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Original artwork by Ministry artist
Mary Louise;Town Jaqua

Welcome to the
The LivingWay

This ministry was born out of personal, physical need in 1996, when a sister in the ministry was experiencing major, multiple health problems that, despite our efforts to solve them by natural remedies, her overall health did not improve. Herbs, essential oils, etc. gave her some temporary relief, but did not make the problems go away. Our faith was for her total healing, but all our efforts appeared to be of no affect.

Ministry brethren in Oregon suggested we write George and Rhonda Malkmus, since Rhonda had been healed of a degenerative spine many years ago by simply changing her diet. Out of curiosity I contacted the Malkmuses and was overwhelmed when they sent us a copy of their newsletter, "Back to the Garden." I read their newsletter with hungry enthusiasm, devouring the information on every page. The many testimonies published brought us hope. We immediately sent for George's video, 'How to Elmininate Sickness.'

When the video arrived, we watched it right away. As George Malkmus explained the health risks inherent in the standard American diet (SAD) and why we needed to eat fresh,raw fruit and vegetables as stated in Genesis 1:29 so that our bodies can heal themselves and be healthy, we knew this lifestyle was for us. He explained how live food properly nourishes our bodies, and showed us the way to ultimate health. The next day, September 11, 1996, we went on the Hallelujah Diet 'cold turkey.'

A brief hospitalization became a reluctant reality for our sister, nevertheless we were faithful to bring her carrot juice, BarleyMax, and salads every day. Whereas this tactic did not go over well with the Dr. and medical attendants, I was determined to carry out the Hallelujah Plan. I knew it was the will of My Heavenly Father who does not fail. Our sister's recovery was so immediate that the medical authorities could hardly believe their eyes. In two short weeks, our sister was walking, talking, and cogent once again. Though she was still on heavy pain medication, she was well on her way to renewed health.

The rest is now history. Our ailing sister was completely healed and free of all medication.Her testimony became one of encouragement and hope to those who have been at death's door. She amazed the doctors, and we give YHVH our Heavenly Father all the glory for her complete recovery. He brought the knowledge of His diet to us in our time of need. He is faithful to answer prayer.

So impressed were we with the Hallelujah diet and lifestyle that I was compelled to attend a Hallelujah Acres Health Minister Training Seminar in May 1997. I am now happy to help others learn the wonderful truth 'You don't have to be sick!'

I am personally overjoyed with the Hallelujah diet which, in essence is a lifestyle. It has brought me fulfillment in many ways. Though earlier in my life I had some knowledge of eating naturally, I lacked the connection to Genesis 1:29 that makes it right. It is important to me as a believer to base everything I do on the authority of My Heavenly Father's word. For me, the Hallelujah lifestyle offers solid, Biblical answers to achieving Divine health.

It is now many years since I changed to the Genesis 1:29 diet, and I feel great! Though I never experienced any major health problems in my life, I did have hypoglycemia that was problematical at times. After only two weeks on the Hallelujah Diet, my hypoglycemia was gone. It has never returned. I have excellent stamina, abounding energy as well as improved mental and spiritual acuity. I am able to work longer hours and accomplish more. Every day is another wonderful opportunity to BE ALIVE!

Helping others gain a healthier, happier life is part of my life's mission. I have always disliked sickness and anything associated with it. My natural tendency has always been to avoid doctors, nurses, and hospitals at all costs. Now I know why. It is now my privilege to be a part of the healing process in many lives. I believe the Genesis 1:29 diet is a major key to the promise of body redemption found throughout the scriptures. Romans 8:23 speaks specificially of the redemption of our bodies. We must 'cleanse our temples' both naturally and spiritually, if we expect to enter YHVH's kingdom in this age. I believe eating right is part of fulfilling the daily prayer,' Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.' As a believer, my desire is to have heaven on earth. I think this is what life is all about.

Apart from being a health minister, I am an artist. I have painted professionally since 1973 and have enjoyed recognition primarily as an oil painter. With the advent of the live food diet in my life, my portfolio has now expanded into the ministry of health. My love of fruits and vegetables is captured in colorful pastels and oil paintings. I have done illustrations and greeting cards that celebrate the Hallelujah lifestyle. Some of my 'healthy art' is posted on this website.

If I can be of help to you in discovering the wonderful world of 'heavenly health,' please let me know. No inquiry or comment is too insignificant that I will not respond. I am happy to encourage you toward a healthier, happier lifestyle that will prosper you for the sake of YHVH's kingdom come in you.

In His Excellent Love and Service,

Mary Louise;Town Jaqua
Health Minister

Mary Louise;Town Jaqua
Hallelujah Acres Health Minister
, and artist.
Winslow, Maine

Lily at 84 years of age