Making Healthier Choices- Part 2
by Hallelujah Acres Health Minister, Mary Louise;Town Jaqua

In last month's Living Letter, addressed was the
all-important need to make healthier lifestyle choices.
In 'Making Healthier Choices- Part 1', the why's
and how's of making better dietary choices
were explored
(review 'Making Healthier Choices-
Part 1'
here). Concluding the article was the
assertation that in addition to diet, there are other
lifestyle influences that have a profound impact on
our well being. These influences include
we exercise or not, what personal care and
household products we use, what quality of air
that we breathe, what kind of clothes that we
wear, and more. For the sake of better health,
I will now investigate these lifestyle elements to
see why and how they can be improved.

Next to diet, exercise is the single most important
key to ultimate health. The body was designed to
move and perform a myriad of actions ranging from
raising an eyebrow to running a mile. Exercise tones
cell walls and muscles, helps circulate blood, and
keeps body fluids moving. Exercise also introduces
life-giving oxygen into the blood stream. Surprisingly,
the body's main nutritional need is 96% oxygen!

Sadly, the Standard American lifestyle has evolved
into more of a sedentary way of life than not. Poor diet
combined with modern technology that keeps the
average populace sitting in front of TV, computer,
and hanging on to mobile devices have robbed many
Americans, expecially young people, from much
needed bodily exercise. In an effort to reverse this
deficit, here are a few how-to's for incorporating
friendly exercise into your life:

Instead of: Choose:
Driving to work or shop Walk, if possible
Taking the elevator Use the stairs
Parking close to the
entrance of a store
Park at the far end
of the parking lot and
walk to the store
Sitting in front of a
computer or TV for
long periods of time
Limit use of computer
and TV in favor of
Sitting around with
nothing to do
Get up and take a walk
or start rebounding

For those whose work or lifestyle requires standing or
sitting in place for long periods of time, consider
off-setting the ill affects of this lifestyle by 1) taking
short breaks to stretch your legs, and 2) using a slant
board or inversion table. Taking a short walk (down the
hall or outside, etc.) improves one's physical, mental,
and emotional state, while 10-20 minutes per day on
a slant board or inversion table restores blood flow
(especially the brain), strength, and energy to the body.

Personal care products
A hidden source of health problems can also be found
in shampoo, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, cosmetics,
and other personal items. Sadly, most personal care
products are manufactured with chemicals that are
known carcinogens, neurotoxins, and organ/reproductive
toxins. Some of these harmful substances include
formaldehyde, isopropyl alcohol, mercury, lead, titanium,
zinc/iron oxide, other petro chemicals, and more. Use of
toxic-laced products is to engage in slow, self-inflicted
poisoning, the results of which can be potentially harmful
to one's health or possibly fatal. Ill affects of these
harmful ingredients can include skin/eye irritation,
itching, rashes, breathing problems, compromised
mental clarity and equilibrium, numbness, etc. That
products containing known poisons are allowed by
law to be manufactured, promoted, and sold to the
public is criminal in my estimation.

To safe guard health, it is wise to avoid using popular
personal care products in favor of those that contain
natural ingredients. While locating and shopping for
healthier solutions can be challenging, here are some

Instead of: Choose:
Conventional shampoos, soaps, deodorants, etc. that contain formaldehyde, sodium
lauryl sulfate, aluminum, dyes, etc.
Use shampoos, soaps,
and deodorants that
contain all natural
ingredients (Castille soap,
Miracle II Soap, Oh! Natural, BioGreen Clean)
Toothpaste, mouth
wash containing
fluoride, sodium lauryl
sulfate, artificial
All natural oral care
products, herbal solutions,
baking soda and water,
Oregano P-73 oil,
Thieves oil, Vita-Myr
products, and/or a
water pik.
Cosmetics (lipstick, face
powder, eyeliner, etc.)
that contain isopropyl
alcohol, oxides, mercury,
lead, etc.
Products with natural
ingredients or go
Female pads, tampons
that contain forms of
artificial fragrances,
triglycerides, etc.
Natural solutions found
in most health food stores

Household products
Reports show that over 250 billion pounds of synthetic
chemicals are produced annually in the United States.
Of these chemicals at least one hundred fifty are found
in the home as common ingredients in household
cleansers, air fresheners, furniture polish, disinfectants,
oven cleaners, rug and carpet shampoos, dish detergent,
laundry detergent, etc. These chemicals are known toxins
and exposure to them can result in allergies, birth defects,
cancer, neurological disorders, respiratory problems,
psychological abnormalities, and more.

