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  • Are EMFs harmful to Our Health?-Did you know that your computer, cell phone, microwave, electric alarm clock, TV, etc. may be killing you? Studies show that all electrical devises emit electro magnetic fields that are potentially harmful to your health. Read the shocking truth how EMFs can cause cancer, leukemia, premature aging, DNA breakdown, autism, fatigue, irritability, stress, and more!- Dr. Mercola

  • Fluoride: It's Baaack! Watch out, water drinkers! Here is an excellent article that challenges you to consider the fluoride issue. If you think it's safe to drink bottled water, think again. The corporate mentality is at it again.- Jon Barron, Baseline for Health Foundation

  • Cancer Facts Can cancer be cured? Is cancer preventable? This article takes the mystery out of this dreaded disease by presenting enlightening facts that can help you and those whom you love. A great source of practical knowledge whether you have cancer or not.-

  • Soy Is soy healthy or not? Have we, the public, been sold a bill of goods? Read what experts have to say about this popular, widely acclaimed product and judge for yourself.- www.doctorsaredangerous.com

  • Soy: Too Good to Be True Despite its popularity, this article reveals the dark side of soy. Is the public a victim of yet another social-political invention...this time called 'soy?' This report gives serious pause for thought. Whether you are a soy eater or not, you many want to consider the facts.- Brandon Finucan and Charlotte Gerson

  • Experiment Shows Medical Doctors tp be Glorified Drug Dealer, Easily Manipulated by Drug Companies A revealing, candid article that exposes the symbiotic relationship between doctors and drug companies to the victimizing and often demise of the witless patient. If you've never regarded the medical profession as a 'cult', perhaps it's time you do. Why do doctors and drugs companies get richer and richer, while Americans become sicker and sicker? Think about it!- Mike Adams

  • The Danger is in the Drug Itself An excellent article that examines the nature of pharmaceuticals and their ability to heal vs. the healing properties of essential oils. If you think synthetic drugs are the answer, think again.- The Raindrop Messenger

  • Death in the Pot A shocking, arresting article exposing the existence of parasites in meat being consumed by the average person in America and elsewhere. This is a sobering wake-up call to all meat lovers. Should we wonder then why we get sick? Read it and weep. Read it and wake up!- Dr. J.H. Kellogg, MD

  • Body Burden An extensive research report on pollutants found in samples of umbilical cord blood in the U.S. It is convincing evidence to the harmful affects of pesticides, industrial chemicals, etc. especially in relation to developing fetuses, infants, and children. A sobering wakeup call for all Americans.- Environmental Working Group

  • Toxic Chemicals by the Hundreds Found in Blood of Newborns An overview of a research project by the EWG that identifies dangerous, lethal pollutants in umbilical cord blood. If you want a healthy baby, read this article. -Environmental Working Group

  • U.S. Government Facts Read what the CDC has to say about pesticides and their harmful affects on children. Take action to protect your children.- Organic Consumer Association

  • Why Organic Farming Must Become the Norm in the USA An encouraging article for would-be organic farmers as well as consumers. This report is a ray of hope for those who want to restore agricultural integrity in America.-Susan S. Lang, Cornell University

  • Use of Aspartame by Pharmaceutical Companies A revealing research report on the phramaceutical use of the food additive aspartame, relating especially to children's drugs and vitamins. A must read for parents.- Leading Edge Research

  • Consumer Alert: Avoiding Dangerous Foods- An overview of genetic engineering and what you can do to protect yourself and your food supply. This article is a good wake-up for anyone who is interested in survival.- Peter Ligotti

  • Eat Frankenfood or Go Hungry- A sobering article exposing the harsh reality of genetic engineering and its affects on the American populace. If you don't think you're victimized by corporate take-overs, you need to read this article. The life you save may be your own!- Thomas Smith

  • CODEX- CODEX ALIMENTARIUS are impending 'food rules'
    being devised by corporate internationalists to control food, agriculture, nutritional supplements, and health care. If adopted in the USA, it will mean the end of health freedom for all Americans. WAKE UP, AMERICA! The wolfe is at the door!- Dr. Rima Lailow, MD

  • Texas Arrest- Katie Wernecke, a 12 yr. old, is arrested for refusing radiation treatment for her cancer. Is the government getting desperate or what? You decide.

  • The Andressohn Family Nightmare- This is a shocking story of a family that has been victimized, ravaged, and nearly destroyed by Florida state officials for practicing a living food lifestyle. Read it and weep, for all those who think we're "free" in America!

  • Crumbled Coke Can Poetic Justice- An article that exposes Coke for what it is: poison. Let your love-affair with or addiction to coke stop here. A must read for everyone.- (author unknown)

  • Chicken and Madcow Disease- An alarming article about what is being fed to chickens. Once you read it, you may not want to eat chicken again.-The Guardian newspaper

  • Carnivore Alert: You Are What They Eat- Do you know what you're eating? This alarming article serves to educate you as to whose eating what in the feed lot. This information provides excellent inspiration in the case against eating animal flesh, aka meat and seafood.- Consumer's Report, January 2005

  • Soy Rebuttal- a no-nonsense response by Dr. Russell Blaylock to Robert Cohen's (aka the "not milkman") professional "blackballing" for his non-endorsement of soy products. Cohen is a known soy promoter. Read this rebuttal and become educated to the dangers of soy products.

  • Thankful for the Simplest Blessing- Water - How safe is your water supply? A revealing article that sounds the alarm over water rights and who owns your water. An important read by Jane Morrison of Concerned Women of America

  • Wisconsin: Just a Lull in the Battle... a shocking article that exposes the incidence of unnecessary deaths related to hospital and/or professional medical care in Wisconsin. Thousands die needlessly daily in your state as well. Read this report and weep. -Tim Bolen, Consumer Advocate

  • Senator Biden, More Damning Information on Rumsfeld You May Not Know Incriminating evidence of government cover-up regarding the toxicity of aspartame and its spin-offs. If you think artificial sweetners are healthy alternatives to refined sugar, think again. Read the evidence. The jury's been out on this one a long time.- by Dr. Betty Martini

  • Organic Farming Studied as Demand Rises A good article that gives basic information about organic as opposed to conventional agricultural strategies. Anyone who wants to raise real food should weigh the difference and prepare a battle plan. by Johnathan Drew

  • One Cow, Hundreds of Uses Have you ever wondered where some things come from? Here is a revealing article that will fill you in on what happens to the average cow. So much for romance...by Steven Woodward

  • Microwaving Your Food Isn't Safe So you think microwaving your food is safe? Think again! This report should convince you that 'nuking' your food is dangerous to your health. Consider the consequences next time you plan to use your microwave.- by Larry Cook

  • The Flu Scare Game "The flu" is big business. Learn how politics seeks to shape your life by propaganda techniques. Educate yourself with the facts concerning "the flu" and what flu shots can do to you. -by John Keller

  • Flu Hysteria Would your government lie to you? Read the facts about the flu and flu shots and judge for yourself. Afterall...it's your life.- by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

  • Why Raw Internationally renown raw chef Chad Sarno shares his argument in favor of raw foodism. This is a convincing article for those who need basic information concerning why one should eat a raw food diet. by Chad Sarno

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