Recipe for Radiation Survival- Part 2
5/8/12 by Mary Louise;Town Jaqua, Health Minister

Who would have thought that something so distant
and remote as the sun could affect our health as much
as it does? Nevertheless, it is true. That familiar fireball
in the sky known as the sun has a profound influence
upon our wellbeing. Call it a super motor or the ultimate
'solar generator', the sun makes life on earth possible.

The science of sunlight
The sun produces an enormous amount of energy
each day that travels through space toward the earth
in waves called radiation. These waves vary in length
and intensity, possessing specific electro-magnetic

As these waves near the earth, they pass through
the magnetic fields of the Van Allen Belt and then

make their way through the respective layers of the
earth's atmosphere as visible, life-giving sunlight.

Sunlight is one of the most familiar forms of
radiation and the only form that is visible to the
human eye. The light consists of a range of
wavelengths from long-wave infra-red to short-
wave ultraviolet. The shorter the wave of light,
the higher the energy level. These varying
wavelengths or frequencies possess their
own respective color which is expressed in
what is commonly known as a 'rainbow.'

Sunlight and other forms of radiation that are used
in medicine and are present in low doses from space,
from the air, and from the earth are collectively called
ionising radiation. It is widely understood and accepted
that exposure to low levels of ionising radiation is
safe for the human body.

The sun: the body's friend
Sunlight, especially the UV wave lengths, plays a
vital role in keeping the human body healthy. It
nourishes and energizes the body, helping it to
obtain the full nutritional value of food ingested.
Thus it is important in strengthening the immune
system as a preventative against chronic ailments.
In short, sunlight acts as one of nature's most
perfect 'medicines' for healthy living.

One of the prime benefits of sunlight is that it supplies
the body with Vitamin D, enabling the absorption of
calcium and helping to lower the level of cholesterol
in the blood. Sunlight can also prevent or slow the
growth of cancerous tumors. Studies show that ten
minutes of sunlight on the face provides the body
with its minimum Vitamin D daily requirement.
Sunlight also aids in

  • Strengthening of the cardiovascular system
  • Normalizing blood pressure as well as
    blood sugar
  • Increased metabolism
  • Aiding in weight loss
  • Ensuring proper functioning of kidneys
    by eliminating wastes
  • Enhanced liver function
  • Improved digestion
  • Preventing anxiety and depression

While sunlight is healthy for the body, overexposure
to its ultraviolet rays can be harmful, because UV
radiation consists of higher energy which allows it
to penetrate deeper into human tissue. Too much
time in the sun can cause sunburn, premature wrinkling
of the skin ('photoaging') as well as eye problems.
Whereas these conditions are treatable and can be
prevented or managed by limiting UV exposure,
changes in the sun's activity can pose serious
health risks.

Science of the sun
Science and history prove that the sun has cycles
and behavioral patterns that impact life on earth.
These cycles can be of varying durations, occuring
every few, hundred, thousand, or millions of years.
Characteristic of these cycles is a marked increase
or decrease of the sun's activity, expressed in the
form of solar storms, winds, and surface eruptions
known as Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs). Such
solar events hurl higher than average energy toward
the earth which can negatively impact the health of
our planet as well as the human body.

Though man is but a small part of the universe,
he is nevertheless influenced by the world around
him, i.e. the cosmos. One way or another celestial
bodies such as the sun, moon, stars, planets,
comets, asteroids, etc. affect the human body.
These affects usually involve electro-magnetic
energy (radiation) and the associated force
called gravity. Separately or combined, these
forces have the ability to inflict damage to the
human body: physically, emotionally, and

Studies show that when the sun enters a cycle of
increased activity, producing solar storms, solar
winds, and CMEs, this heightened energy affects
the earth and life therein. Some of these affects

  1. Increased seismic activity: earthquakes,
  2. Disruption and/or destruction of power
  3. Loss of communications systems,
    including satellites
  4. Increase of severe weather patterns:
    tornadoes, hurricanes, thunderstorms,
    wind, hail
  5. Increased temperatures
  6. Drought which in turn endangers food
  7. Increased health problems, including
    emotional tension, irritability, depression,
    fatigue, lethargy

Likewise decreased solar activity is shown to signal
the onset of a mini ice age, wherein the earth is
plunged into unusually cold temperatures. Severe
storms, snow accumulation, wind, and potential
power outages ensue. Prolonged cold temperatures
can precipitate poor growing conditions which, in turn,
affect food supplies.

Sun changes as they relate specifically to increased
volcanic activity are of particular concern, since
volcanic ash can be carried by winds and travel
the globe, potentially darkening the sun. Loss of
valuable sunlight endangers the wellbeing of all plant,
animal, and human life, and has been known to
destroy whole civilizations.

The history of change
Change is nothing new to our universe. Since the
beginning, the heavens and earth have undergone
changes. Scientists as well as many biblical scholars
agree that our solar system has experienced several
creations, the most recent of which is recorded in
the book of Genesis. While some might call this
sequence of creations, 'evolution', evolution is not
an acceptable theory nor is it a science. Simply
stated: our world is constantly evolving or 'changing,'
and it will continue to do so until the earth comes into
its final rest, that is, when Eden (the kingdom of
YHVH) is once again restored on earth.

In the meantime, YHVH has much work to do to
cleanse and correct our fallen world. This process
promises to be a time of great change, if not great
upheaval, as the Almighty accomplishes the
momentus task of perfecting His fallen creation.
That 'one man's sin' has inflicted almost irrepairable
harm upon the world for countless generations is
sad but true. Cleaning up and correcting this 'fall-out'
of the world's subsequent, insatiable appetite for evil,
leaves YHVH no choice but to rescue the world
before man destroys it.

