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Issue #18: "Walking for Health"

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2. Ministry update from Mary Louise;Town Jaqua, Hallelujah Acres Health Minister
3  Feature article: 'Walking for Health'
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6. LIVING recipe: Dandy Spring Salad

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CANCER: the cause and can it be conquered?

Thursday, May 14, 2009
Winslow Public Library
136 Halifax St., Winslow
For more details:

Our monthly HANDS-ON HEALTH meetings are
taped for later broadcast on Channel 7, Public Access TV.
DVDs are available for a modest fee. For details
contact Laura at 207-453-9895 or

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2. Ministry update  

Dear Friends,

It is May already, and a sure sign that the year is quickly
marching along. In an effort to keep pace with time, those
of us at The Living Way are in high gear with healthy pursuits.
For my part, I have been tackling the garden and yard with
zest while enjoying the sun and fresh air. After months of winter
confinement, it is a joy to be outside. Already I have cleared
and raked most of the yard, weeded most of the garden,
transplanted herbs, and cleaned out new beds for planting.
When I am not outside, I am tending to my inside garden of
heirloom tomato seedlings, sprouting jars filled with different
varieties of seeds plus a glass loaf pan filled with home-grown
barley grass. The latter is an experiment to see how well the
grass will grow without soil...a simple, hydroponic approach
that I recently discovered . As much as I wanted to begin
growing our own grasses, the fuss and muss of handling soil
did not appeal to me. Hence, when I found out ever-so-recently
that grasses can be grown without soil, I was inspired! Voila!
I sprang into action. My disdain for plastic prompted me to use
Pyrex loaf dishes instead of conventional (plastic) growing trays.
Thus, in a few short days, my first barley grass crop was ready
for harvest! I did not grow enough to juice, so we used the grass
in raw soups. It added a smooth richness plus a little variety to
our fare, knowing that we have discovered yet another way to
to enjoy growing healthy!

Why are we growing grasses, one might ask? The answer is
simple. As our "Hallelujah" healthy lifestyle evolves, the demands
of our bodies and tastebuds change. For the most part, our diet
is becoming greener. We hunger for the chlorophyll-rich greens
that are the building blocks of optimum health. Though we love
our freshly-extracted vegetable juices, we find less tolerance
for root vegetables and a greater appetite for greens. Thus we
have been shifting into a new dimension in juicing that promises
to streamline the process, giving us more concentrated greens
for less time and effort. Though we are moving into a new
experience in juicing, we still take our BarleyMax faithfully each
day! Nevetheless, if all else fails, we are glad to know how to
grow our own barley in case we need it some day.

Moving along to other healthy pursuits at The Living Way, our
HANDS-ON HEALTH meeting this month is "Cancer: the
cause and can it be conquered?"
We are meeting an increasing
number of people who are suffering this dreaded disease, so I
decided to address the subject head-on. Suffice to say, cancer is
literally eating thousands, if not millions, of Americans alive annually.
It is the number two killer in our country, second only to heart
disease. If you have cancer or know of someone who does, consider
attending our HANDS-ON HEALTH meeting next week. In addition to
my lecture, an inspiring, testimonial video from Hallelujah Acres will
be shown. What you learn in this meeting, is life saving. For more
click here.

My feature article this month is 'Walking for Health.'
the arrival of warmer weather, I felt it was a good time to encourage
a little friendly, outdoor exercise. While cold weather months often
keep us indoors, the warm weather affords us the joyous liberty of
being in the sunshine and fresh air. It is a blessing to go out and
about with ease, engaging our bodies in the natural ryhthm of life
called, walking! Exercise is a natural way expression that is both
necessary and beneficial. Hopefully this month's mini-treatise
on walking will inspire you to new heights of personal health!

Speaking of walking, when we are out on errands, we continue
to meet more of our TV viewers, whose comments are both
enthusiastic and encouraging. We are glad that our HANDS-ON
HEALTH meetings are now reaching two viewing audiences in
central Maine, i.e. over 20,000 people. In a local supermarket
recently, a viewer recognized and approached me, grabbed my
hand and gave me a long, vigorous handshake, while telling me
how much he appreciates our program. He kept exclaiming, "I
am learning so much!" It is good to know that we are touching
many lives. Tune in and share our program around with family
and friends. Remember that DVDs of our health meetings are
available from Channel 7 TV.

