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An e-newsletter of THE LIVING WAY
Issue #53: "Recipe for Radiation Survival- Part 2"


1. Scheduled meetings and events
2. Ministry update from Mary Louise;Town Jaqua,
Hallelujah Acres Health Minister
3  Feature article: "Recipe for Radiation Survival-
Part 2"
4. LIVING resources
5. Buying Tips and more
6. LIVING recipe: Dandy Spring Tonic

1. Schedule of meetings and events:  


"Energize Your Body!"

with guest speaker, Sandy Reynolds

Thursday, May 10, 2012
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2. Ministry update  

Dear Friends,

Welcome from the wet, windy reaches of
central Maine where spring is enjoying a wild
beginning! Outside the sun is trying to shine in
order to warm cool, if not cold, days and nights.
Local farmers scramble and fret unseasonably
frosty nights as we all run for cover: covering
precious 'early-ups' as well as ourselves! Warm
clothes, wool covers, and wood stoves are yet
in style. While in our hearts we know that spring
has sprung, the season is definitely off to a rocky

Apart from wild and wooly weather, those of us at
The Living Way have been busying ourselves with
healthy pursuits. Happily our HANDS-ON HEALTH meeting last month drew a larger-than-usual crowd.
Eager attendees came to learn about natural dental
care. After the video, I presented product info and
brief testimonials. The video portion of the meeting
will be aired on Channel 7 public access TV, so
watch for it soon.

This month's HANDS-ON HEALTH meeting is
entitled, 'Energize Your Body!,' and will feature
a presentation by local friend and fellow health
enthusiast, Sandy Reynolds
. A certified Lymphologist,
Sandy's knowledge of how to activate and balance the
body's electrical energy promises to educate as well
as enlighten. Learn how personal eating habits and
lifestyle choices impact your body's energy level.
Discover the inside story of the body's electrical
system and what you can do to 'keep charged' daily.
What you learn at this meeting could revolutionize
your life. This presentation requires audience
participation, so plan to join us! Learn more about
this HANDS-ON HEALTH meeting

This month's feature article follows along with our
series, 'Recipe for Radiation Survival.' While
Part 1 addressed the nature and dangers of nuclear
radiation, this month I will discuss the potentially
harmful affects of the sun's UV radiation. Though
sunlight itself is not considered harmful to the human
body, excessive amounts pose definite health risks.
'Recipe for Radiation Survival- Part 2' is written
to educate by presenting compelling evidence
that sun and earth changes are upon us, ones
that have the potential of endangering personal
health and survival.
For the sake of your future,
please read up!

As usual, links to important news articles and
resources follow along in this newsletter. Many
valuable resources are available on-line free
of charge
. Please note the free movie listings
as well as the latest issue of Hallelujah Acres'
Health News

For your interest, I have added a few new pages
on our website. Would-be or avid gardeners are
welcomed to search out our
Garden Helps for tips,
helpful articles, videos, how-to's, and more. For a
quick glance at some of the latest reports on the
Fukushima disaster, visit our
Radiation in the News section as well as our main Radiation page. These
quick-reference guides will help educate concerning
important health-related issues.

On the home front, our garden is cleared and ready
to plant. Despite the cool weather, most of our herbs
are 'up-and-at-it.' Early harvests of dandelion, oregano,
nettles, and lovage are making their way into our soups,
salads, smoothies, dehydrateds, and fancy dishes.
Suffice to say, after a long winter, the fresh, free (!)
greens from our own backyard are a welcomed delight.
Daily I am picking baskets of wild edibles and assorted herbs, onions, and garlic. Though I have yet to plant
the garden, it is surprising how much food is already
coming in from the backyard! Truly there is nothing
like fresh 'wild' juice and salads! For a closer look at
the latest ventures of this 'backyard farmer' read my
progress report

It was a happy day last month when we added a
new Excalibur dehydrator to our Living Kitchen. Its
arrival was both a relief and an inspiration, since we
finally had to bid farewell to our two, battle-worn 'E's'
that had served us for over twenty years. With the
'season of splendid eating' coming on, we are glad
to have a new Excalibur on board. Consider investing
in one to preserve your garden goodies.

By way of comment, a healthy highlight came our way
recently with the viewing of a new, locally-produced
movie, Farmers' Market. Funded by Maine General
Hospital (of all sources!) in coordination with a few,
select local farmers and retailers, the film educates
and promotes community-supported agriculture.
Without a doubt, 'buying local' is in. Eating 'farm fresh'
is happening. The natural way of life is enjoying a
come-back. People are learning to live again! Look
for Farmers' Market to play the rounds on the local
scene, including public access TV. Catch the action
as well as the message: buy local!