Science, history, as well as scripture confirm that
disobedience to YHVH's laws brings about curses
on peoples and nations. Many bible scholars agree
that the original sin of the Adam man and woman
initiated significant changes in the earth, if not the
universe proper. These changes involved the tilting
of the earth's axis by 23 degrees. This 'displacement
factor' was further exascerbated by the flood in
Noah's day which caused the waters of the inner
earth to flow outward to form the seas/oceans. This
massive movement of water split the land mass
into the continents as we now know them. Over
time, islands have risen and fallen and whole
cities or civilizations have disappeared from off
the face of the earth. While some historians
attribute these events to sun/earth changes as
matters of science, bible scholars credit these
happenings to the righteous judgment of YHVH.

Changes in the making
A number of scientists report that changes in
our solar system are gaining momentum and
promise to be dramatic, if not traumatic. Recent
findings show that the long-awaited correction of
the earth's axis, aka the pole shift or 'flipping' of
the earth's axis, is already in progress. The north
pole is now said to be situated in Siberia, a shift
that is causing aircraft and satellite GPS systems
around the world to scramble. Furthermore,
some researchers say the sun is also gearing
up for its own pole shift, one that might produce
four poles.

The current increase of earthquakes both
large and small, along with severe weather
patterns and awakening volcanoes, serves
as evidence that our world is entering a time of
unprecedented change. That man has sought
to control the forces of nature, causing the world
to spin out-of-control is both sobering and true.
It is impossible to violate the laws of YHVH
without paying a price. Man's many years of
systematically destroying the earth are now
taking a toll.

Change: What to do
If we are to survive the many changes that are
happening in our immediate and not-so-immediate
world, we must change, also. We must take the
responsibility to amend our thoughts, actions,
and deeds. In short, we must change the way
we live in order to better cope with the challenges
of the day. Improving our lifestyles begins by:

  1. Eating right. Raw, living foods are
    the only foods that build a strong, healthy
    Incorporate as many fresh, dark
    greens into your diet. Start a juicing program.
    Feed your body what it needs and ultimately
    wants. It's hungry. Don't starve it. Without
    a proper diet, the body is not strong
    enough physically, emotionally, or
    mentally to handle stressful times.
    Discover YHVH's optimum health plan
    for the care and keeping of your body
    by downloading the Hallelujah Diet
  2. Exercising. Rise up and do something
    good for yourself and the world! Your
    body was meant to move, so let it go!
    Remember: a sedentary lifestyle is a
    killer. Don't vegetate! Motivate!
  3. Enjoying the sun. Build up your
    vitamin D levels and more by soaking
    up some sunshine daily. Contrary to
    popular belief, the sun does not cause
    skin cancer. Skin cancer is caused by
    poor diet, i.e. a diet that lacks sufficient
    anti-oxidants. Skin cancer occurs when
    the sun, acting as a natural cleanser,
    pulls poisons/toxins out of the body
    through the largest elimination organ
    called the skin.
  4. Investing in UV protection apparel.
    Increased sun activity can cause severe
    burning of the skin whether exposed or
    unexposed. UV protective garments,
    sunglasses, and accessories are available
    on the market. Those working outdoors
    should protect themselves accordingly.

The sun: sign of the times
As Almighty YHVH orchestrates His new heavens
and new earth by moving around celestial bodies,
straightening the earth's axis, putting the seas
back in place, eliminating night in favor of perpetual
day, the ride promises to be rough. With the sun
showing signs of great unrest, if not violence,
disaster of epic proportion in the earth could take
place even this year. The much-talked-about
2012 doomsday scenario could eventuate.

Nevertheless, the foolishness of man and his vain
technology has dangerously destroyed the earth's
ozone layer, a layer that was created by YHVH to
protect the earth from excessive radiation of the
sun. Without this protection, the earth and all who
live therein are highly vulnerable to unprecedented
radiation burns, burns that could far exceed those
of a nuclear blast. Allowing for this possibility, it is
entirely likely that there is a day in the not-too-distant
future when shielding one's self from the sun is not
an option but a necessity. Staying inside may become
a new lifestyle. Suffice to say, drastic measures may
be required for the sake of survival.

To say that man has been playing with fire by trying
to be the Almighty and to rule His world not with
righteousness but perversion and corruption is an
understatement. YHVH judged the earth once with
a great flood. The second time He said He would
judge it with fire. Many believe that day has arrived.

For behold! the day of YHVH is
coming which cannot be escaped,
[a day] of wrath and anger, to make
the world desolate, and to destroy
sinners out of it. For the stars of
heaven, and Orion, and all the host
of heaven, shall not give their light;
and it shall be dark at sunrise, and
the moon shall not give her light.
And I will command evils for the
whole world, and [will visit] their
sins on the ungodly: and I will
destroy the pride of transgressors,
and will bring low the pride of the
haughty. And they that are left shall
be more precious than gold tried in
the fire; and a man shall be more
precious than the stone that is in
Suphir. Therefore I will shake the
heavens, and the earth shall remove
out of her place, in the wrath of
YHVH of hosts, and in the day of his
fierce anger.
Isaiah 13: 9-13
(Brenton Greek Septuagent)



References and further reading:

Matthew 24; Luke 21: Zechariah 14; Malachi 3,4;
Revelation 21

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