To avoid potential health problems associated with toxic
household products, discard them and replace them
with solutions that contain natural ingredients. Develop
a strategy for cleaning your house with wholesome

Instead of: Choose:
Commercial laundry
soaps, floor cleaners, etc.
that contain harmful
Natural solutions as sold in
health food stores or on the
internet. Multipurpose
cleaners like BioGreen
Clean and Miracle II are good choices
Commercial powdered
Baking soda/water/
vinegar, Bon Ami,
BioGreen Clean or
other natural multi-
purpose cleaners
Furniture polish Lemon oil

Air quality
No matter where we go, the air that we breathe
contains pollution: chemicals that result from industry,
automobiles, airplane fuel plus chemicals that leak
(i.e. gas) out of synthetic goods such as carpets,
uphostery, wall paint, wall board plus etc. Adding to
this pollution potpourri are air borne viruses, bacteria,
and mold. Daily exposure to these pollutants can
cause serious health problems as well as death. It
is reported that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
is linked to indoor pollution.

Improving the air quality in one's environment, can
present formidable challenges, since the influences
are numerous. Nevertheless, for the sake of better
health, if not survival, it may be necessary to take up
toxic carpets, remove toxic-laden furniture, tear out
walls, etc., especially if a mold problem is detected.
Mold infestation is a hidden source of pollution that
can cause chronic respiratory problems, allergies,
and repeated flu-like symptoms. Breathing mold on
a continuing basis can be fatal.

To safeguard health, examine the elements of your
lifestyle and investigate potential problem sources
in your home. Make improvements accordingly.
Test your home for radon, carbon dioxide leaks or
mold. Test kits are available at most hardware stores.
If you live in a highly industrialized area that has heavy
air pollution, consider relocating. Above all, invest in
a quality air purifier, such as an ozonator.

Instead of: Choose:
Buying synthetic home
decor (carpets, furniture,
paint, draperies, etc.)
Decor that is natural
in origin: wool,
linen, cotton, hemp.
Buying lumber,
building supplies
that are synthetic
All-wood products
  Grow healthy house
plants that will
naturally purify
the air (spider
plants, etc.)
  Fumegate your
home via natural
means should mold or
other toxins be

Adding to the pollution index of our environment are
electro magnetic frequencies (EMFs). These fields
of microwave radiation emminate from all electrical
devices: TVs, computers, telephones, cell phones,
hand-held devices (ipods, ipads, iphones, etc.),
electric clocks, clothes dryers, kitchen appliances,
microwave ovens, cars, etc. Whereas these
radio waves are invisible to the natural eye, they
are a real and present health hazard because they
mutate body cells. EMFs are known to cause
headaches, diabetes, cancer, behavioral problems,
impairment to vision, hearing, and cognative skills,
and more.

EMFs pose a serious health risk and therefore
deserve consideration in terms of protection.
Devices exist on the market to off-set the harmful
affects of microwave radiation. For the sake of
your better health, educate yourself on the issue
of Electro Magnetic Frequencies and then invest
in protection.

