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Sweet Potato, 2001-2007

Who has been Monkeying Around with My Food?

Little did I know that March 15, 2001 would turn out to be an auspicious day. That day will ever be remembered not because it was the Ides of March (ominous as it proves to be), but because it was the day that we purchased 5.77lbs of sweet potatoes at a local supermarket. Raw soup offcienado that I am, I looked forward to preparing a raw sweet potato soup for the family. What is so unusual about the purchase of these sweet potatoes, you might ask? Let me explain.

The raw sweet potato soup that I planned to make didn't eventuate until over a month after the potatoes were purchased. When we brought the potatoes home, we put them in storage and amidst our busy lifestyle, they were promptly forgotten. Over a month later, I remembered the raw sweet potato soup I had wanted to make. Knowing that sweet potatoes are not good keepers, I eagerly investigated to see if they were still good. Sure enough, they stared at me from the bottom of the brown bag, looking as good as the day we had bought them. I was relieved but surprised at their good condition, since sweet potatoes are usually not good keepers. Encouraged by their good condition, I waited yet another two weeks before making my soup.

It was now the first part of May. I took out a couple of sweet potatoes and made my raw soup. We all sat down to the dinner table and eagerly lifted our spoons to eat our raw soup. At first bite, I froze. Something was terribly wrong.The soup did not taste like any raw sweet potato soup I had made before. It had a grainy texture and tasted like cardboard. I couldn't swallow it. My gut told me not to eat it. So, with a locked jaw and a mouth full of soup, I exclaimed: "Don't eat your soup!" After uttering this cry, I rose up from the table with soup bowI in hand and went into the kitchen to dump my would-be soup into the compost bucket. So much for the raw sweet potato soup. Though bewildered at my actions, family members took my advice and followed suit. Everyone's soup landed in the compost.

My immediate take on the soup was that the sweet potatoes were the problem. I suspected foul play. I surmised they were either irradiated or genetically engineered or both. For the sake of investigation, I decided to watch the remaining sweet potato and see what happened. Months passed and the potato looked the same: no mold, no bad spots, nothing. By this time, my suspicions of food tampering were becoming well founded. At the end of September, I noticed that the sweet potato was beginning to shrink. The skin was wrinkling as if it the potato was deflating. For the next two months, the potato kept shrinking and shrinking. It now resembled petrified rock, however, the density of the potato had changed. It was now light as a feather. Shriveled, wrinkled, and feather-light, the potato was a mere shadow of its former self. For the sake of posterity, I mounted the sweet potato and placed it in a plexiglas case as my personal monument to investigative and research science. It is my shining example of fake food at its best.

It was a few years later that my suspicions concerning the sweet potato proved correct. The potato was , in fact, genetically engineered. Exactly how, what, who or when this potato came into being, who knows? I do know, however, that I'm glad my body knew better than to let me eat this so-called potato. It knew that it couldn't be real food.

Genetic engineering is a corrupt practice. It is corrupt because it alters YHVH's perfect creation and in the process, deceives many people. It is also killing many people. This should not be. Science, along with the food merchants are playing god. In the guise of 'advanced technology' for the 'betterment of humanity,' natural foods are being synthesized into life forms that are unnatural and therefore harmful, if not deadly. This practice is nothing more than blasphemy against the Almighty as man once again tries to out-do YHVH.

In case you are not aware, you are in a battle for your life. It is time to either wake up and live or stay asleep and die. The choice is up to you. Issues of health are a matter of life and death. If we do not take them personally and investigate the facts, we will perish in our ignorance. Too many have already died. We are in a war for our very survival, and only those who dare to walk in the truth will live.
-Mary Louise..Town Jaqua

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