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Maine in association with
Hallelujah Acres, Shelby,
North Carolina

First harvest of 2015......baby nettles, dandelion greens, and lemon balm!

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and the truth shall set
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Issue #76
Localize Your Lifestyle!


Dear Friends,

Is it spring or is it my imagination? Since lasting writing, it has
been a bumpy 'weather ride' as temperatures went to the
extremes with episodes of snow that would not let go.
While I had high hopes of retiring the wood stove
for the season, I was forced to 'fire up' for the sake of
warmth rather than perfect my cold-tolerance skills.
Now that May has arrived, I am hopeful that we
are finally over the winter hump. Afterall, the
grass is turning green, the garden is waking up,
and the birds are singing happy tunes.
Indeed it must be spring!

While the arrival of spring is like a breath of
fresh air, so was last month's local appearance by
Dr. Brian Clement, Director of Hippocrates Health Institute.
Seeing Dr. B once again was a personal high in that his
professional presentation reinforced the same health message
that I have been proclaiming for nearly twenty years.
The living foods diet is yet a hard sell in Maine,
but with consistent, corporate efforts the tide is turning.
That Dr. Clement spoke at one of Maine's newest
Medical Centers proves that the health message is
breaking through organized medicine and causing a stir.
Thank each of you who made the effort to attend
Dr. Clement's lecture. I know you were not disappointed!
Photos of this memorable event are posted

Though this month HANDS-ON HEALTH meeting
will be a less spectacular presentation, it will
nevertheless serve to boost your health index.
My presentation,
offer valuable insight into healthy reading material.
Education is part of growing healthy. Gaining knowledge
about matters of wellness is imperative for the
serious health-seeker. What you learn and/or unlearn
could mean the difference between life and death.
Join me for this informative talk that could
change your life forever! Details about this
are posted below.

'Localize Your Lifestyle!' is the subject of this month's
featured article. While the content may prove obvious
for most, the intent is to encourage a better quality of life
by taking advantage of the not-so-obvious. Learning
how to make the living foods lifestyle work on a
daily basis can be done easily and locally,
if you know how. This article offers tips and
timely advice for prospering in your own locale.
Learn to 'bloom where you are planted'
by making healthy discoveries.

Please note that our LIVING Letter
and our HANDS-ON HEALTH meetings
will be suspended beginning next month
and resume sometime in the fall.
The possible exception to this sabbatical will be
our annual LIVE FOOD PICNIC in August.
Details will be sent out when available.

All of this being said, enjoy our usual
LIVING features that follow below!



An educational book review
Thursday, May 14, 2015

Details are posted

Localize Your Lifestyle!

Current news articles, videos,
and audios on health-related issues
plus vital radiation news...Must reads!

Useful information for the home gardener here

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LIVING Recipes
Spring Smoothie
Capture the vibrance of the season the healthy way!

LIVING Inspiration
Amira Willighagen
...and what were you doing at age 9?

As I finish this newsletter, our fruit trees are
budding and blooming. Their sweet fragrance wafts
through the air, making the memory of a long,
cold winter quickly fade away. With delight I am
already harvesting nettles, dandelions, baby herbs,
stray garlic,and more, putting them in my smoothies,
salads, and raw soups. What fun! These friendly,
backyard 'lovelies' never looked nor tasted so good!

Truly it is the season to celebrate life the natural,
living way. Therefore take advantage of the sights,
sounds, and pleasures of YHVH's wonderful world
that He made especially for you. He has given us
all that we need to be healthy and happy!
He has done His part, now we must do ours!
Therefore enjoy each day as a gift from YHVH
that speaks of His abundant, vibrant life!
Remember, 'You don't have to be sick!'

Beloved, I pray that in all things
thou mayest prosper and be in health,
even as thy soul prospereth. 3 John 1:2

For your excellent health and His glory,


This LIVING Letter comes to you in Messiah's
love to encourage you toward achieving superior
health.  Healing of the whole man is the promise
of our Heavenly Father. Begin now to receive
your new life...naturally and spiritually. YHVH is
able to do great and wondrous works, if we will
but trust and obey Him. YHVH bless you!