Instead of: Choose:
A cell phone Buy protection
for it or use a
land line
Hand-held tech
Buy protection
or consider going
A bedside
electric clock
Move the clock at
least 5 feet from
the nightstand or
use a manual wind
A microwave oven Remove it from your home
or buy a convection oven
Living near high
power lines or
a transformer
Move to a
safer location

Who would have thought that the clothes that we wear
could be killing us? Nevertheless, it is true. Most
clothes today are made with synthetic fibers, i.e.
man-made/chemical materials that are known skin,
respiratory, and nerve irritants. Studies show that lycra/
polyester bras can cause breast cancer in women.
It is a proven fact that 'plastic' (polyester, acrylic)
fabrics do not allow the skin to breath properly. Out-
gassing of the petro-chemicals contained in these
fabrics enters the pores of the skin from whence it
travels throughout the body, introducing toxicity
into the system. The cells become suffocated by
these petrochemical poisons and therefore cannot
properly do their job. An accumulation of unhealthy
residue builds up in the bloodstream which, in turn,
precipitates dis-ease.

Petroleum-based fabrics have also proven to be
harmful in case of fire, since unlike natural fabrics
(wool, cotton, linen, hemp) that disintegrate when
exposured to flame, acrylic/polyester fabrics melt
or fuse to the skin, adding further insult to injury.

Allowing for the toxic nature inherent in man-made
fabrics, natural solutions are recommended. As it
turns out, YHVH Himself instructed us what to wear:

Thou shalt not wear a garment of
divers sorts, of woollen and linen
together. Dueteronomy 22:11

According to YHVH's law, we were not to wear
clothes of various (diverse) fabrics, including two
natural fabrics together! We are to wear garments
made only of one type of fiber. This mandate
deserves healthy consideration.

Instead of: Choose:
Acrylic/polyester clothing 100% cotton, linen, hemp,
and wool
Plastic shoes (Crocs,
flip-flops, thongs, etc.)
All leather shoes,
sandals with
leather or rubber
accessories (scarves,
hats, mittens, gloves,
handbags, stockings,
Natural fabrics
Adulterated (Bt) cotton
made with 100%
organic cotton

The Standard American lifestyle- a killer
If we want to live well and enjoy a superior quality of
life, we must be honest and realize that the standard
American lifestyle that we've been living is all wrong.
It is a destructive way of life. Nearly every aspect of it-
from what we put into our mouths, to the clothes that
we wear, and the environment in which we live- is
destroying us. The many facets of this 'killer lifestyle'
have two common denominators: 1) they are unnatural,
and 2) they set up a negative charge in the body. As
a negative vibratory rate permeates cells, tissues, and
organs, the body begins to break down, causing pain,
sickness, disease, and death. This is the natural
consequence of an unnatural way of life, a life that is
lived contrary to the natural laws of YHVH Almighty.

So it is that when we begin to experience adverse,
unnatural affects in our lives, we should examine our
ways and start making healtheir lifestyle choices.
Furthermore, we need to learn how to live in harmony
with YHVH and His universe the natural way. Doing
so is a joyous, life-changing experience!

In conclusion
When we began the Hallelujah Diet in 1996, we made
dramatic, if not radical, changes in our lives. We
corrected our diets and then began the long process
of sorting out years of a misguided lifestyle. In the trash
went toxic household cleaners, personal care products,
toxic supplements, toxic kitchen utensils, and more.
As we educated ourselves in the fine art of living
naturally, chemical-laden products of all kinds were
discarded. We 'dusted off' our semi-sedentary selves
and began moving, i.e. exercising! Since gaining a
slim, 'Hallelujah' waistline, we happily said good-bye
to plus-sized clothes, We continue to weed out
closets, attics, and garage in a conscious effort to
eliminate unnatural elements, especially plastic,
from our lives.

To this day, we are still learning how to be ultimately
healthy. We are not afraid to educate ourselves nor
admit our wrongs. Through it all, we learn YHVH's
tender mercies and above all, His love. It is His love
that corrects us in measure, lest we fail to realize
the quality of life that He desires for us: one that
is free of sickness, pain, and disease.

It has been said that life is what we make it, and
this fact is true. We can either succumb to a poor,
misguided lifestyle or experience YHVH's best.
The Almighty has given us a choice. Therefore
consider giving yourself the gift of life each day by
making healthier lifestyle choices. Live your life
the living way!


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