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    OUR GARDEN 2007    

Here I am, standing in
my patch of kale, with a
basketful of peach and
red tomatoes. Mmmmm...


I planted chioggia beets for the first time this year and was delighted at how easy they are to grow. Several of them got away from me! This one weighs nearly 4lbs. When cut open, Chioggia beets look like a bull's eye:
pink, spiraling rings
on a field of white.


Red peppers are my
favorites, so I grew over two dozen red pepper plants this
year. They all produced in abundance, and I was happy!

Behold our miracle harvest of apples!
After several years of poor to no
apples due to scab, gypsy
moth infestation, and
lightning hitting our tree,
our apples are coming back!
All because of MIRACLE II
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Grown in our garden this year:
three varieties of beets, radishes, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, celeriac, zucchini, cocozelle squash, yellow crook-neck squash, celery, lettuce, red chard, green chard, 3 varieties of turnip, red cabbage, green cabbage, buttercup squash, spinach, green kale, red kale, eggplant, 10 varieties of tomatoes, green beans, pole beans, yellow wax beans, tomatillos, potatoes,red peppers, green peppers, cucumbers, bok choy, pac choi, jerusalem artichokes, raspberries, apples, concord grapes, and many varieties of herbs and flowers.

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