, the doctors and everyone who sees Moriah says she has the most beautiful skin and color - no bumps, rashes or peeling. She does not spit up, does not have gas, and sleeps 9-10 hours a night.

(Approximately one-third of all young couples in America today cannot produce a baby! Here at Hallelujah Acres we teach that this inability to conceive is usually caused by improper diet and lifestyle. And to substantiate this teaching, we have received dozens of testimonies similar to the one above: once a couple made the change from the world's diet to the Hallelujah Diet, they were able to conceive. Also note that the need for Ritalin disappeared after the diet change had been made.)

Just yesterday the following testimony came in from Kristina Smith, who lives in New York. Notice how her child's attention deficit disorder also improved on the Hallelujah Diet: "Since I changed my way of eating AND thinking, I can't help but spread the word. It all just falls into place with what the Bible teaches, and makes so much sense! Now, when I go into the grocery store and see the mothers with toddlers filling their shopping carts with chips, pop, and cereal (candy), it grieves my heart. I am a mother of 3, ages 3-8, and I am learning how to get them on the Hallelujah Diet also. My eight-year-old son was having difficulty in school with attention - they wanted to evaluate - well I decided to just put him on the Hallelujah Diet (including the Barley Green, which he loves), and a week later the teacher called and said he was a different child!

In an e-mail from Venus and Annie to "Loved ones" with a copy to me: "Many of you have shared (in the past) some of our sad news about my health and I think it wouldn't be fair if I didn't share the good news also - VICTORY! My last lab test shows no more malignant cancer. Lab tests in January and April showed it to be malignant, but the last one shows NOT malignant. That is only one month after going on the Hallelujah Diet!"

Helmut Petrak, who lives in British Columbia, Canada, addressed this to "Dear Friends" with a copy to me: "This week it will be two years since Anna and I started with the 'Hallelujah Lifestyle' and the results never cease to amaze us! It appears that our immune system has completely rebuilt. Since going on the diet two years ago, we have not had a cold, flu, headache, or any physical problem whatsoever. Plus, no more MS, arthritis, high blood pressure, muscle cramps, toenail fungus, or hemorrhoids. Since making the lifestyle change we have not taken a flu shot or a single drug of any sort, and have not seen a doctor except for a couple of stitches after an accident. Feels good to feel so healthy on a simple raw food diet and exercise regimen. Yes, it is that simple! Fruits, vegetables, vegetable juices, Udo's Oil, a variety of nuts, grains, legumes, and as an insurance policy, Barley Green, just in case the fruits and vegetables come out of a soil that may have been depleted of minerals."

This letter came to me from Teresa: "We started on the Hallelujah Diet a little over 3 weeks ago. My family and I went on the diet for better health, but I had another goal - to lose weight. After only 3 weeks on the Hallelujah Diet, I have lost 15 pounds. There are so many other changes for the better, also. My husband's sciatica back pain is GONE! He used to suffer from this a lot, and now that he is eating healthy and JUICING he doesn't suffer from it any more. He is also off caffeine. My children are off sugar and so am I - no more harmful addictions in this house. Praise God for this change in our life."

In another e-mail, this one from Rita: "Hi, and greetings in the name of Jesus! I am going to try this Hallelujah Diet. Decided that the other night when I was in so much pain in all my joints. In fact, I didn't want to even wake up the next day. . . .  The very next day I was channel surfing and saw a lady on the Sally Jessy Raphael Show (a show I do not normally watch) showing a pair of pants that would fit King Kong! She had gone on the Hallelujah Diet and lost 188 pounds. Her diet consisted of raw fruits and vegetables and something called BarleyMax. . .  . WOW! It sure strengthened my resolve. I weigh 200 pounds at 4'11" and have many ailments. Please pray for me. I have been hearing about many others who are free from pain, migraines, excess weight, and some from cancer on the Hallelujah Diet. And by the way, my daughter's mother-in-law ate your way and is now free from cancer, also. I am so excited and have been sharing the Hallelujah Diet with everyone."

An obviously busy Mom with a sense of humor writes: "Hi! I am rather new to the Hallelujah Diet (about 2 1/2 months), but I know that I have made an excellent decision already. My husband has already lost 37 pounds and I have lost 23 pounds and about 18 inches! We feel better and have lots more energy to chase our 5 children, who are also gaining more energy as their diet changes, too! Is this really a GOOD thing? Anyway, thank you for sharing what God has shared with you!"