As issues of health make headline news, we remind you that
there is no better time than the present to pursue superior health.
While flu reports abound, and 'pandemic' becomes a common,
mainstream media term, it pays to pay attention and do all that
you can to be strong and healthy. For the sake of personal survival,
consider staying out of large crowds and, more importantly, stop
following the crowd! Stop eating the Standard American Diet
that is bringing down the health of this (and other) nations. Give
yourself the gift of life by adopting the live food 'Hallelujah' lifetsyle.
Those of us at The Living Way remain commited to helping you realize a life that's worth living. In an effort to help you better
understand the Swine Flu and related issues, I refer you to George Malkmus' latest Hallelujah Health Tip. I consider his comments
to be a must read. Once again, we stand with him for the sake of
your ultimate health. Access his Tip# 598 here:

Considering the immediacy of the times, we encourage you to
stock up on your BarleyMax and other Hallelujah Acres supplements.
Most of all, choose to live healthy. Without a doubt, current health
issues demand attention, since they appear to challenge personal
and national survival. Health is a matter of choice, and my twelve
twelve years as a Health Minister has taught me the importance of
pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Whereas most people are happily
hooked on the Standard American Diet, those of us at The Living
Way are glad to be eating healthy. We are thankful to enjoy
a quality of life that is well worth living. We could not accomplish
all that we do were it not for the Hallelujah Diet. Given the many
current crises in our nation, it will take great fortitude on the part of
every American to surmount the challenges of the day, whether they
be political, financial, social, religious or medical. All things
considered, start turning the world upside down by claiming superior
health! Be the first in your neighborhood to shed your physical,
emotional, and mental woes by adopting the 'Hallelujah lifestyle.'
Prove to your family, friends, and neighbors that 'you don't have to
be sick!' Create a revolution in your life by living well. We guarantee
that heads will turn, lives will be changed, and the world will be a
better place!

In closing, remember that it is Farmers' Market Season. Many
markets have now started up, including the one in Waterville. It is
good to see our farmer friends once again and share in the goodness
of local organics. Taste the season by supporting local growers.
Lastly, if you live nearby want a special treat, come and experience
our fruit trees while they bloom. The blossoms on our two apricot
trees have appeared overnight and the fragrance is something
short of a heavenly perfume! Much to my surprise (and amazement!),
a third apricot tree has sprung up near our original two. It is proudly
displaying its own array of blossoms as well. We do not know from
whence this third little apricot tree has come except by the hand of
YHVH! Stop by and see the show!


3) Feature Article: "Walking for Health"

Who ever thought that something as simple as walking could be
so good for the body? Nevertheless, it is true. Though we hear
of walking for diabetes, walking for birth defects, walking for aids,
walking for cancer or muscular dystrophy, what about walking
for HEALTH? Instead of 'walking campaigns' aimed at managing
sickness and disease, I submit that it is time to rediscover the
ancient art of walking as being a vital key to ultimate health.

Due to its simplicity, walking is often overlooked as an important
part of life, especially in relation to one's personal health.
Nevertheless, walking is a natural panacea for many ills. While
other exotic or more popular forms of exercise are widely promoted
and practiced, medical professionals and leading health authorities
rate walking as being a top, beneficial exercise. They classify it as

A "best" exercise ( accoding to physical fitness experts)
A preventative of heart and circulatory disorders (be cardiologists)
A first-rate weight controller (by obesity experts)
A preventative and a remedy for respiratory disorders (by chest
An aid to digestion and elimination
An aid to sleep
An antidote to tensions whether phyiscal, nervous,
psychological, emotions
A partial protection against the damaging effects of heavy smoking
on the heart, circulatory, and respoiratory systems.
A prime preventive and possible cure for a long list of common
nuisance ailments and some more serious physical problems.

Given the extraordinary benefits of walking, it is a wonder that
walking is not more widely lauded, revered, promoted, prescribed,
and practiced by the general populace. Perhaps this oversight is
due to lack of knowledge, since most people possess little under-
standing of body mechanics, especially in relation to personal
health. In an effort to close this educational gap, an exploration
of the simple act of walking and how it affects the human body

Walking- important for the circulation system
The circulatory system is responsible for transporting five quarts
of blood to and from the heart throughout the body on a continuous
basis. The blood carries and distributes oxygen, nutrients, enzymes,
and hormones and returns to the heart with waste products for
disposal. Over one hundred trillion body cells are dependant on this
transport for their life and health. In an average adult, the blood
makes a circuit of 60,000-100,000 miles via arteries, veins, and
capillaries once every minute which amounts to 72,000 quarts of
fluid every twenty four hours. The muscles of the heart and arteries,
propel the blood with minute, regular, rhythmic contractions
throughout the body; but the body needs help to overcome loss
of pressure and the pull of gravity in its effort to return the blood
from the abdomen organs, the legs, feet back to the heart.

