Learn to LIVE!

Many people go through life and never experience the joy of living. They are bogged down in the quagmire of sickness and pain. They suffer physical distress that causes emotional trauma to themselves and their families. All too many people are victims of their own ill-designed lifestyles that become living nightmares, ultimately leading them into the grave. It is sad but true that many, many people die because they did not learn how to live. In other words, they died because they lacked the understanding and commitment needed to live a healthy, happy, prosperous life.

Despite the staggering statistics of sickness and disease that exist in the earth, there is hope. This website is dedicated to sharing the wonderful news: You don't need to be sick! There is a way out of sickness, pain, excess weight, fatigue, etc. This way does not include the devises of man- drugs, surgery, and long-term 'professional' health care. There is hope the natural way. The body does heal itself, if it is treated right. For too many years, we have abused our bodies by fostering poor health habits only to find that we have suffered the consequences... grave consequences. We have watched loved ones slip away to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. We have seen our lives torn apart due to illness, pain, and death. When will this ever stop?

This seemingly endless cycle of despair will never stop until people are tired of being deceived by their own faulty values and lifestyles and want a better life for themselves. When people wake up to the shocking truth that they have been duped by the very foods they eat, there shall indeed be a revolution. There will be a joyful turning away from those things that would harm them and an embracing of those things that will bless them. In other words, they will learn to live!

Life is a glorious experience, yet we must fight for our lives! The battle lines are drawn and our futures are at stake. How well we live is ultimately determined upon our commitment to living well...taking responsibility for our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This is a daily exercise of applying the truth that it might set us free.

We invite you to consider the information on this website that you might learn to live. Take the initiative to change your life for the better by learning the truth. The truth, indeed, sets you free!

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