Back on July 1, 1999, Bill Moore sent us the following email: "I have had leukemia for the past four years. I can't wait for my next check-up on July 13 to see what effect the diet and exercise will have on my blood count. My doctor does not know that I started the Hallelujah Diet. I learned about the Hallelujah Diet from a Catholic priest, Father Ledoux, who writes for 'Mississippi Today,' and from Rita Martinson, our local state representative. Hey, you're getting some good press out here!"

Well, Bill went back to his doctor on July 13, for his check-up, and here is what he had to share with us on July 14, 1999:

"My check-up went fine. Here are the stats:

* White blood cell count cut in half . . . down to 4900

* Heartbeat . . . down to 65

* Weight . . . down 13 pounds

* Acid reflux . . . totally gone - no more Zantac

* Morning cough . . . gone - no more Claritin

* Sleeping like a baby . . . no more sleeping pills

* Ringing in ears . . . down to a minimal

* Daily energy level . . . somewhere up there in the clouds

* Lost all cravings for meats, fish, poultry, desserts, sugar, salt,

milk, white bread and butter.

Pastor Carl Eisenhart: "I say HALLELUJAH for the Hallelujah Diet and for George Malkmus. We started on God's Way on June 24, 1995. I am now 46 years old and every health problem I had when I started the diet is gone. I was up at 4:30 this morning. I usually ride my bike every day for 20 to 50 miles early in the morning. I carry a full pastoral schedule. Today I cut grass for three hours in the middle of the afternoon with 95-degree temperatures and felt great. When I started on the Hallelujah Diet four years ago, I was 67 lbs. heavier than I am now and could hardly walk a block without getting out of breath. But not any more! Praise God, now I can literally leap for joy! Thank you again, Bro. George, and may God continue to enlarge your coast."

The following email came in from K. Vonckx: "I would like more information on your home study program. Thank you so much for sharing the Hallelujah lifestyle. My 3-month follow-up visit to my doctor resulted in my endocrinologist stating 'your blood sugar is perfect.' In less than 3 months I have been able to discontinue all my blood sugar medication. . . . Although my husband and I are still in transition, our bodies are responding beautifully, and we are so excited. Can't imagine what it will be like when everything yucky is eliminated from our diet.

This one comes from Jacque' McPhee: "I have been eating the Hallelujah way for 10 months now and I feel great! I am a 46 year old female. I have no more mood swings or hot flashes and my periods have almost stopped. I have lost the arthritis in my right hand, my TMJ is gone, and the plantar fasciitis [heel spur] in my heel is gone. I have normal, regular bowl movements, unlike before when I was on the SAD (Standard American Diet), and I have lost all excess weight. I am now at the same weight I graduated from high school with, and have the same amount of energy I had then. If you offered me a million dollars I would not go back to the SAD. I feel tooooooo gooood! Thank you for your ministry."

Testimony from Barbara Alexander: "While searching the Internet Idiscovered your site. I have eagerly read much of your information in regards to the Hallelujah Diet and am transitioning to the Hallelujah Diet. I have had no milk or meat for nine weeks and must say I am feeling much better. My acid reflux problem, for which I was taking medication that was doing me no good, has been eliminated. I have lost 27 pounds and my doctor has reduced my blood pressure medication by 75%, and he stated that if my blood pressure remains low he will take me off the medication I have been on for over 3 years.

Why Pastors Should Use the Hallelujah Diet in Their Ministries
By Pastor Gary Morris

Dear Pastor: Have you ever wondered why more than 90 percent of all the prayer requests in your church are about sickness? Or why the people in your church are just as sick as the rest of the people in your community? Or why Christians are just as sick as non-Christians?

I am trying to sound a wake-up alarm to the church! When it comes to the physical body, we have been taught wrong! We have been listening to the teachings of the world when it comes to how to nourish and take care of our physical bodies, rather than listening to God.

God did not design us to be sick! We get sick because we are eating the world's diet. Then when we get sick, we once again turn to the world and its system in an effort to get well -- and this world's system often makes us sicker, and sometimes even causes the death of our people. There is another way of feeding our bodies and dealing with our physical problems, and it is God's Way!

Allow me to share how the Hallelujah Diet changed my life and the life of the people in my church. I had been sick with chronic prostatitis and colon problems for many years. One day a few years back I was given Brother George's book, "Why Christians Get Sick." I read it and decided to try this strange-sounding diet. Well, to make a long story short, in just two short weeks all my physical problems simply disappeared, and during the next few months I lost 34 pounds.