Walking- considered the "second heart"
To facilitate the blood flow back to the heart, the body enlists the
help of muscles of the diaphragm, abdomen, buttocks, thighs,
calves, and feet. Walking engages these muscles into a series of
mild, rhythmic contractions that squeeze the veins which, in turn,
presses the blood along. Thus, when we walk, the muscles of
our lower extremities literally milk the blood back to the heart.

Walking- an antidote to sitting
A sedentary lifestyle is all too common for young and old. Sadly,
we have become a people consumed by computers, TVs, and
movies. 'Couch potatoes' grow everywhere. Along with the
acceptance of a sitting lifestyle has come a host of health
problems, many of which could be resolved by engaging in that
ancient art called 'walking.' A sedentary lifestyle fails to give
the circulatory system the extra muscular boost it needs to
help return the blood to the heart. Consequently the blood
flow rate and volume decreases, causing circulation to slow.
The heart must work harder to keep the decreased blood supply
moving so as to deliver oxygen to the cells and remove wastes.
Standing or sitting in one place for too long causes the blood to
collect in the veins of the belly, legs, and feet, which, in turn,
deprives the upper body and brain of vital supplies of oxygen.
Being sedentary results in a sluggish circulatory system that
ultimately elevates the heart rate and raises the blood pressure.
These elevations represent the body's way of working harder to
counteract the stasis or slackening of the blood flow. Walking,
however, eliminates stress on the heart by speeding up circulation,
thereby lowering the heart rate and blood pressure.

Walking- speeds healing
Medical professionals recognize that walking is a major contributor
to the healing process. After World War II, early ambulation became
a standard procedure for hospital patients. Walking quickly proved its
worth with fewer embolisms and rapid improvements in circulation,
muscle tone, digestion, and elimination. It also improved patient

Walking- oxygenates the body
The body's greatest need is for fresh, pure air. Approximately 96% of
our nutritional need comes from the air, while only 4% from the food
we eat. Air is 20% oxygen and 80% nitrogen. There are two main
classes of enzymes in our lungs that process the air we breathe:
oxidase- separate oxygen from the air; nitrase- separate nitrogen
from the air. Oxygen is collected by enzyme action by the blood
and then circulated through the body. Nitrogen, by action of
"transportation enzymes", passes into the body for protein
generation. Walking is an aerobic exercise that, by definition,
floods body cells with life-giving oxygen. Oxygen feeds and
facilitates the body's ability to heal itself. Many health problems
are resolved by simply increasinging the body's oxygen level.
Cancer, for example, cannot live in an oxygen-rich environment.
Sadly, most people are oxygen-starved due to lack of proper diet
and exercise. Thus they become prime candidates for sickness
and disease.

Walking- controls weight and appetite
Whereas walking does not necessarily reduce weight, it does burn
up calories that cause weight gain. An average brisk walk uses up
about 300 calories an hour. Since most people eat more food
than they burn up, excess weight (obesity) has reached an epidemic
level in America. Medical authorities agree that lack of physical
exercise often is the cause of excess weight. This fact is evidenced
by the fact that obese people rarely walk. On the other hand,
habitual walkers are characteristically not overweight. Walking is
known to be a deterent to the appetite, since it can be considered a
substitute or distraction from eating.

Walking- exercises body cells
The body has over 100 trillion cells that need to be exercised
each day! Walking gently massages cell walls, keeping the
cell membrane pliable so that nutrients can enter the cell and
wastes can be removed. Without healthy cell walls, cells
cannot function properly, and thus they die. Unlike resistance-type
exercise, walking is an aerobic exercise that specifically
tones body cells, keeping them healthy and flexible.

Walking- keeps lymphatic fluid moving

The lymph system is responsible for maintaining healthy cells. The
body has three times more lymph fluid than blood. Lymph fluid
surrounds body cells, and when they need nutrients, they obtain it
from the lymph fluid. When the cells excrete metabolic waste, the
waste goes into the lymph fluid to be disposed of by the elimination
organs. Walking increases circulation of lymph fluid which, in turn,
cleans up the body and improves overall health.

