NUTRITION: The Ultimate Healthcare
by Mary Louise;Town Jaqua, Health Minister

To the average American, nutrition is a vague
term that is somehow connected to that practical
exercise called, eating. Whereas this connection
is both logical and correct, nutrition means many
things to many people, varying with the individual
as much as with the food itself. Though all foods
contain nutrients, not all foods nourish the body.
Thus there is much controversy concerning
nutrition and its relationship to the human body.

The body: what is it?
Many theories, hypotheses, and beliefs about
the origin of man exist in the world. Did man
evolve from an ape or did he suddenly appear
'out of the blue' as part of 'the big bang?'
While opinions vary about man's beginning,
fact overrides fiction. Scripture confirms
the exceptional conception of man, formed
perfectly whole (healthy) in his beginning,
because YHVH made him in His own image.

And YHVH Almighty formed man
of the dust of the ground, and
breathed into his nostrils the
breath of life; and man became
a living soul.- Genesis 2:7

As an offspring of the Ever-Living, man is
inherently a living being, a living, breathing
expression of the Great I AM. Though man
was initially immortal because of his unique
pedigree, his body became subject to the
physical world when he disobeyed YHVH's
laws. Thus the body immortal became a
body physical, requiring distinct needs in
order to survive. These needs, being
nutritionally-based, include the following:

  • live vitamins, minerals, and enzymes
  • anti-oxidants
  • phytonutrients
  • naturally distilled water
  • oxygen
  • chlorophyll
  • essential fatty acids

Nutrition: Giving the body what it needs
The Almighty did not overlook much less
ignore the needs of man's physical frame.
Just as a loving father cares for his own
children, YHVH made provision for man by
caring for his body. He met these needs
through nutrition as derived from diet,
exercise, and fresh air and sunshine.

And the Almighty said, Behold, I
have given you every herb yielding
seed, which is upon the face of all
the earth, and every tree, in which
is the fruit of a tree yielding seed;
to you it shall be for food:
Genesis 1:29 (American Standard
Version 1901)

Diet is the single-most source of nutrition
for the body. As YHVH purposed, the original
diet given to man was plant-based, a diet of
fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and whole
grains. These foods were custom made
for man and were to be eaten in their natural,
pure, raw state because of their inherently
superior nutritional content. Raw foods are
living foods designed, engineered, and
created by YHVH to meet the nutritional
needs of man's living body. Living foods
are superior foods because

  • they contain anti-oxidants that fight
    sickness and disease
  • they build the strongest immune
  • they initiate the body's self-healing
  • they leave an alkaline ash in the
    body which helps prevent sickness

A diet of at least 85% living foods and
15% cooked food is necessary for
achieving a quality of life that is devoid
of sickness or disease. This surprising
fact is supported by scripture wherein
lifespans are recorded in excess of
several hundred years.

Apart from diet, exercise is the second
most important source of nutrition. Oxygen
is the body's greatest nutritional need, an
overall requirement of 96%. Flooding body
cells with life-giving oxygen is successfully
achieved through proper exercise, especially
aerobic exercise. Without a copious supply
of oxygen, body cells mutate and die.
Therefore it is imperative to engage in at
least twenty minutes of proper exercise

Lastly, fresh air and sunlight supply
important nutrients to the body. Fresh air
is another oxygen source, while sunlight
is an important source of Vitamin D.
Combined, these nutrient sources supply
body cells the necessary raw materials
so that they can function properly.

Thus diet, exercise, fresh air and sunlight
are proven as the keys to experiencing a
long, health life because they give the body
what it needs: proper nutrition.

Nutrition: Eating for the sake of wellness
Health-conscious people are aware that not all
food is the same. Some foods feed the body,
while others do not. Some foods heal, while
others cause sickness. It is not a matter of taste
but a matter of nutrition. Discerning healthy
from non-healthy food requires education in
order to learn the basic principles of nutrition
and how to apply them. Caring for the body
is thus a daily lesson in discipline that reaps
great dividends in terms of quality of life.

That YHVH Almighty designed the body to
be self-healing is a remarkable feature that
speaks of His love and mercy. With proper
nutrition, the body is able to repair itself,
correct imbalances, and resolve health
problems of all kinds. This is not magic
but Divine science at work, proving that
the right nutrition moves the hand of YHVH
to do that which He is well able.

