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September 23, 24, 25
Unity, Maine

Here I am with some of my prize-winning dehydrateds
Left- Principe Borghese Heirloom (red cherry tomatoes)
Right- Old German Heirloom and Orange Blossom Tomatoes



Summer's End Bouquet
(Stinging nettlles, borage, lamb's quarters,
zinnas, and more!)
Judges' comment: "Gorgeous! Fantastic use of materials!"

Curried Summer Crisps
(Summer squash, scallions, onion, celery,
carrots, garlic, dulse, chia seed, Himalayah salt)
"Fun, flavorful; dried well. Sweet and spicey"

Corn Crackers
"Nice job. Subtle mix of flavors."

Old German Herlooms
"WOW" Beautiful presentation!
Dried nicely. Great flavor."

Principe Borghese (tomatoes)
"Nicely presented. Great color. Maintained flavor."

Garden Bouquet

Beedy's Kale
"NIce, but a bit of pest damage."

Onion Crisps
(onion, dulse, chia seeds, Himalayan salt)
"Strong onion flavor. Well dried."

Cucumber Crisps
(lemon cucumber, celery, parsley, basil, Thai basil,
fennel, lemon juice, sesame seeds, chia seeds, dulse,
garlic powder, Himalayan salt)
"Slightly bitter. Good drying job."

Backyard Bouquet
"Nice selection, but some specimens past prime/faded."

See photos of award-winning dehydrated foods here



Lily and her naturally-fermented Sour Mustard Pickles
She won First Place! Way to go, gal!W,
Marigolds, and wildflowers

    Here are my dehydrated e


Traveling in style at the Fair... After many years of lugging heavy bags and raw lunches around all day at the Fair, I finally came up with a friendly, welcomed
solution. A new
Hallelujah Acres cooler bag
housed our living lunch, topped with my
knap-sack full of healthy essentials I happily
wheeled around on a luggage carrier.
Convenient as well as comfortable,
my arms said, "Thank you!"

ers with Re



Here we are with Dr. Brian Clement after his lecture
We were happy to see him again
and appreciate his support/promotion of the
living food diet! I hope everyone who attended
takes his message to heart!



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Garden Log 2011

"O Taste and see that YHVH is good;
Happy is the man who takes refuge in Him."
Psalm 34:8