Healthy New Year!

by Mary Louise;Town Jaqua, Health Minister

It is a new year, and are you healthy? If not, decide
to become healthy this year! As the calendar moves
ahead, now is a good time to access your lifestyle.
Are you happy with it or is there room for improvement?
At the turn of the year, many people make resolutions
to better their lives. While these resolutions vary, most
will agree that a better quality of life is everyone's goal.
This being so, how best can we live life to the fullest?
Where do we begin?

Is buying a bigger, better car or building a bigger, better
home the key to a happier, healthier life?. Likewise, will
fame and fortune afford a better quality of life? While
achieving these goals may satisfy the aspirations of
many people, one fact is clear: money cannot buy
good health! Therefore, the first and foremost goal
that everyone should make in life is to pursue excellent

Superior health is learned as well as earned. It is an
educational process that is expressed daily by gaining
knowledge about important health related issues and
then applying them. A healthy lifestyle is marked by
commitment, determination, and discipline. Steady,
consistent effort to improve one's quality of life brings
lasting benefits. Achieving a more vibrant, meaningful
life is possible! Start your journey to ultimate health
by using the following guide:

  1. DIET-
    Phase out the Standard American Diet
    of animal-based foods (meat, dairy, seafood),
    cooked and processed foods, and replace them
    with whole, living foods: fresh, raw fruit, vegetables,
    seeds, nuts, and whole grains. Avoid wheat, soy
    products, and GMO foods. If necessary, eliminate
    one harmful, non-food at a time to allow body and
    mind to adjust. Begin a juicing program. Consider
    cleansing (parasite, liver, intestinal tract, etc.).
    Drink purified as opposed to tap water.

    The body is designed to move!
    Begin an exercise program that includes
    aerobics (rebounding, walking) and stretching.
    As much as possible, avoid sitting and standing
    in one place for long periods of time. Those
    confined to desk work should take periodic

    - Sunlight is a
    valuable, readily-available source of Vitamin D.
    Twenty minutes in the sun and fresh air supplies

    the body with vital nutrients, especially oxygen.
    The body's over all nurtitional need is 96%
    oxygen and 4% food.

    Take time to 'recreate' by
    choosing activities that invigorate the body,
    mind, and spirit: swimming, hiking, skiing,
    gardening, creative hobbies, writing, etc.

    Choose natural (cotton, linen, hemp)
    instead of man-made (polyester, acrylic, rayon,
    nylon, etc.) fibers. Natural fibers allow the body
    to breathe, whereas man-made fibers contain
    harmful chemicals that soffocate the skin and
    release toxins into pores.

    Phase out chemical-based
    household and personal care products and substitute
    with natural products. Become more conscious of
    issues such as land use and water rights.Learn
    and practice good stewardship and, if necessary,
    become proactive.

    - Build lasting relationships. Surround
    yourself with people who have positive,
    constructive attitudes. Make friends with those
    who express a genuine interest in your wellbeing.
    Avoid people who have a 'toxic' (negative) outlook.
    Limit computer, TV, cell phone usage in favor
    of building one-on-one relations.

    Strengthen your spirit with a
    personal relationship with Yahshua Messiah.
    Read your Bible and pray daily. Meditate upon
    YHVH's word throughout the day and apply it
    to your life. Successful living is knowing
    Yahshua and following Him.

Quality of life is a matter of choice! Resolve to make
the new year the best one of your life by making
healthier choices. While a new car, home, job, fame,
and fortune can be blessings, they are worthless if
we are not healthy! True prosperity is not found in
material gain, but in the possessing of a vibrant,
healthy life.

Therefore as we step into a new year, let us do so
in a healthy way! We only have one life and one body.
How we care for ourselves daily determines the
quality of our future. For good or for ill, our thoughts
and actions speak for themselves. Will we make
healthier choices for ourselves so that we can live
life to the fullest or shall we watch our lives pass
us by?

It is time to choose:


Choose to have a Healthy New Year!


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