The members of my church began to ask me what was going on.

"Brother Gary, what is happening to you?" "Are you losing weight?" "You seem to be more alert and energetic!" Well, I told my adult Sunday School teacher about the Hallelujah Diet, and he tried it. Almost immediately his blood pressure and weight started to drop. As a result of seeing what this diet had done in his own body and for me, he insisted I share this information with the rest of the church.

So one Sunday, during an evening service, I shared this information with the congregation and was greatly pleased with the response. Almost immediately half of them went on the Hallelujah Diet, and then the testimonies started coming. One of my members, a lady over 80 years of age who had been experiencing headaches every morning, made the diet change and her headaches quickly went away.

A gentleman in my church, a juvenile diabetic, was taking 73 units of insulin each day. After five weeks on the Hallelujah Diet he had lost 22 pounds, saw his blood pressure drop from 150/96 to 110/75, and was able to decrease his insulin from 73 units a day to 36 units a day.

Another gentleman in our church lost 24 pounds, while his blood pressure, which had been high for years, quickly fell to normal range. He also suffered from arthritis in his shoulder, knees, and feet, but that also vanished. His wife had suffered with acid reflux problems for years and was on prescription drugs - but now, since going on the Hallelujah Diet, has no more acid reflux problems.

I have a pastor friend who was able to go off 27 different medications by simply applying the principles taught by Hallelujah Acres.

This first email was sent to me by Chelsie Cate: " I am happy to report that on Thursday I went on the Hallelujah Diet cold-turkey. God told me that I needed to make a change in my diet and I couldn't ignore His word for me any longer.

Well, it is the fourth day and WOW, I feel great! My energy level has soared. I have no more symptoms of hypoglycemia, my psoriasis is disappearing, urinary incontinence is almost gone and I have lost 6 pounds so far. Thanks."

In an email received today, Amy asked if we could provide our materials in the German language, as she wants to share our program with others in Germany: "My name is Amy Wedel and I am writing from Germany. My husband and I heard of the Hallelujah Diet one month before we moved to Germany. My parents and a few other family members have been on the Hallelujah Diet for 7 months now and have seen tremendous rewards. Thirty-five years ago my mother was told she would never be able to walk again, due to the amount of damage done to her knee in an accident. Now, at age 56, my mother is free of arthritic pain and is running in the backyard with her grandchildren. And my other family members have stories of heavenly pregnancies, weight loss, pleasant and sniffle-free children, and more energy and alertness for exercise and work. . . . My whole family is so thankful for this new and wonderful way of eating and living, and I am excited to share it with my in-laws and others here in Germany."

Here is an email from Judy Hulett: "My husband asked me to write and tell you about my experience on your diet. I started the Hallelujah Diet two weeks ago-I was so stiff with arthritis! Well, I just had a physical and all tests are perfect. I have lost 25 pounds from my highest weight and the doctor said I do not need to go see that specialist - it was great! When she asked me if I wanted hormone replacement therapy, I told her I had just cut out ALL animal products. Then I asked her where this hormone replacement came from . . . HORSES, she said; 'Now why would I want to do that?' The night before, friends said I needed Calorad, which comes from COWS . . . get real! Anyhow, I just wanted to tell you that I feel great and have no more symptoms. Ron, my husband, is also on the diet."

This first email comes from Ray Bucher, who lives in Ohio: "I was diagnosed with untreatable and incurable cancer and given five weeks to live in April of 1998. A friend shared your screaming preacher tape, 'How to Eliminate Sickness,' with me. Six weeks later (after making the diet change), NO

TRACE OF CANCER!!! For the first time in my life I consumed vegetables, and they were raw - well, I actually juiced 'em. I felt God gave me the flood (juice) so that I wouldn't have to eat them. And no, I don't believe it was a miracle that God healed me. I have been telling ALL who will listen that the miracle is that I LISTENED! Mr. Malkmus, thank you for sharing your life-saving knowledge."

From Kentucky, Todd Toole writes: "I am a pharmacist (soon also to be a board-certified clinical nutritionist) and I am reading your book 'GOD'S WAY TO ULTIMATE HEALTH.' I believe this is what I have been looking for in a nutritional program, especially since it is based on the Word of God. My doctor friend and I have a radio show called 'Your Health,' and we interviewed a guest on the past two broadcasts who shared the Hallelujah Diet. My doctor friend and I have discussed God's purpose in our lives with this nutrition that we have such a passion for, and believe we are to help the saints get healthy so we can wage war against the evil one. Please send information on your Health Ministry program."