If thou wilt diligently hearken to
the voice of YHVH your Almighty,
and wilt do that which is right in
his eyes, and wilt give ear to his
commandments, and keep all his
statutes, I will put none of the
diseases upon you, which I have
put upon the Egyptians: for I
YHVH that heals you
Exodus 15:26

Nutrition: in sickness or in health
Studies prove that most health problems
are nutritionally-based, ie. they are caused
by poor or wrong diet. Sadly, the evolution
of man's diet throughout the course of time
has been ever downward. His departure
from the natural goodness of living foods
has led him on the path of destruction.
A lifestyle of reckless eating and poor
lifestyle choices has caused him
immeasurable sickness, pain, disease,
and heartache. Because of poor dietary
choices and life habits, many have died
prematurely, if not needlessly. That man
should come to this pitiful state is both
sad and alarming.

Nevertheless, the truth about nutrition
remains the same. We are what we eat.
Science, medicine, and scripture attest
that cooked, processed, animal-based
foods do not feed the body. They are
dead foods that cannot feed a living body.
Without proper nourishment, body cells
break down and die. Thus the origin
of sickness, pain, disease, and death
is not a mystery. For the most part it is
the result of poor nutrition.

True to the American norm, most people
engage organized medicine in order to
solve their assorted health problems.
However, medical professionals are
schooled to identify symptoms, perform
surgery, and dispense drugs. Few are
knowledgeable about nutrition. Therefore
seeking organized medicine in hopes
of solving health problems that are, in fact,
nutritionally based is tantamount to an
exercise in futility. It is a waste of time
and money that often compounds rather
than solves existing health problems.

Statistics prove that the devices of man
are no substitute for the life-giving
properties inherent in living foods. The
remarkable ability of the human body to
heal itself is a credit to the Almighty
that no medical professional can claim.

Evidence abounds that those who have
elected to better their lifestyle choices
by pursuing excellence in nutrition are
seeing their health problems improve
or completely disappear. This
'phenomenon' proves the power of
YHVH to meet the needs of the body
through nutrition. Thus, when it comes
to healthcare, the importance of nutrition
for addressing the body's physical,
emotional, mental, or spiritual needs
should be first considered. Proper
nutrition unlocks the power of YHVH
to set the body free!

Nutrition: catalyst for healing

The road to wellness exists but it is
often the path less taken. Known in
scripture as the 'narrow way' that few
find, increasing numbers of people
are discovering that they 'don't have to
be sick!' There is a way to resolve health
problems naturally without medical
intervention, a way that is lasting and
rewarding. It is called the 'nutritional
Applying the age-old practice of
living a natural lifestyle has its benefits.
In the end YHVH proves that His natural
way is best. Living foods for a living
body work.

In conclusion
In reality, healthcare is self-care. It is
the daily, consistent discipline of body,
mind, soul and spirit that determines
quality of life. No one can become healthy
for another. No doctor, nurse, medical
facility, insurance company, or drug can
make the body healthy. Likewise, vibrant
health cannot be legislated into existence,
mandated by politicians or corportions,
or purchased with money. Vibrant health
is the result of individuals caring for
themselves the living way.

Most Americans, however, have relinquished
the care of their bodies to medical professionals
who may or may not have a vested interest in
their wellbeing. Furthermore, the health of
the average American is being wagered by
politicians, pharmaceutical companies,
insurance companies, and bankers. In short,
Americans have sold their bodies and souls
at the expense of corporate profit.

Something is seriously wrong with this
picture. America has become a nation that
deifies doctors, glorifies pharmaceutical
drugs, and gloats over sickness while, at the
same time, persecutes and demonizes
those who choose to live a naturally healthy
lifestyle. This ought not to be.

No where in scripture does YHVH tell
us to see a doctor, submit to surgery,
accept barbaric treatments, consent
to vaccinations, or take pharmaceutical
drugs. In fact, the word doctor is not
found in the Bible. This being so, why
do Americans, especially believers,
rush to doctors to solve their health

It is no secret that there is a healthcare
crisis in America, but hiring more doctors,
building more hospitals, buying more
health insurance, and paying more
health-related taxes will not solve this
problem. The answer to healthcare
is self-care: improving lifestyle habits
that promote proper nutrition. Given natural
health care, the world would be a better
place. If the living foods lifestyle was
enthusiastically embraced by all, we
would see revolutionary, positive change.
There would be health, happiness, and
peace in the world. Gone would be all
physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual
pain. Gone would be oppressive
government mandates and their related
financial woes. In short, we would see
the kingdom of YHVH come in our lifetime!

...for lo, the kingdom of YHVH
is within you. Luke 17:21

...and he shall wipe away every
tear from their eyes; and death
shall be no more; neither shall
there be mourning, nor crying,
nor pain, any more: the first
things are passed away.
Rev. 21:4


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