With these thoughts in mind, the season of recreation
is upon us. Wrap up in the warm and sun, while
rediscovering the joys of living. Life is simple. It is
also free. Take deep breaths, unwind, and celebrate
living in a dimension that you never knew existed:
where there is no sickness, pain, or dis-ease. Such
is the kingdom of YHVH come on earth. Reach up
and pull down heavenly health for yourself today!



3) Feature Article: 'Recipe for Radiation Survival-
Part 2'

There is nothing like the sun. It is a familiar friend
that beams a much-welcomed, warm, and healthy
smile our way each day. Vital to our existence, the
sun has been part of our world since the beginning,
bestowing the blessings of life upon us in marvelous
ways. Nevertheless, what happens when this friendly
fireball in the sky suddenly decides to change face
turning friend to foe?

Read on...


4) LIVING Resources

Health News Magazine
Good news! The May-June 2012 issue of
Hallelujah Acres' Health News is now available.
This bi-monthly magazine is filled with inspiring
HA news, testimonies, informative articles, recipes,
product info, and more. Read it FREE of charge
on-line or invest in a hard-copy edition that offers
FREE bonus values on product purchases, etc.
Let Health News brighten your day! Read all
about it

Get Real Maine
Locals! Get into the swing of the 'garden of eating'
season by buying local food! Maine has a rich,
agricultural heritage that is expressed at Farmers'
Markets, roadside stands, u-pick locations, and more.
Learn the inside, local scoop from Get Real Maine,
a valuable resource for finding products, farmers,
events, and general local ag happenings. Jump
into action by visiting Get Real Maine

Healthy movies
Make 'going to the movies' a healthy experience!
Increasing numbers of documentary films are
being produced that educate about important
health matters. Not only are many of these films
available at a reasonable price but some are
streamed live on-line without charge. Boost
your personal health index by viewing these new,
informative films,
Farmageddon, Back to Eden,
Take Back Your Power.They are a must-see!

News worth noting:

FDA Allows Corporations to Recondition Old Food

Another way to kill US farmers: Seize their bank accounts on phoney charges

Studies Find More Chemicals, Medications in Drinking Water

More news...


5) Buying tips and order info

HA Cooler Bag
Swing into the picnic season in style with
this cool 'cooler' bag from Hallelujah Acres.
This smart design has two insulated storage
compartments plus additional zip and non-zip
pockets. Easy to load and go, this soft, canvas
tote makes traveling healthy both fun and
convenient. See the 'super cooler'

HA Snack Bars
Yum, yum! Who doesn't like a delicious snack
now and then? Treat yourself and others with
these nutritious, tasty snack bars from Hallelujah
Acres. Loaded with healthy, raw ingredients, these
bars are created for conscious, guilt-free eating.
Choose from a variety of flavors: blueberry, orange-
cranberry, pecan pie, vanilla or maple nut. Each is
a delight to tastebuds and tummy. Available in
single or assorted packs
Please use PIN# 407 when ordering from Hallelujah
Acres. Your purchases help support our ministry.
Thank you.

The Pickup

Locals! There is good news! A multi-farm community supported agriculture program and retail store has
opened in Skowhegan at the historic Somerset
Grist Mill. The Pickup gives shoppers the opportunity
to purchase seasonal farm-fresh food close to home
while offering local farmers a new venue for their
products. Shop local, shop healthy! Learn more
about The Pickup


6) LIVING Recipe: Dandy Spring Tonic

One of the first spring arrivals are dandelions.
Long known for their health benefits, dandelions
are a simple, humble way to add important
nutrients (especially iron) to your diet. They are
also a good blood cleanser and diuretic. Welcome
the spring season by waking up your body with this
tasty but bracing drink!

3 oranges, juiced (about 1 cup)
handful fresh dandelion greens plus flowers
(the flowers are loaded with lecithin!)
few stems parsley (high in vitamin K)
1-2 large cloves garlic (good for what ails you)
few slices fresh ginger (don't be bashful)
1- 1.5 cup filtered water

Blend well and drink immediately. Use as a
refreshing way to start the day!

Note: When gathering dandelions, follow the rules
of good foraging by picking plants from toxic-free
growing areas.

Organic ingredients always recommended.

View more LIVING Recipes at


This LIVING Letter comes to you in Messiah's
love to encourage you toward achieving superior
health.  Healing of the whole man is the promise
of our Heavenly Father. Begin now to receive
your new life...naturally and spiritually. YHVH is
able to do great and wondrous works, if we will
but trust and obey Him. YHVH bless you!

For your excellent health and His glory,



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Our monthly
meetings are
taped for later broadcast
on Channel 7, Public
Access TV.
DVDs are available
for a modest fee.
For details
contact Laura at 207-453-9895 or



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