Cheryl, in an email, states: "Dear Rev. Malkmus, I have been using Rhonda's recipes and they're delicious. I tried the Zucchini Chowder and loved it. My mom has been on the Hallelujah Diet for awhile now and she says, 'It is the only way to go!' She had diverticulitis and feels a lot better since making the diet change. She is 75 years old and just spent a month painting around the house. She put up a trellis, painted a lighthouse and windmill lawn ornament, and I don't know what else. I told her she didn't need to buy any long-term disability insurance because she's never going to need a nursing home!"

Janet and Ken Vincent live in Florida and wrote: "We enjoy and use the information in your newsletter to help us remain committed to this lifestyle you have shown us. We have followed your principles for three years and have never been healthier than we are now. Many thanks for your good work and help for people."

And we will close with this email from Vivian Gifford, who lives in New York: "Praise the Lord! You are helping so many people around the world teaching good nutrition. Truly this is a needed ministry and I have passed this information on to others in our area. Yet, there are so many more that could use your teachings. . . . Many have been hit hard with cancer up here, and we pray for more and more believers to understand the importance of our bodies being the temple of the Holy Spirit and how we need to take care of them. The father of a lady I work with has leukemia. He is on the
Hallelujah Diet and is now in remission - Praise the Lord! But we need this teaching to be spread further. A pastor's son, 14 years of age, just died of cancer. They had him on very strong chemotherapy for bone cancer and his body just withered away. We are so sad! And we tried to talk to the pastor and even gave him a book, yet still they kept with the treatments as though nothing else could help his bone cancer. Pray that many people up here in New York will catch the vision."

This one comes via an e-mail from Susan Mazzoni, a college student: "Thank you for all you have done to spread the word that the vegetarian diet is best. I recently cut out all meat and most dairy from my diet and I have already lost ten pounds - the results are amazing. I am hoping that my improvements and weight loss will compel my family to take a closer look at the things they eat. Thank you again for the inspiration you have provided."

The final letter for this week comes in the form of an e- mail from Ruth Rasmussen: "Many years ago, I worked for two years with Brother Lestor Roloff in Corpus Christi, Texas. During that time I saw many people recovering from terminal cancer, and that is when I began to learn about eating right and keeping my system clean. That is also when I lost my arthritis, for which I had been diagnosed when only 21 years of age. Thank you for your hard work on behalf of the sick [people] of this world. Truly your ministry has been nothing short of a miracle, and only shows the great need. I am in the process of talking to our new pastor about this diet - he has diabetes and is overweight. I am hoping to show him his need for this diet, and how it can also help the many others in the congregation who are overweight and suffer from a multitude of health problems."

"Just a quick note to say 'thank you!' We were shown the Hallelujah Diet by a very good friend of ours after I was diagnosed with stage three lymphoma. We felt diet was the way to go but we weren't sure where to start. Anyway, after seeing your HOW TO ELIMINATE SICKNESS video, I went out and bought a juicer and started the diet that very day. Twelve weeks after starting the Hallelujah Diet the moles on my forehead were gone and my eyesight was better. Then last Thursday I had an examination and scan for my cancer and was told that my body was back to normal and they couldn't find any cancer. I know the diet works. . . ."

Don & Marilyn Beck write from Texas: "We first heard about your ministry this past summer when you were interviewed on KCBI here in Dallas. Since then we have told many about the Hallelujah Diet--including our daughter-in-law's mother who was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer in July 1999 and given six weeks to live. She has been on the Hallelujah Diet ever since and the doctors are amazed at how much her tumors have decreased. One doctor said they had decreased 'a thousand percent.' So far, she is doing very well and we are praying for a complete recovery.

Cheri writes: "I am one month into the Hallelujah Diet and feel wonderful! My biggest surprise was the ease of my caffeine withdrawal--I have been a heavy caffeine drinker (cola) for many years and have tried to quit numerous times without success. Each time I had horrible headaches, nausea and fatigue. On the Hallelujah Diet I easily and painlessly was off caffeine in a matter of days. I assume the raw enzymes helped. How wonderful! So far I have lost twelve pounds; dropped one dress size; have baby-soft skin; need less sleep; no more mood swings or PMS (amazing!); and I could go on and on. . . ."

Loretta writes from Texas: "I recently attended your seminar in Houston and thought it was incredible. I believe you have surpassed my two-year-old daughter with your energy level. I have been slowly changing my family's diet and we are all reaping the benefits."