Walking- heals the emotions
A walk can be regarded as an escape or personal 'mini vacation.'
Be it a short or long walk, breaking away from familiar, sometimes
pressing, surroundings is tantamount to a breath of fresh air for
one's spirit. Destination is not the issue as much as following the
dictates of one's inner need to find quiet time for relaxation and
recreation. Sometimes a walk can be for simple pleasure, while
other times, a walk can help us unwind personal problems and
reduce stress in our lives. Too much stress takes a toll on the
body, causing unhealthy physical and emotioinal tension. Unloading
a troubled mind via a pleasurable walk can resolve anxiety, jittery
nerves, emotional trauma, insomnia, and more. Walking gives us
the opportunity to get to know ourselves and those around us better,
thus creating a healthier world.

Walking- a healer of chronic pain, disorders, and disease

If treated properly, there is no limit to the body's ability to heal itself.
Walking is a recognized way to resolve many physical ailments,
including chronic neck and back pain, sciatica, scoliosis, foot
problems, gastrointestinal problems, female disorders, etc. The
rhythmic movement associated with walking naturally tones
muscles which, in turn, pulls bones into place, straightens the
back, and helps to align the skeleton. Many people who suffer
back and nerve problems, find walking to be excellent medicine.

Walking- improves posture
Good posture is an art that has largely been lost by a society
that accepts slouching, stooping, andpoor posture as a
way of life. Poor posture is a health hazard in that it is
unnatural. The human body was meant to stand straight and
tall in a relaxed, upright position. A daily walking program
can correct poor posture that results from a sedentary lifestyle,
injuries, or simple neglect. The natural, rhythmic movements
associated with walking are known to realign the bones, take
humps out of backs, and droops from shoulders. As the rhythm
of a healthy walk becomes the norm, the skeletal system
responds favorably, and posture is improved.

Recipe for walking:
1. Wear comfortable shoes. Low, flat shoes for women are
2) Wear comfortable clothes.
3) Do not take your dog unless it is trained as a walking
companion. Pets can be distracting and disrupt your walking
experience. You should be the focus of your walk.
4) Choose a time. Any time that you can fit a walk into your daily
routine is an ideal time. If you have only twenty minutes, you can
walk a mile.
5) Pick a place. Choose a place that is pleasant and convenient.
If you work in at an office job, consider walking to work or to and
from your car or public transportation. Walk to and from lunch or
walk after dinner. Take your spouse or children with you on your
walk. Busy wives and/or mothers need to get out of the house
for their better health. Help one another make a walk happen.
Outdoor school tracks make excellent walkways. Many
towns and cities now have scenic walking or hiking trails.
6) Walk a modest distance at first. You can always increase
distance. Start with a couple blocks and work up to a few miles
a day. A twenty minute walk daily is the minimum to ensure
optimum maintainence of the cardio and circulatory systems.
7) Set off at a good pace. Walk at a moderate, comfortable pace.
Brisk rather than fast walking is good. Don't saunter. Find a rhythm
that works for you.
8) Let your walk flow. Feel yourself tall and let the motion of your
strides propel you along. Feel tensions leave your body as they
exist from your fingertips and toes. Forget yourself, enjoy your
surroundings, and let your senses take over your mind. In short,
let go and enjoy yourself!

When all is said and done, walking is one of life's simple pleasures
that is often overlooked, underestimated, and forgotten. Rediscovering
the wonders of walking often comes as the result of personal crisis,
whether it be physical or otherwise. Sometimes life requires that we
slow down and reassess our values. Walking suits this process well.
Without a doubt, the body was designed to move and be well. Health
experts agree that diet alone can not give us ultimate health. The
body needs exercise in order to function properly. Thus, diet and
exercise work together for the sake of robust health. It is true, then,
that if we feed and exercise our bodies right, we will not succumb to
the physical, emotional, and mental stresses, discomforts, diseases
in the world. In other words, we can prevent the pitfalls of ill health
by taking good care of ourselves. Therefore, be kind to yourself.
Eat well and walk for health!

