Change for LIFE!

by Mary Louise;Town Jaqua, Health Minister- 1/8/2022



Change. It is the sign of the times, but depending on
one's perspective, change can be good or bad, healthy
or unhealthy. Therefore, what does change mean to

A new year has arrived, a time that is customarily
accompanied by 'resolutions' both personal and
corporate: lists of 'what-to-do' and 'what-not-to do's'
that largely focus on amending lifestyle habits by forging
new pathways, altering the course of direction, taking
steps and often risks to ultimately achieve a better
quality of life.

While bettering one's life is admirable, opinions vary
concerning the definition of 'better,' for what is better to
one may not be better to another. Nevertheless, most
agree that change in any form is both a fact of life, and,
in the long run, a healthy process.

CHANGE: Making it happen
Changing one's life for the better is usually a personal
matter, for no one can change another's life. Likewise,
no one can be healthy for another. Improving quality of
life thus starts by making a committment: setting goals
and actively working toward them in a practical often
methodical way. Achieving self-desired goals requires
personal commitment and responsibility, so don't let
yourself down! Step up to the challenge and do it!
Use the following checklist to kick off your quest to
achieve a healthier, happier life!

Countless lifestyles exist, but not all of them are healthy.
Therefore it is important to explore what constitutes a
healthy life. Research is thus a good place to start for
gaining a better understanding of the basic principles
of health. Study how the body works and how best to
care for it by choosing 'good reads': books, articles,
magazines, videos, etc. that educate on a variety of
issues pertaining to health. Start learning

Since most problems in life are the result of poor diet,
how about examining what you eat? Food choice is a
basic principle that has a direct impact on the body's
health. Poor choices cause the body harm, while good
choices support the body's well being. The bottom
line is nutrition: what foods contain the most nutrients
and why. Therefore, examine your diet in terms of
nutrition. Are your food choices nourishing your body?
Are they keeping your body healthy? If not, why not?

If your diet looks like this, you
are heading down the wrong path! What do you plan to yourself to the grave? Think about it. If you
want to be healthy- to live long and have a prosperous
life- you need to change your eating habits!

3. IMPROVE YOUR DIET! Research shows and
experience proves that the most nutritious foods are
naturally-sourced fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and
whole grains. These foods are called living foods for in
their raw, natural state they contain all the nutrients
needed for supporting the body's well being. Begin
a new and healthier life by replacing harmful foods
with healthy foods. Transform your eating habits by

The body was made to move, so don't
just sit there...move! Start a simple exercise program:
stretch, rebound, walk, etc. The more that you move,
the better that you will feel, so make exercise a part
of your daily 'do's.' Learn how to make it happen

Most people lead super busy lives
which often causes 'burn-out' and sleep deprivation.
Declare 'time-out' on being overly active in order to
build better sleep habits. Sleeping well and relaxing
more pay healthy dividends. Learn how to improve
sleep quality

Due to the increasingly poor quality
of our food supply, environment, and also the health
index of most Americans, additional support for the
body is necessary through supplementation. Science
and medicine prove that deficiencies of certain nutrients
can and often lead to serious health problems be they
physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. The most
common deficits are Vitamin D3, B-12, magnesium,
calcium, iron, potassium, and iodine. Low adrenal and
thyroid function can be naturally resolved through diet
improvement but in some cases may require
supplemental support.

Do you 'fly off the
handle' easily? Are you a grumpy type? Are you
overly-critical of others? Believe it or not, poor attitudes
cause negative/destructive charges in the body that
precipitate dis-ease, so don't go there! Instead, make
attitude adjustments, for they have surprising health
benefits. Examine your attitude toward life and others
and make improvements accordingly.The results will
bring positive changes (healing) to you and those
around you.

A healthy life is spiritually
founded. Therefore nourish yourself daily by reading the
scriptures, praying, and 'eating' of the Bread of Heaven,
Yahshua Messiah. Let His teachings become the
foundation and inspiration that you need in order to
experience the abundant life which He promised.

CHANGE: Familiar Fallout

Making healthy, lifestyle changes often triggers common
but unexpected consequences that can be challenging.
So it is that improving poor eating habits, poor exercise
habits, poor thought patterns, and poor relationships
usually initiates a detoxification process, i.e. a time of
cleaning out toxins(poisons) that have accumulated in
one's life. These poisons can and often include

  1. Heavy metals- found in vaccines,
    air/water, food, supplements, medical/
    dental procedures, household and
    personal care products, air, water, soil
  2. Parasites- found in food, water, air,
  3. Pesticides/herbicides- chemical residues
    found in mostly conventionally-grown foods
    in foods
  4. Genetically Modified Foods (GMO's)
  5. Chemicals- found in foods, clothing,
    furniture, tech devices, etc.

As the body throws off its toxic build-up, various forms
of discomfort can ensue such as headaches, nausea,
constipation, coughing, diarrhea, fatigue, fever, cold or
flu symptoms, gas, irritability, moodiness, skin rashes,
stomach ache, and more.

While any or all of these symptoms can be potentially
uncomfortable as the body transitions into a healthier
state of being, the detoxification process lasts a
relatively short time. Within a few days or weeks,
cleansing is usually complete. Thus enduring some
discomfort in order to experience a healthier life is worth
pushing through seemingly adverse symptoms.
Recognizing the process for what it is and not being
fooled by it is therefore important. Mis-reading detox
symptoms as being signs of ill health can negate the
cleansing process and ultimately abort one's journey
toward a healthier, happier life. Learn more about
cleaning up your life

It is sad but true that most people world over are
caught in the Standard American lifestyle, a trap that
is proven to destroy lives on a grand scale. Got
sickness, disease, and pain? Got relationship problems? Change your lifestyle choices! Dedicate 2022 as the
year that you stopped traveling the road to destruction
and began living life the way YHVH Almighty intends.
It is 'chin up and chest out' time to make those
all-important changes that will put you on the road
to wellness.

Truly change is a matter of heart. The choices that we
make on a daily basis either make or break us. Our
minds and wills ultimately drive our bodies. Quality of
life, therefore, is a matter of personal responsibility.
We can live well or we can accept sickness, pain, and
disease. We can enjoy the world's diet, lifestyle,
diseases, and healthcare programs or we can live life
YHVH's way. We cannot go in two directions at once.
Which way will you go?


A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. James 1:8

There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.- Proverbs 14:12

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.- John 10:10


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