Living Recipes
from The Living Way kitchen


Detoxifying the body

Dehydrated foods
Crackers and sweet treats

Puddings and treats

Dips, spreads, sauces

Dressings and seasonings

Nut loaves and more


Raw vegetable

Raw fruit soups

Raw wraps and specialties



Summer recipes

Smoothies and Drinks

Organic ingredients
and purified water
recommended for use
in food preparation



A morning feast of fresh peaches and
Maine wild blueberries!

Welcome to the kitchen of the Living Way where new recipes happen every day! Handling live food is a daily inspiration for us as we enjoy a zest for creativity and a flair for fun. The live food lifestyle is definitely a wonderful, healthy experience- one that keeps on giving long after the meal is done!

After nearly twenty years of managing the kitchen and preparing healthy meals for family and friends, I have learned a number of lessons. The first lesson is that recipes are subject to change, depending on proportions and availability of ingredients. Recipes thus become a mere idea or foundation upon which to build. Another lesson I have learned is that our tastes change. Recipes that we once liked no longer appeal to us. Sometimes we modify them and other times we move on to a new recipe. Tastes for herbs and spices change, also. Discovering their subtle flavors and aromas is a delightful experience for the raw foodist. The use of herbs is a fine art that brings out the best qualities in living food, making dining an inspiring, healing experience for body, soul, and spirit.

These recipes from our kitchen are ones that we enjoy and are happy to share. Most of them are easy to prepare and promise to whet the appetite of even the most skeptical raw foodist. You are welcomed to download these recipes and use them to build your culinary experience as a living foods chef. If you reproduce them, please reference them as being from The Living Way.

Thank you,