For more information about walking,
click here

The Magic of Walking by Aaron Sussman and Ruth Goode
The Hallelujah Diet by Dr. George Malkmus


4) LIVING Resources  

Barrels Community Market
Attention locales! A new mecca for local produce, crafts, and
goods is opening next month in downtown Waterville. Barrels
Market is aimed at connecting the consumer with local growers,
artisans, and suppliers of goods that are naturally healthy. For
more information about Barrells Market visit

Healthy news sources
There are many excellent health news sources that offer a wide
variety of information. We recommend that you consider subscribing
to some of these free e-newsletters. A couple trusted sources are:

Hallelujah Acres Publications

Hallelujah Acres sends out a free bi- monthly magazine that is now
called, The Hallelujah Diet News. George Malkmus, founder of
Hallelujah Acres, also sends out a free, weekly e-newsletter,
Hallelujah Acres Health Tip. Both publications are excellent sources
of inspiring information. Subscribe by visiting

News worth noting:  

Dead food kills...

Garden Goofs-

Raw almond fight goes on...

Vaccine in a smoothie?

Chinese Drywall


5) Buying tips and order info  

If you are too busy to juice or just want a nutritionally-dense,
energy boost, we recommend Juice-on-the-Go. This powdered,
living food trio delivers optimum nutrition for the body. The
combined nutrient content of BarleyMax, New Generation
Carrot JuiceMax, and BeetMax ranks this trio as being total
body nutrition in a glass...a 'superfood' from Hallelujah Acres
that can be considered the ultimate survival food. For ordering
info visit:

Miracle II Agricultural Blend
For a number of years we have been using Miracle II Agricultural
Blend on our garden as a fertilizer and foliar spray. This blend
of natural organic mineral salts is nothing short of astounding
in terms of increased production. Plants are healthier, yield
more, and produce longer in the season. Two ounces of Miracle II
concentrate in five gallons of water as a weekly foliar spray
produces miraculous results. If you are interested in a group
order, let us know. One gallon shipped to Maine averages $15.

Hallelujah Acres products
If you are interested in purchasing Hallelujah Acres products, we
encourage you to contact HA directly and order using our health
ministry PIN# 407. Since we do not stock their full product line, it is
easier and faster to purchase directly through HA. Kindly know that
we appreciate your support of our ministry through your purchases.
HA occasionally has specials on products and shipping. Quantity
pricing is available through our ministry. Contact us for details.

Equipment purchases
If you want to purchase a juicer, dehydrator,  VitaMix, etc., please
order directly through us. Your order can be drop-shipped in a matter
of days. Other materials and products exclusive of HA can be
purchased from us by appointment. Call us to make arrangements.


6) LIVING Recipe: Dandy Spring Salad

One of the gifts of spring is dandelions. They are considered a
tonic for those who want to cleanse their bodies from winter
waste build-up. Dandelions are high in iron, and a good purifier
for the liver and blood. Their smiley, yellow faces are always a
welcomed sign of spring. Harvesting dandelions is not difficult,
since they are grow everywhere. When harvesting dandelions,
be sure to pick ones that grow away from toxic influences such
as roadways and pesticided lawns and fields. Some dandelion
connisseurs revere these medicinal-type plants enough to give
them a special place in their gardens or lawns. Make friends
with dandelions by incorporating them into your living lifestyle!
Here is a simple way to celebrate spring the dandelion way:

A generous handful of fresh, young dandelion greens
Handful of romaine, green/red leaf or other variety of lettuce(s)
2 stalks celery, finely chopped
few stems fresh mint
1 orange
1 apple
Handful fresh clover leaves or clover sprouts
2 Tbsp. hemp or sesame seeds
1/2 tsp. fresh, grated ginger
1-2 tsp. raw honey or maple syrup (optional)
1-2 Tbsp. omega-rich oil (hemp, flax, sunflower, safflower)

Break up greens into small, bite-sized pieces and place in a
mixing bowl. Add finely-chopped celery. Peel and section orange,
cut and core apple. Slice thinly and add to greens. Add remaining
ingredients and toss well.

Choose organic ingredients for optimum health and wash all
produce in a non-toxic vegetable wash before preparation!

For more information about the health benefits of dandelions,
The Complete Book of Juicing by Miachael T. Murray. N.D.
Foods That Heal by Dr. Bernard Jensen


This LIVING Letter comes to you in Messiah's love to encourage you
toward achieving superior health.  Healing of the whole man is the
promise of our Heavenly Father. Begin now to receive your new
life...naturally and spiritually. YHVH is able to do great and wondrous
works, if we will but trust and obey Him. YHVH bless you!

For your excellent health and His glory,

Our 2008 sage...coming up green
after surviving the winter!