Living Start
Starter kits from Hallelujah Acres
to begin a healthy lifestyle


Silver Starter Kit
This Starter Kit includes the Basic Components to get started on the right food. In this kit, you will find BarleyMax, Fiber, Udo's Choice Oil Blend, "God's Way to Ultimate Health", and a bottle of Hallelujah Acres B-12. Regular retail would be $129.30 if bought in separate pieces.



Gold Starter Kit
This is the second level of commitment in the starter kits that we have available. It includes everything that the Silver Starter Kit has with the addition of a Champion Juicer and the book, "Recipes for Life...From God's Garden." Regular price buying each of these separate would be $419.30.



Platinum Starter Kit
This Starter Kit is the Ultimate value out of the three starter kits. It includes everything that is in the Silver Starter kit as well as a Green Star Juicer, "Green Life, Green Power Juicing Video", the book, "Recipes for Life...From God's Garden," and the video, "Intro to Hallelujah Acres." The regular retail separated would total over $670.00


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